Getting things fixed

Today’s guest picture is another from Paul. He was happy to see that cricket had started again after the lockdown.

As a day, this was one that did not get entered on the credit side of the great ledger of life, although it did have some redeeming features.

First, the less attractive part: after breakfast, I had to take the car down to the garage in Carlisle to get a slow puncture fixed. As it was pouring with rain, the drive down wasn’t much fun and walking round a village on the outskirts of Carlisle while I was waiting for the work to be done was rather gloomy too. This picture sums up the weather quite well.

I found this promising bridle path to explore but it gradually got more and more wet as I went along, and in the end I would have need my dookies, flippers and a snorkel to make progress. As I had none of these, I turned round and went back the way that I had come. A call from the garage to say that the car was ready rescued me from the rain and I was home by lunchtime.

The redeeming feature of the morning was that the garage didn’t charge me for the repair.

The weather improved during the afternoon but the day didn’t as I was suffering from toothache and it got steadily worse as time went by. In the end, it got so bad that I rang up the dentists and to my surprise the day produced its next redeeming feature. I got an appointment to see a dentist tomorrow in Annan. I don’t think that they are doing any treatment but at least they should be able to find out what is causing the problem and give me advice on what should be done.

I did think about going for a cycle ride as it was quite calm when the ran stopped, but the toothache sapped my will and the furthest that I got was out into the garden. Mrs Tootlepedal checked on her carrots…

…and was surprised that her purple sprouting broccoli was sprouting…

…as it was not due to sprout until next year.

Both carrots and broccoli made a welcome appearance at our evening meal.

While I was out in the garden, I had a look around.

In the veg garden, Mrs Tootlepedal has some very healthy mustard growing. She is very keen on mustard.

Runner beans are looking promising with some beans forming and plenty of flowers.

And looking at the fence along the side of the veg garden, I could see contrasting clematis. One high…

…and one low.

In the flower gardens, the Indian Prince looks good from every angle.

…and the lupins have produced some good secondary shoots.

There are a lot of blackbirds about, both young…

…and old.

Then I went back in and felt sorry for myself (so that nobody else needs to) until I was cheered up by an evening meal of cauliflower cheese with potatoes, carrots and broccoli from the garden. Mrs Tootlepedal is thinking of giving up growing peas next year and perhaps trying cauliflowers instead.

The weather kept on improving as the day went on and after our meal, I went back out into the garden for an ‘evening light’ shot…

…or two….

…or three.

I thought that that would be all my photographic activity for the day, but while I was taking a break from writing this post to go and have a moan about my toothache to the long suffering Mrs Tootlepedal, she pointed out that there was a new moon in the sky. I went out to have a look…

…and was impressed by a vapour trail getting a tweak from some lofty breeze and catching the very last of the sun.

At this point, the day’s last remaining redeeming feature appeared in the form of a curled up hedgehog on the drive. I didn’t like to disturb it with the flash so this was the best that I could do.

Mrs Tootlepedal came out and while she wondering if she should move it to somewhere more hospitable, the hedgehog woke up and scuttled under a hedge.

As something has been eating the hedgehog food that she has been putting out, Mrs Tootlepedal is delighted to find that it is probably a hedgehog that has been doing it.

I watched birds during the afternoon. I was pleased to see a goldfinch and a redpoll…

…among a host of sparrows…

…one of which is the flying bird of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

39 thoughts on “Getting things fixed

  1. A day of highs and lows then…toothache, but a foc garage repair.
    Hopefully the dentist will have to treat you if you are in severe pain.
    Nice shots of the evening light in the garden the lupin and a quite rare vapour trail,which I haven’t seen before.
    Good luck with the tooth 🦷.

  2. Hope your dentist is able to sort things out for you. Loved the tweaked vapour trail and the thought of you, had you packed your “dookies”, flippers and snorkel, soldiering on up the path🤣

  3. It’s amazing that you still have lupines blooming. It’s a beautiful one too.
    I like the shots of the moon and the vapor trail.
    I’m impressed by your ability to focus with a toothache. They seem to take me over and chase all thoughts of anything else from my mind.

  4. I am glad the hedgehog has been getting the hedgehog food. Here it would be a skunk coming in for the feast. I have smelled one the last two mornings. It’s when I smell one nearby but don’t see them I worry. They don’t like to be surprised.

    The carrots and broccoli look delicious. The gardens are yielding beauty and utility.

    We have a slight break in the heat until Sunday, when the forecast says bright and sunny and 98 degrees.

    1. The vegetable garden has been working well in spite of some odd weather and the depredations of the sparrows. We could still do with a bit of your heat but not quite that much.

  5. The garden looks quite spectacular in the evening. Spiffing carrots and broccoli! Right now I’m awash in beans – will be quite a while before I can check the carrots.

    What are “dookies”? I did check, but the answer I found was a tad on the rude side, so I don’t think that’s what you meant! Rubber boots, perhaps?

  6. As a follow up both our daughter and her husband who live in Austin Texas contracted Covid-19. Both have weathered it ok. Our daughter did have chest discomfort. As a parent we still worry.

  7. Apart from the beautiful garden and lovely photographs of the blackbirds, the unusual angle of the Indian Prince is very striking.

  8. Hope the dentist can do something about your tooth, how unfortunate. So glad about the hedgehog though. Lovely pictures of your garden thanks for sharing them.

  9. So sorry about the wretched toothache, but I loved the garden in the evening light, quite wonderful.

  10. A lovely photo of your garden in the evening light and all the flower photos with water drops too. Good to know that the hedgehog must have been was eating its food and not some other nocturnal visitors. Toothache is horrid so hope yours gets sorted very swiftly.

  11. it was just as wet over this side and I had to take my car in for service – they also picked up a slow puncture but charged me for fixing. Fortunately DS1 came to take me home as there was no where to wait and no where to walk either. much better day today

  12. I was a bit discouraged to see how far behind I’ve fallen (AGAIN)! I think you’re very lucky to have a hedgehog visiting. I’m curious about the mustard. I often see fields of mustard turning the hillsides a sunshine bright yellow, but have wondered what is done with them. Are they edible and how are they used?

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