A little spice on a dull day

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia and shows a delightful door at Babbs Farm, near Highbridge, Somerset, the object of her latest National Gardens Scheme visit.

As far as any day with Evie in the house can be dull, this was a dull day. This was not because of Evie, of course, but because of the weather. There was intermittent light rain in the morning and persistent heavier rain in the afternoon.

As a result, my morning fun consisted of a trip to our corner shop by myself and a longer trip to the Co-op with Evie and Annie while the going was still relatively good. Evie obliged by going to sleep in her pushchair and we had a very peaceful and productive shopping trip.

I followed that up by combining bits and bobs from the fridge to make a good chewing soup for lunch and then took my first picture of the day through the shelter of a window.

A goldfinch posed for me…

…and two siskins indulged in some aerial ballet.

I almost succumbed to the afternoon lure of the Tour de France live on the telly, but pulled myself together in the nick of time, put on my full waterproof gear and went out for a short walk instead.

I chose a sheltered route and walked up the steps from the park…

…and along the Stubholm track, marvelling as ever at the tenacity of this tree perched on the very edge of a steep banking.

I took the path up to the Kernigal wood, passing some fungus on the way…

…and getting a bit more rain when I reached a clearing.

The increased light in the clearing had encouraged a foxglove to stay in flower.

When I got to the end of the wood, I had a check and found that the rain had eased off enough to make a walk across the open hill a reasonable choice, even though there were no views to be had today.

I didn’t extend my walk when I got back down to the Wauchope road but headed straight home. I did stop though to admire the way this shrub flows over its wall….

…and the very pretty ivy leaved toadflax that spreads across the top of the low wall beside the river at Pool Corner.

My wet weather gear had done the job of keeping me dry pretty well, apart from slightly damp knees, so I was able to sit down to enjoy the final kilometres of the Tour stage when I got in.

And watch the birds during the advertising breaks.

There were a lot of siskins about today, sometimes looking shocked to find a chaffinch on the feeder…

…sometimes adding to the numbers already there…

…and sometimes filling all the available air space.

In a dull part of the bike race, I made a batch of ginger biscuits and to spice up the day, I added a little more ginger than I usually use.

When the stage finished, I put up an umbrella and went out into the garden to take a token flower picture or two.

Crown Princess Margareta is trying her best, but the weather may be against her.

A stachys is still showing some colour…

…and in spite of producing berries, the tropaeolum on the yew bush is still producing new flowers too.

The clematis at the front door gets marks for trying.

It was my middle sister Mary’s birthday today so we had a festive Zoom meeting to celebrate this.

Mrs Tootlepedal made kedgeree for our tea which went down well and that ended a rather uneventful day. We hope for better weather tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is a horizontal sparrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

17 thoughts on “A little spice on a dull day

  1. It seems a little early to see red leaves on the Virginia creeper but it’s very pretty nevertheless.
    I’ve never seen or heard of the ivy leaved toadflax. It’s a pretty flower.
    My favorite view today is the clearing in the forest. It’s a beautiful spot and I hope I can find one just like it this weekend.

  2. Those are beautiful photos, even in the rain, from your day. I like rainy day walks, as they tend to be quiet and have fewer people about.

    The birds were very obliging in posing for photos through the window.

  3. The clearing looks just perfect for a dinosaur or two! Like the photos of the flight of steps and the shocked siskin but the torpedo sparrow is the best of all!

  4. So much to love today – Virginia creeper, ivy leaved toadflax, chewing soup (there is a very fine line between comsomme and washing up water in my opinion, so I agree with you there) and a sparrow on a mission. A very enjoyable trip to the Borders today. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it. It makes life much more enjoyable for me to think that I have had discerning company on my visits to the garden and beyond.

  5. I do love that waterfall shrub on the wall and I must remember to put your trapeoleum (Ack I canโ€™t spell it) on my list….used to have one years ago and it was excellent.

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