A wet walk

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan. She is very pleased to see that her neighbourhood is taking covid precautions seriously.

The very welcome arrival of our daughter Annie with her daughter Evie has not surprisingly caused a ripple to run across the smooth surface of our lockdown lives. As a result, blog posts may be somewhat more perfunctory or even more garbled than usual for the duration of the visit. I will not have the usual time to organise my life around taking pictures or quite the same amount of hours to prepare the pictures and write the posts.

Anyway, to business.

It wasn’t the best weather to welcome the visitors to Langholm and it rained steadily all morning. When I wasn’t entertaining or being entertained by Evie, I watched the birds. There were thrushes in the plum tree…

…blue tits coming and going regularly…

…some really angry greenfinches..

….and some sparring sparrows.

The most unusual visitor was a great tit. We only see one of these very occasionally.

We had an early lunch and I must say that Evie is an excellent eater and will try anything that is put in front of her.

After lunch, it looked as though things might dry up a bit so first I went out into the garden to test the weather (and look at a flower…

…or two)…

…and then, in spite of the fact that it had started to rain again, we went for a walk.

It was reasonably warm, there was no wind and the rain was mostly quite light so it wasn’t as miserable as the picture makes it look.

We did a ‘three bridges’ and passed a distant dipper…

…and an itchy Mr Grumpy before the first bridge.

Between the first and second bridges, we stopped to buy an ice cream each for the adults (Evie was snoozing in her pushchair).

Between the second and third bridges we saw some lonely large cones on the noble firs which don’t seem to have done very well this year at producing their cones…

…some very pretty Himalayan Balsam…

…and any amount of nettles.

I remarked to Annie that I had never managed to take a good picture of the fine tree at our third bridge so she took one for me on her phone.

It rained for most of the way round our walk, but quite typically it stopped when we got home. This allowed Evie to continue her nap on the lawn….

…and me to trim the hedge along the road…

…while Mrs Tootlepedal and Annie offered me moral support.

I got the hedge finished in time to join the weekly Zoom practice with the Carlisle Community Choir. Twenty nine people have submitted recordings for the virtual performance so rather to my surprise, I think that it may actually happen. I enjoyed the practice as we are learning new songs for that happy time when we may actually meet together again. It gives a ray of hope.

After that, I went to watch birds again for a moment but there was nothing interesting happening so I watched flowers through the open window instead.

Evie is a hardy soul and came out and played on the lawn for a bit and then Annie took her for a tour of the veg garden where we admired the runner bean flowers.

Mrs Tootlepedal prepared a fine evening meal and that brought the first day of the visit to a close. We are hoping for better weather tomorrow.

The flying birds of the day are those two angry greenfinches.

Footnote: Evie is shy and does not have an internet pictorial presence as yet.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

22 thoughts on “A wet walk

  1. I never know where to start. I love all the birds – and am enamored of the Great Tit’s blue legs. Good luck with your virtual choir performance. Your choir is ahead of us there, we haven’t managed to pull that off yet. You will still put me to shame, as I am the one always making excuses for not managing blog posts. 🙂

  2. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than trim a wet hedge but it looks fine.
    I like the shape of the crocisma.
    That’s a great shot of the Himalayan Balsam. Like our jewel weed I’d guess that they dance at the slightest hint of a breeze.

  3. It’s too bad that the postage would be astronomical – I would happily send you a load of pine cones to make up for your shortage – all I seem to do is rake up bins of the dang things! An interesting shot of Mr. Grumpy. p.s.: Evie is wise to maintain her anonymity – the internet can be a fearsome place!

  4. Your flying birds are maybe the best ever.
    Mrs T and Annie took so happy. You and Mrs T must be over the moon to have Annie and Evie there! Understandable if it has an effect on your blog routine!

  5. It is good to see Evie and Annie enjoying time you and Mrs. T. A lovely walk, and photos from the day. Did you see any rainbows as the sun started emerging?

    Nettles are highly nutritious, and make good eating stir fried. I’ve been picking up a bag every other week at market all summer. It is not much fun to strip the leaves from the stems, but they are good.

    The greenfinches seem particularly rowdy today.

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