A dull day

Today’s guest picture comes from a reader in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. Spurred on by my biscuit making efforts, Lisa has produced her own Garibaldi biscuits which are very nicely presented.

It was a day of constant wind here today, often gusting at over 40mph. As a result, apart from going out for a very short street coffee morning, we had a quiet day indoors as there was definite danger of being blown over if you were not paying attention when you were in the garden.

To be truthful, I did spend a few moments in the garden after coffee seeing if I could get plants to stop waving about for long enough for me to get a picture. One or two obliged.

There were dancing feet to be seen on a Jacob’s Ladder….

…and a Veronica.

More flowers that survived the frost are showing which is a cheerful sight.

Old tulips are fading away gracefully while the Welsh poppies are doing their best to fill any gaps

A shy ranunculus has just come up. Its delicate colour is a challenge to my camera but the dull light this morning was helpful.

I couldn’t miss a second flower on the clematis at the front door. The front door variety may not have the huge number of flowers that the back door clematis has but each of its flowers packs a bit of a punch.

It didn’t take me long to get back inside out of the wind and I frittered away much of the rest of the morning reading newspapers, doing the crossword and looking at birds (and occasionally mentioning to Mrs Tootlepedal that there was a bit of a wind out there).

There were plenty of birds to watch. While the feeder was not very full, sparrows congregated on the bottom plate…

…and when I filled it, a siskin sensibly took the high road.

During the afternoon, a tentative beak appeared…

…which was followed by the rest of the bird…

…and a hearty snack ensued.

Now you know what a happy rook looks like

We did think about going for a walk after lunch but several punishing gusts of wind in quick succession, persuaded us that the chance of fun was strictly limited and we found more things to do indoors.

I put some accompaniments onto the computer so that I can play trios without breaking any isolating rules.

We have been cooking for ourselves since the lockdown began but following a suggestion from a friend, we applied to a local hotel for a hot meal to be delivered this evening, and bang on schedule delicious portions of fish and chips and vegetarian lasagna arrived from The Douglas, fully as tasty as they would have been if we were eating in their dining room.

However, this was a much more substantial amount of food than we have been used to eating, so afterwards I felt the need to ignore the elements and go for a walk to shake the meal down.

Luckily the wind had dropped a bit and the sun had come out and it was by no means a hardship to do a quick three bridges.

The church was looking good without the trees in front of it…

In spite of an inch of rain recorded by Mary Jo’s scientific rain gauge over recent days, there was still not much water in the river but there were plenty of oyster catchers and a wagtail to be seen.

The nesting mother, the anxious father, and another pair further upstream The wagtail was wagging its tail.

I saw a goosander but as it had its head continuously under water and was trawling at speed, it didn’t offer a photo opportunity.

The brisk wind made things a bit chilly and I didn’t hang about too long as I went round the new path on the Castleholm and crossed the Jubilee Bridge…

…but as always, there were things to see along the way, like a thrush in the Clinthead Garden

It was very tame and hopped about until I had got my picture.

…and some neat planting there….

….trees and flowers on the Castleholm and Scholars’ Field…

…and the the heavily tree lined banks of the Esk as I crossed the bridge.

I was pleased to have taken some exercise, especially as the wind is due to continue for a day or two, so cycling is not on the menu until Monday at the earliest.

The flying bird of the day is one of the many sparrows about at the moment.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “A dull day

  1. Agree thatโ€™s a superb flower on your clematis .
    Your rook looks even more menacing so close up,I wouldnโ€™t a peck from that rapier like beak.
    Your thrush on the other hand is a handsome fellow.
    We had similar speed winds here in Lancashire,definitely not a day for cycling.

  2. The flowers are beautiful and the birds entertaining, even if the weather is a bit rough at the moment.

    A hot meal delivered to the door sounds wonderful, especially being fish & chips. Good fish & chips is a treat!

  3. Despite the wind your shots of the Jacob’s ladder, Veronica and the poppy are outstanding.
    I’m glad you have some rhododendron blossoms left.
    I’ve never had food delivered so I’m glad to hear that it’s worth the effort if / when I ever have to do it.

  4. The third photo of the rook is magnificent – with wings outspread, it looks like he’s (she’s???) about to take over a small village. The steady winds continue here, too, gusting to 59 mph, and generally sucking the joy out of gardening (especially when you’re fiddling with featherlight parsnip seeds – grump grump).

  5. That rook, though fierce, does look pleased with itself. Glad you had an enjoyable evening walk after the delicious meal.

  6. Another excellent blog thank you, I did wonder at [ the naturally formed ] “Banksy” on the wall backdrop to the “Neat planting” Always thought nature beat art, not that personally, I can see art in graffiti no matter how “clever”

  7. I wouldn’t like to meet that rook on a dark night! The thrush looks so timid in comparison! The church looks quite magnificent now one can see it in its full Gothic(?) beauty. When the doors open again can you pop your camera inside just to have a peep!

  8. I have the same apprehension about a return to eating out – it might be too much. Is the thrush a juvenile? We have found all our fledglings haven’t yet learned fear – we are more or less tripping over blackbirds.

  9. It’s been windy in Maine, too. Made it hard to remove the fall leaves from the various beds, but I managed. Glad you were able to go out for a walk, and the food sounds delicious. Because of how covid-19 is spread, I expect restaurants are going to have a hard time of it in the upcoming months. Good that takeout is available.

  10. My knees certainly paid the price of gusty winds down here last Wednesday. Usual story cycling in to the wind on the way in, then miraculously in to the wind again on the way home?? Where have all the tailwinds gone? Cheers.

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