A minor tragedy at the end of the day

Today’s guest picture shows our friend Bruce going to extreme lengths to capture a picture of a newt for the blog. In the end, the picture of him capturing the picture was better than the picture itself so it appears here and not the newt.

It was warm here today, but windy and drizzly too, so there was no work in the garden in the morning and no outdoor coffee gathering either.

I popped out to record a fine Lily Henryi lurking in the back border….

…and noted that we have an outlined hosta to go with the silver lined iris.

Then I went back in and read some helpful comments on last night’s post pointing out that yet another typo had crept in. Derrick kindly suggested that I might be doing it on purpose to check if readers were paying proper attention to the words as well as the pictures. No such luck, it was just incompetence, but I will say that from now on any further typos that may appear are certainly done on purpose. (You can tell that I have been watching too many leading politicians lately.)

I wandered about indoors while Mrs Tootlepedal was working at her computer on community buy out business, and finally settled down to some bird watching. There were plenty of birds to watch today and some were more smartly turned out than others.

A goldfinch checked carefully on an incoming siskin…

…while other birds paid no attention to the possibility of being attacked from both sides simultaneously.

I enjoyed a lady chaffinch making great efforts to clear a sparrow out of her way. After a preliminary look she tried a kick from one side…

…with no success, so she changed tack and tried a kick from the other side….

…finally dislodging the stubborn sparrow with a good right footed shove.

I thought that things were getting a bit tense so I filled my second feeder and put it out to ease the congestion. It was soon busy…

…and the extra facilities didn’t stop a greenfinch from encouraging another one to move on with a good pecking.

The drizzle had stopped by lunchtime so Mrs Tootlepedal put aside her computer and she and I went out for a short walk in the mid afternoon.

On our way out through the garden, we bowed with respect to a stunning red poppy.

We went ‘Round the Becks’ going up the road first. We saw this wild flower getting ready to come out.

In spite of it being against a wall we think that it might be hedge bedstraw.

There were many mini meadows on the way….

…and frequent outbursts of wild roses.

The view down the Becks Burn shows just how much growth there has been on what was once a bare conifer forest floor.

The last time that Mrs Tootlepedal and I walked this way during our very dry spell, I was able to ford the Becks Burn without getting my shoes wet. Today, after three inches of recent rain, I was happy to use the bridge.

After we had crossed the stream, we took advantage of a handy bench on the other side to have a rest and contemplate both a rosebay willowherb, freshly out…

…and some more hedge woundwort. Since we first noticed some on a walk a week or two ago, we are seeing it everywhere now.

There are interesting sheep around there too. I think that this is a Jacob sheep but I am open to correction from one who knows better.

My final picture from the walk is a very pretty wild geranium with added insect.

It was quite a tiring day for walking, warm and with high humidity, so we were ready for a cup of tea when we got back.

After the now traditional Zoom meeting with my siblings, I thought that the wind had dropped enough to make a short evening bike ride an attractive proposition. Alas, misfortune struck as I started. I heard a sharp crack when I pushed off and then found that I couldn’t change gear. An inspection revealed that the clamp that holds the gear changing mechanism to the handlebars had sheared, leaving me with the choice of having a ride in a single gear or starting again on my shopping bike.

I opted for the shopping bike and went out for a shortened ride, covering twelve miles in exactly an hour. I was so cross that I didn’t stop to take any pictures. It is very annoying to have my good bike break just as an excellent spell of weather is coming. I was planning on 50 miles or more tomorrow but that has gone out of the window now. I will have to see what I can persuade myself to do on the less comfortable shopping bike.

I had a quick look round the garden when I got back from my bike ride and was pleased to see that the coral peony was almost open…

…and the moss roses have started to open in earnest.

Mrs Tootlepedal had cooked a tasty brisket of beef casserole for our evening meal and I followed that with some stewed rhubarb and ice cream. Then I went out and mowed both the front and middle lawns in the evening sunshine so I was mightily cheered up when I came to write tonight’s (typo free) post.

The flying bird of the day is a greenfinch.

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48 thoughts on “A minor tragedy at the end of the day

  1. It is a good thing you filled a second feeder. Things looked like they were getting a bit rough with the lady chaffinch giving the sparrow the right foot. 🙂

    That red poppy is quite stunning!

    It is indeed a hot one today, currently 87 degrees and still rising as the afternoon wears on.

  2. I loved the photo of the Willowherb”. I tried for years to find it and finally had success with seeds. Mine made it through the winter and are blooming now also. My quote for the day, “when the willowherb turns to cotton the summer will soon be forgotten”. Dog days are here now in southeast Pa. last two days hit 90 degrees. I’m ready for fall now,🥵

  3. I am one to whom typos are a close friend…an often over looked one at that. I tend to read the message not the words, but i did smile at the recent mooning/morning one 😊 loved the guest photo today, the sheep and the rosebay willowherb. Rhubarb and ice cream…yum!!

  4. Sorry about the bike – but I was relieved that it didn’t involve personal injury (your headline almost made me skip to the end right away, but I resisted). Another lovely selection of badly behaved birds, and a wonderful guest photo!

  5. I too, am pleased you were not hurt when your bike broke but I commiserate with you on the unfortunate timing of this fault. I hope it won’t take too long to repair; it sounds as though it might be expensive.
    I enjoyed the rough behaviour of your avian visitors, the photo of Bruce and the newt and all the lovely flowers.

  6. I like the mini meadow. I hope you’ll see many more just like it.
    Too bad about the bike. Maybe it won’t take long to fix if they have the part in stock.
    Though I read my own posts two or three times I never see the typos until they’ve been posted. Then they jump off the page.

      1. I notice lots of typos in blogs that are less frequent than daily. It takes a lot to churn out a post for every single day and I continue to find you an inspiration.

  7. Most definitely a stunning red poppy! My favorite photo is the Lily Henryi, the composition and different shapes of the greens surrounding the bold flower color makes for an overall gorgeous capture.

  8. Sorry to hear about the mechanical, but at least it didn’t happen half way around your planned 50 miler!
    An unusual piece to shear off though, are you particularly heavy-handed when changing gear 🙂

  9. I think WordPress needs to help us all out by adding a spellcheck function for posts. I’ve relied on plopping all my copy into a Word document and spellchecking it there…when I remember that is…

  10. The guest photo is great…love that the dog is interested too! The flowers are all looking so beautiful with all their different shapes and colours- it’s good having time to really look at each one and enjoy all the different ways they are attracting pollinators…I’ve said that before but it is fascinating! Hope the bike shop sort out your gear soon…never mind about new customers- they should be looking after the ones who have supported them for years!

  11. What with the word tragedy and the rickety bridge picture I had high hopes, cruelly dashed when it turned out to be a vexatious bicycle breakage. Ah well…

    Whenever I look back at old posts I am amazed at how many typos have been nestling in my (supposedly) carefully crafted prose. I am now doing it in speech too. The intention to say one word goes into my brain and by the time it emerges from my mouth it has transformed itself into something different.

    Hope you get the bike sorted soon.

    1. Bike sorting is under way but we are awaiting a reply from Germany (source of the gears) at the moment.

      If I try to think and type at the same time, absolutle gibbersih appears on my screen.

      1. That’s OK – I’m fluent in Gibberish, so I can probably have a go at absolutle gibbersih – I’m sure the principles are much the same.

        I have several stories about spare parts from Germany. I will spare you the details. Good luck.

  12. Heavens! What rowdy birds you have! Was that lady chaffinch hanging on by the sparrow’s tail in the first shot? That might be a bit rude.

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