If at first…..

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Sharon who was walking by the river at Canonbie. Billy Bell, who is a fisherman, tells me this is Cauldron Pool.

We had a second day running when the weather forecast warned of thunderstorms. After getting drenched yesterday, we did not take this lightly. All the same, things didn’t look too bad after breakfast so I got into my cycling gear and went out for a pedal instead of having coffee with the neighbourhood coffee gang. It was cloudy when I set off, so I didn’t hang about taking pictures until I had got through Canonbie on my customary twenty mile circuit.

By this time, the sun had come out and I had stopped worrying about getting a soaking. I looked over the bridge at the Hollows to see if yesterday’s rain had caused the river to rise. It had, but not so much that it really made a difference.

The river was still pretty low.

The five miles home back up the old road and the cycle path were rich with flowers in the verges, especially daisies, bird’s foot trefoil, hawkbit and knapweed.

It turned out to be a lovely day for a pedal, warm and sunny with light winds.

When I got home, I mowed the front lawn and had a wander round the garden.

White campanulas have arrived to join the blue…

…and Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite coral peony has come out in style.

I didn’t have time to do the garden justice so I noted some of the flowers that appealed to me today…

…and will try to do better tomorrow.

After lunch, we considered the weather. The sky was blue, the clouds were high in the sky and there was no sign of rain. We decided to do the walk that we had started but not finished yesterday. Surely we couldn’t get hit by another surprise thunderstorm.

But I packed a rain jacket this time just in case.

It was hot and muggy so we adopted an easy pace and took our time and looked around as we walked. Mrs Tootlepedal noted this striking tree trunk, decorated with moss and lichen .

I took a picture near the spot where the rain started yesterday. It was a different day today.

We had noticed a new wild flower here yesterday but in the gloomy light, my photograph had not come out well. I had another go today….

…and when we got home and looked it up, we found that it was hedge woundwort, Stachys Sylvatica.

There were also a lot of of good looking foxgloves growing in unpromising soil as we went up through the woods.

It was hot as we toiled up the hill but we found one of the paths built by mountain bikers which helped us on our way.

This was a well constructed track with berms and jumps. Mrs Tootlepedal looked at it and wondered how anyone could be brave and skillful enough to ride down the steep hill and not come to a sticky end.

We had a pause halfway up the hill to cool off for a moment and I was entertained by a tree which looked as though it was dancing.

We were high enough up already to enjoy some good views.

When we got going again, the bike track disappeared into the woods but we kept on up the hill until we came to the new track that I had wanted to show Mrs Tootlepedal. She found it as attractive as I had done when I first walked it a week or so ago, and we walked along to the far end, where she contemplated the excellent view up the Esk Valley.

As we walked back, she was particularly delighted by the natural wood above the track.

Further along, the track goes through an old wood, full of twisted trees and ancient fungi.

Mrs Tootlepedal would happily have stayed here for a long time looking around but I was getting a bit nervous about the prospect of rain so we carried on out into the open hillside and followed a track round the hill above the trees….

As you can see, my fears about rain were needless and there were fluffy clouds over Whita when we got to the track down Castle Hill.

In the sunshine, it was pretty hot and we were reasonably tired by the time that we had walked down the hill and across the Castleholm to get home.

After being refreshed by a cup of tea and a slice of a banana and date cake which Mrs Tootlepedal had made a day or two ago, I had time for a shower and a walk round the garden to enjoy the continuing sunshine picking out campanulas….

…and a rose.

The feeder was quite busy with goldfinches, greenfinches, siskins and sparrows.

A siskin acrobatically hung onto the feeder pole while waiting for an opening…

…and I left it there as the evening sibling Zoom meeting took place.

After the meeting, I cooked omelettes for our tea and they went down well with turnips and spinach from the garden. I slightly spoiled the healthy eating mood by ordering some more cheese on line later in the evening.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “If at first…..

  1. We too had thunderstorms forecast which didn’t materialise either.
    As you say a perfect day for a pootle.
    Superb shot of the view to Whita.

    1. Thank you for this Derrick. I had a tremendous struggle to get WP to fetch any pictures out of the media library into the post last night. I have put them in now. Needless to say, Mrs T’s favourite was among the missing.

  2. The views around Langholm are spectacular! Muggy heat is something we don’t experience here much. Hot and dry is the usual fare. The hottest I have ever seen registered on the porch thermometer one year was 112 degrees F (roughly 44 degrees C). Plants and trees were not happy.

  3. I’d make a good partner for that dancing tree…rather wooden. Beautiful long views over the hills and dales and short views through those woods…all so lovely. Another first for me ..hedge woundwort…I know the plant but not the name…now I do! Thanks!

  4. I love the peony. I noticed something odd, that photographer has a typo (after the word curmudgeon) in your descriptive line for the blog. And I swear it was correct before. Anyway, typos are so easy, I do many every day.

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