Mrs Tootlepedal goes up in the world

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She has a very tall wall at the bottom of her little garden and she was quite surprised to look up one day to find a fox sitting on top of it. She is going to try to get a better picture next time it appears there.

We had another muggy day here. It started with sunshine and got progressively greyer as the day went on until it ended in rain.

The good weather let us have the morning coffee meeting in the garden. I mowed the drying green before coffee and the greenhouse grass afterwards. A father’s day present of interesting coffees in a box had arrived courtesy of our son Tony in time for one of the bags to be sampled today. It was very good.

When I finished mowing, I had a wander round.

The first delphinium flower has appeared…

…and even more importantly, the walnut tree, which was badly affected by the frost, has started to put out some new leaves.

They may not look much to you, but they are a great relief to us.

There is plenty of pink and white about….

…and what seems like hundreds of Sweet Williams too.

The Weigela, which has been in the garden since we came here many years ago, is enjoying the warmer weather and is looking unusually perky in my opinion.

I started my wander with one new flower and I end it with another, the first Martagon lily of the year.

Then I pumped the tyres on Mrs Tootlepedal’s bicycle, and after lunch she pedalled up the long hill to the Langholm Moor where she joined other members of the buy out group. They were being interviewed by Border Television for a forthcoming news program. Mrs Tootlepedal was not interviewed herself but provided ‘colour’ in the background to the interviews by doing some meaningful bird watching with her binoculars.

Meanwhile, I went for a walk. I was intending to walk briskly along the riverside to Skippers Bridge but I found myself behind a large family party of six so I slowed myself down and took some pictures while they walked ahead.

I liked this waterfall of buttercups in the park, cascading down the banking to join a small sea of daisies.

It was not hard to find things to slow me down as there were plenty of wild flowers along the way.

There was Herb Robert in the wood…

…and an encouraging amount of bramble flowers all along the track.

There were pink umbellifers….

…and umbellifers with insects…

…meadow vetchling..

…and loostrife.

These were only a small selection of the plants that I passed and I had no trouble in not catching up with the group in front.

When I got further along towards the bridge, I looked up instead of down and liked the play of branches and leaves in this fine tree.

The forecast was for “rain later” so once I got to Skippers Bridge I pressed on a bit but as I hadn’t taken a picture of the bridge for almost exactly a month, I thought that I ought to reassure anxious readers that it is still there.

I continued along the Tarras Road and when I got to the bottom of the Broomholm hill, I took the path up Jenny Noble’s Gill back towards the town.

I met a couple of friends on the track to the Round House and stopped to chat for a moment, but for the first time for ages, the midges were out and started biting me so I didn’t chat for long!

The day was getting gloomier all the time and I didn’t want to get bitten by more midges so I tried to keep up a brisk pace, but there are always things that demand attention…

…like nettles, broom, St John’s Wort and cow wheat so I did stop once or twice.

And when I got back to the river, I had a look for oyster catchers….

…and saw two adults and a youngster, all very unimpressed by a mallard’s antics nearby.

I would have really liked to have sat down to a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit when I got home but there was a complete absence of any ginger biscuits.

So I made some, and then made a beef and mushroom casserole for our tea and then sat down with Mrs Tootlepedal who had come back from the moor. In spite of swooshing back down the hill on her bicycle at a good speed, she hadn’t quite missed the rain, although fortunately the TV business had been completed in the dry.

After the biscuits had come out of the oven, I watched the birds in the rain for a while.

A rough looking blue tit arrived at the feeder.

Then we had a a WhatsApp chat with Matilda, or rather with her parents as Matilda preferred honking like a horrible goose to chatting with us. Her parents told us that this was the result of a very educational computer game that she has been playing called the Untitled Goose Game.

Mrs Tootlepedal recently made a crochet blanket and sent it to Matilda…

It has arrived safely and Matilda’s feet are sleeping under it we are told.

Our call finished with a fine display of dancing from Matilda, who had stopped honking by this time, and there was just time for us to join in the last few minutes of my siblings’ zoom meeting after Matilda’s dance.

The weather is turning a bit fresher tomorrow and although it will be cooler, I will be pleased as I have found these last few warm humid days quite heavy going.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin.

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23 thoughts on “Mrs Tootlepedal goes up in the world

  1. The herb Robert and bramble flower photos are excellent.
    With that many sweet Williams blooming the garden must have a heavenly scent right now.
    I’d guess Matilda will have that blanket for many years to come. And the memories too.

  2. Oh boy, things must be getting dull in your part of the world, I hope that you kept to the social distancing at coffee time!

  3. A MOONING coffee meeting – how different! Jokes aside, it is good to know the bridge is still in place for I never tire of your bridge pictures. It was lovely looking up into the trees and the cascade of buttercups and sea of daisies must have been marvellous to behold. That blanket looks very fine too!

  4. The waterfall of buttercups and the play of branches and leaves photographs are so well seen. When I came down early this morning Jackie was howling with laughter. I asked her what she was reading. She told me. I suppose you had to correct it 🙂

    1. I did. I was tempted to leave it if only to see how many readers would comment but I thought that it was a bit disrespectful to our coffee companions.

  5. So many beautiful selections here, and I enjoyed seeing some of Mrs. T’s crochet handiwork, too. The upended mallard in that panel was a good catch.

    Your sister Mary’s fox on the wall was enjoyable, too. Foxes are good climbers. I wonder how long he had been watching her from up there?

    It was not muggy here yesterday, but quite hot, up around 90 at the winery where I do some occasional work weeding on the grounds. Our sky also filled in by day’s end, but did not rain.

      1. I read that they don’t especially eat domestic cats like our darned coyotes do.
        I guess I missed all the excitement about the coffee morning by coming in late.
        Very pretty blanket for Matilda’s cozy feet.

  6. I like the waterfall of buttercups and it’s good to see the bridge again. How does Mrs T find time to make such a lovely blanket? Pretty range of colours in the Sweet Williams …mine turned out all white!!

    1. That was bad luck. Mrs Tootlepedal’s seeds obviously came in the right packets. Mrs T likes to keep occupied so the crocheting is normal for her.

  7. I was away from the computer for a few days, clicked onto your blog and nearly thought I’d gone to the wrong place! It looks so different and while very beautiful, I must admit it may take me a day or two to get used to. Progress is our friend… I keep telling myself that!

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