On a roll again

Today’s unusual guest picture comes from our friend Gavin.  His son Fraser was putting a new irrigation system in his garden when he discovered a plastic bag and on opening it, he found two hand grenades complete with pins in them.  They were relics of the Korean War.  He was pleased that his children hadn’t found them first.   You might wonder about the thought processes of someone who buries hand grenades in a garden.

bomb squad Fraser

Strangely enough, we had a very similar day today to our previous forty five days.  Those readers wanting exciting developments, foreign travel and adventurous encounters will once again be disappointed.

On the other hand, it wasn’t a bad day at all.

The sun shone and the garden looked cheerful with geums…

garden geum

…and Welsh poppies brightening up my first excursion after breakfast.

welsh poppy set

The Welsh poppies are wearing a fringe of red this year.

tinged welsh poppy

The Icelandic poppies are going all out for orange.

vivid icelandic poppy

Our resident blackbirds built a nest in the hedge beside the road and laid eggs in it and then abandoned it.  We think that they may have started again but no young blackbirds have been seen yet.  They were busy pecking the lawn today.

two blackbirds

The tulips continue to delight…

four tulips panel

…and more and more aquilegias are appearing every day now.


I went in to make coffee and we enjoyed our street coffee morning, with added shortbread, courtesy of Margaret, and the sun providing some real warmth as we sat and chatted.

After coffee, we returned to the garden to do some much needed watering.  In spite of rain in many other places up and down the country, we still remain obstinately dry.   Although we are promised some unseasonably chilly weather on Sunday, we are still not being offered any rain for the next ten days.  This is not good.

I went in after a while and checked on the bird feeder through the window.

A greenfinch and goldfinch seemed to be questioning the quality of the sunflower seed…

greenfinch and goldfinch

…and a sparrow was curious to see what all the grumbling was about.

greenfinch and sparrow

A bright eyed dunnock remained above it all.

dunnock on feeder

When I went out again, I took a picture of this little flower, sprinkled with water from the hose, not the sky.


A look at the dicentra showed that it had big plans.

dicentra letting go

I sat on the bench with Mrs Tootlepedal and she expressed her pleasure at the way that the tulips were blending nicely with the rhododendron on the opposite side of the lawn.

tulips and rhododendron blend

After lunch, I had another go at making date rolls, using more of the dates which Marjorie had kindly given me a few days ago.  I was better prepared for the task this time and managed to get a neater appearance in the finished product…

date rolls

…though when it comes to cutting the rolls to equal sizes, my arithmetic is still not very good.

My internet friend Quercus suggests that I should describe such rough and ready  finished products as ‘artisan’ or ‘rustic’ and pretend that their irregularity is a sign of culinary honesty rather than incompetence.

They taste good and that it what really matters.

Leaving the rolls to cool, I went off for a short cycle ride.  Because I was going round my regular Canonbie circuit, I passed the signpost which appeared on my walking report yesterday.

Yesterday, it had taken me and hour and thirty six minutes to walk back to Langholm downhill and downwind.  Today, it took me twenty eight minutes to pedal uphill and into the wind to the same spot.  Bicycles are a sort of miracle really.

kerr signpost

The track that I had followed yesterday looked inviting but the black clouds in the distance were a bit ominous so I pressed on towards Canonbie.

The clouds kept away and I was able to stop a couple of times to admire some trees, these at Chapelhill….

trees chapelhill

…and these at Grainstonehead.

tees grainstonehead

Some planned planting along a drive nearby provided a good range of colour.

trees woudhouselees

It is good to see trees dressed in their summer clothes.

I got back home in good time for my evening Zoom chat with my brother and sisters, and Mrs Tootlepedal joined in on this occasion.

Later in the evening, we watched the Queen addressing the nation on TV and that rounded off our day.  Unfortunately, although we were both around on the original VE day, we are both too young to remember anything about it.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow giving a goldfinch a hard stare.

flying sparrow


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37 thoughts on “On a roll again

  1. I think your arithmetic is sound, the bigger ones are for your consumption 😉
    They look so good I don’t blame you either.
    I’m having a go at poached rhubarb with panacotta this weekend,they’re a great flavour combination imo.
    Chapel hill road looks made for pedalling up.

  2. The multicolour trees are glorious, and the view from the bench is equally beautiful. The pink tulips are corkers! Sorry you still haven’t had any precipitation. We’re supposed to see rain, followed by heavy snow tonight. I’d happily share that with you!

  3. The trees at Chapel hill make it look like you were in a hurricane. The wind has had its way with them for many years, I’d guess.
    A school friend and I actually dug up a hand grenade in grade school, right on school grounds. I remember it being taken away quickly but I don’t know what ever happened to it, or if it was a dummy. I don’t remember the bomb squad coming but I was only in second grade.
    I’m a bit jealous of Mrs. T.s beautiful geums. They’re a plant that would just not grow for me no matter what I did. And I did a lot for them.

    1. Plants can often be like that, very ungrateful.
      Did you get a row for digging up the grenade or did you get a pat on the back for doing a good thing?

      1. Every gardener knows at least one plant like that.
        It’s hard to remember all that happened since I was probably only eight or nine but I think the teachers were so frightened they just whisked the thing away and forgot all about me and my friend. I think we went back inside after recess like nothing at all had happened.

  4. We have had a little more rain than you in the past month but we could still do with some more. I hope the forecast is wrong and you do manage to get some rain. The flowers are looking very nice and colourful in your garden but that means a lot of watering has been done and they have been well mulched.

  5. I wonder if the Welsh poppies have ‘shared’ with the Icelandic poppies to make a pretty hybrid…..save the seed! Love the tree planting on that drive…such forethought… like the beautiful tulip border and rhododendron in your garden …great planning. A sweet little dunnock photo !

  6. Gavin’s son Fraser sounds like he had more excitement than necessary, and I agree with Quercus on the date rolls. They look delicious and artistic.

    I enjoyed all the photos, especially the bird feeder crew commentary. 🙂

    Those clouds look like they are carrying some water, and hopefully will dump some your way soon. We have had a couple of days here in the 80s, and according to the forecast, we are now headed for a week of rain.

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