Driven to despair

Today’s guest picture is a composite of chillis grown and photographed by our sons Anthony and Alistair, with one grown by Mrs Tootlepedal and photographed by me.

The title of this post was meant to be a lightly amusing reference to the fact that I played golf with Dropscone today for the first time in nine years, but it has got overtaken by the despair I felt when the three quarter written post for today vanished into thin air. I am so used to the posts being auto-saved that I didn’t notice that it doesn’t seem to be happening now. I have had to start again as a result. I may not have the patience to try to recreate the extensive ramblings that went down the plughole so if this post seems a bit terse, I apologise.

The golf did happen though and I enjoyed it a lot, in spite of losing a ball following my first tee shot which disappeared into impenetrable trees.

Dropscone is good company and the course has wonderful views to console a golfer who is playing badly. I hit just enough good shots among many, many stinkers to keep myself happy. I took a few picture with my phone as we went along.

After some early morning mist, the clouds started lifting as we started playing.

It is a hilly course but the views get better as you climb up.

I sneaked a look over the fence up the Ewes Valley…

…while Dropscone considered the problem of threading his drive up the sixth between the trees ahead.

I am happy to report that on this occasion, we both got our tee shots through the gap.

I end this brief look with a shot of Dropscone on the last tee, prior to him finishing his round with a par three. I did not get a par!

Even after such a long break form the game, I had an enjoyable nine holes and although I am not tempted to take up the game again seriously, I hope that Dropscone will find the time and patience to put up with me for another round or two before the summer is over.

He came and joined Mrs Tootlepedal, Margaret and me for coffee in the garden after the golf, the first time that we have had coffee with him since the lockdown started.

After coffee, I trimmed the clematis above the garage door with Mrs Tootlepedal’s help to stop it climbing into the gutter, and then I mowed and edged the middle lawn, dead headed poppies and calendulas and took pictures.

In spite of quite a lot of rain…

…which had depressed the garden as well as us (3 inches on Mary Jo’s rain gauge), the warm sun and the still conditions allowed a lot of flowers to perk up a bit, even fragile ones.

Although it was disappointing not to see hordes of beautiful coloured butterflies on the buddleias, there were some customers.

While I was putting clematis shreddings into the compost, I noticed that snowberries have arrived and the chives are producing new flowers.

I took a picture of some of my favourite dahlias and went in for a late lunch.

Mrs Tootlepedal wasn’t feeling very well today, so after lunch, I took a picture of a sparrow flexing its bird kicking leg as it approached the feeder…

…and then I waited for our corner shop to open so that I could go along to get food for our evening meal. While I waited, I trimmed the climbing hydrangea which has an even more determined grip on the gutters than the clematis…

…and discussed an attempted fraud by phone call with our neighbour. She had received the call and was worried in case she had given anything important away. I felt that she was not in danger but I advised her to contact her internet provider which she did. She was reassured by their response. These phone call scammers are very ingenious and persistent. It is most depressing.

I got to the shops and was thinking of going cycling when I was distracted by the arrival of two butterflies, a small tortoiseshell…

…and a peacock.

After a quick look at the feeder…

…which wasn’t nearly as busy as it had been in the rain, I finally got out on my bike for a short ride down to Canonbie. A belted Galloway lifted its head to say hello as I passed…

…but I didn’t stop for many other pictures as I was trying to keep up a good pedalling speed. I was tempted by the orange hawkweed at the bus shelter at the Hollows. Somehow, I don’t think many people use this shelter.

When I got home, I had time for a last walk round the garden while the potatoes were cooking for a corn beef hash.

It has been very nice to have a warm summer’s day.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

33 thoughts on “Driven to despair

  1. I do all my posts offline and then upload them but even still I have lost them too. It’s a hard pill to swallow.
    The golf course looks challenging and I know how challenging that shot of the snowberry and its flowers was. I can’t get a good shot of them no matter what I do.
    Your favorite dahlias are beautiful. Nice job on the trimming!

    1. Luckily the holes are quite short by modern standards so even though the course is hilly, it is possible to get round without being exhausted. I was pleased with the snowberry shots. As you say these things are very hit or miss.

  2. I also compose my posts offline and then upload them – that way I can always find them if interrupted. I enjoyed your post today.

      1. I compose the text of my blog posts in Word and number where my pictures must go then I simply copy the text into WordPress and download the pictures where needed. Mind you, I still use the classic version.

      2. Me too, re classic version. I dread being forced into the Block Editor. Tried it, loathed it. I might like it ok if it happens in winter when I have time to study it.

  3. How splendid to have 9 holes of,golf after all those years. How was your back afterwards? So sorry you lost newrly everything and thanks for redoing your post, most enjoyable.

  4. You recovered well from the loss of your work. I wondered whether your first Tee shot could have prompted you to change your title to Driven to Disappear.

  5. Very impressed and so pleased that you managed the golf. Well done to manage to recreate your blog after losing so much of it.

  6. The views you see from the golf course are very beautiful. The flowers are looking good, and I have enjoyed them from afar. All the extra water from above must save a lot of garden time watering. We only got a brief misting rain here yesterday, but it did keep the overall temperature down. It starts sneaking up again though, and Monday is forecast to be sunny and 90 degrees.

  7. Nice to see you’re using human driven golf carts rather than the motorized vehicle that the person pretending to be our president drives around in. πŸ˜€

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