An adventure

Today’s guest picture is another from East Wemyss.  Our son Tony was supposed to restart work today but thanks to an administrative mix up, he had leisure to walk the dogs and enjoy this very clear view across the Forth instead.

sunny forth

We keep being promised a change in the weather but it was another glorious morning today and instead of lounging about and doing the crossword, I got up quite promptly and walked round the garden.

We have bluebells there too.

bluebell in garden

There were a lot of sparrows about but they were in flighty mood and this was the only one that stood still for long enough to get its picture taken.

sparrow on lawn

I strolled along the back path and was impressed by the trilliums (do we have milliums of trilliums?) and got very excited by a the first hint of colour on a nearby rhododendron.

trillium and rhododendron bud

In a break with lockdown tradition though, the main business of the morning was not loafing round the garden but heading off into the wider world.

If I am to keep riding my bicycle for my daily exercise, it needs servicing so I checked to see if the bike shop in Longtown was open and expecting my bike.  It was and they were and for the first time in what seems like ages, I got into the car and drove out of the town.

It felt rather daring and dangerous doing a journey by car that I have done many times recently on my bike, and I wondered if I would remember how to drive.  All went well and the bike was delivered to the bike shop and will come home with everything tightened up and a change of oil in the gear box.

I got back in time for the end of the morning street coffee gathering and while we were sipping and chatting, a passer-by presented Mrs Tootlepedal with large bag of horse manure.  I was quite surprised but Mrs Tootlepedal seemed pleased.

The horse manure was being ferried in a push chair and the designated occupant of the chair was running ahead and crying out, “Look at me, I’m running.”  I might have been running too if the alternative was to share my ride with a load of horse poop.

Still, the manure acted as a stimulant when we got back into the garden and I sieved a barrowload of compost from Bin D, and then shifted the contents of Bin A into Bin B, layering in the horse muck as I went.

Having done that, I scarified the middle lawn and produced mounds of moss.  Mrs Tootlepedal took most of it away to cover exposed soil in the back border and I mowed the remains off.  The result looked surprisingly good and a blackbird turned up to look for worms when I had finished.

scarified lawn april

Then, it was lunch time and there was a moment for gold and green finches to stare accusingly at me.

goldfinch and green finch

A siskin turned up and, as is usual when a siskin comes in, manners flew out of the window.

siskin and chaffinch

After lunch, I had a walk round the garden and turned my attention to the tulips.

white tulip panel

It is no hardship to look at tulips.

two tulips

In the back border shuttlecock ferns are unfurling.  They looked uncannily like a collections of penguins having a serious discussion.

shuttlecock ferns

There are things to look forward to…

aquilegia buds

…but I couldn’t wait and went out for a bike ride.

With my road bike in the bike shop, I turned to my shopping bike and went for a shorter ride than usual.

Just as I was about to set off, some drops of rain fell so I had to take the washing in first and then reconsider my cycling apparel.

I crossed my fingers and hoped that the rain wasn’t serious, and although there were some heavy clouds about….

clouds over langgholm

…in all directions…

clouds over the kerr

…I had a dry ride with only the smallest amount of rain to make sure that I didn’t dilly dally too much.

It was brighter over in England…

view of english hills

…but the wind turbines were only turning gently…

view of skiddaw

…and there was enough sun to show off cow parsley and a very interesting little green plant beside the road at Tarcoon.

cow parsley and another

As I dropped down into the Esk Valley, things looked gloomier, with the sun over there…

canonbie sunshine

…and not where I was.

This stand of trees at Brookwoodlees sums up the time of year, green but not totally green.

Brockwoodlees trees

What wind there was blew me home from here and I rolled in after 14 very enjoyable miles, with a scattering of raindrops to speed my final few rotations of the pedals.

I got home in nice time for the daily sibling Zoom and then I had a moment to appreciate a full turn out on the feeder which I had refilled…

busy feeder

…before having two lightly boiled eggs for my tea.

After  the excitement of actually going somewhere today, I aim to have a quiet day in tomorrow.

The authentic flying bird of the day is a sparrow with its eye on the prize.

fling sparrow


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37 thoughts on “An adventure

  1. Hm, it may have been brighter in ‘your’ bit of England, but it’s been solid cloud all day here in the south-west. No chance of seeing Venus at her brightest tonight.

  2. A good load of manure is worth its weight in gold. 🙂 That white and red striped tulip is very striking. The shuttlecock ferns are also a very nice composition.

  3. The trilliums are beautiful. We don’t see many white ones here.
    I’m sure Mrs. T will put that manure laden compost to good use. You can tell by looking at the gardens. And the lawns look great too.
    Nice cloud and tree scapes.

  4. Your tale of the manure delivery made me laugh! Are you having more chats with your siblings now that you have a daily Zoom meeting?

  5. Gosh, I wish someone would come by and hand me a bag of manure! The stand of trees was a lovely pic, almost striped effect.

  6. Manure, well I keep seeing a mound or two on my commute to work, and her indoors is trying to get a bit of a rose garden going, so I wonder should I put it into a plastic bag to bring home. But I am dissuaded simply because I have nothing to shovel it up with. Perhaps I need to get one of those camping shovels to put in my pannier bag. I had a good look at those Tannus tyres, but have ordered Tannus Insert Armour to put in my expensive tyres, hopefully that will solve my puncture problem. All I have to do is wait for them to be delivered and then fit them. What is really bugging me though, is since I pumped up the offending back tyre on my Pioneer, it has remained solid, no sign of even a slow puncture???? When I go out to the shed it will be as flat as a pancake, now I’ve dared to say that lol. Thanks for brightening my morning with your post, it’s tipping down here and the 14 day forecast states it’s likely to stay that way, oh dear, I start a run of eight half shifts tomorrow, looks like I’ll be getting quite wet. Cheers

    1. We are due a bit of rain at last but if the forecast is correct, it should be quite light. I hope it is hard enough to give the garden a through wetting but that it knows when to stop. I hope that your tyre inserts arrive safely and work well. Good luck with the wet commute. A little trowel and some every day should do the trick with the manure.

  7. I’m very envious of your trilliums and tulips! They all look very hearty and pretty too. Cloudscape photos are very interesting..looks like the sea rolling in …up side down! A car journey is quite an adventure these days but it’s good to get back into the habit whilst the roads are quiet! Good to see the variety of birds hitting your feeders again and lovely FBOTD!

  8. the garden looks lovely and glad you got a ride in . Tell me do you have a gear box on your bike? Do you have a Rholoff hub? Or did you get the oil changed in the car.

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