Mostly indoors

Today’s tall and thin guest picture comes from my sister Mary who passed this tall and thin pub a few days ago. My sister Susan had a meal in it last year and wrote about it in her post, which you can find here.

We have had generally pretty poor weather since the start of August and that pattern was repeated today with the only alteration being that it was slightly worse than usual with a lot of drizzly rain and a strong wind for most of the day.

Under the circumstances, after a quick visit to the shop on my shopping bike in light rain, I was happy to waste a lot of time doing nothing very much indoors.

As always on a wet day though, there are birds to keep me entertained and when I first looked out, I saw a pigeon….

Pigeons are large and stand still, but because of the wind and rain, I had to keep the window shut today and between that and the poor light, getting crisp shots of smaller moving birds was beyond me. Still, there was a lot to watch.

The feeder was mostly quite busy and chaffinches had to wait their turn in the fake tree.

Sometimes they got a rude welcome when they tried to get a perch but this one managed to peck up a seed and make off with it…..

Sometimes greenfinches passed serenely by….

…and sometimes they didn’t.

Generally speaking, there was a lot of coming and going.

At one time, it all got too much to record individually…

…but at other times, it was more peaceful (though the greenfinch still didn’t look happy).

All of the time, it rained.

Once again it was fortunate that there was a very exciting stage of the Tour de France to help put in the afternoon.

When it finished, the rain almost stopped too so I put on my coat and cap and went for a short three bridges walk. I got my reward for this enterprise when the clouds blew away for a while and the sun actually came out.

I took a turn round the garden before I left.

Looking at the river when I got to it…

…you would not have believed what a miserable day it had been only a few minutes earlier.

When I got down to the Kilngreen, the ducks certainly thought that this was good weather for ducks…

…but a sinuous bench looked as though the wet weather has been getting to it a bit.

I didn’t have a lot of time to spare for my walk so rather than hang about looking for things to look at, I just toddled along enjoying the sunshine….

…noting easily observable signs of the changing season…

…and some of the fine selection of plants growing out of the Scholar’s Field wall.

I passed Liz’s garden on my way home and was impressed by her Russian vine.

The sun was still out as I went through our gate and the nasturtiums gave me a cheerful welcome home smile.

I had taken a picture of a dahlia as I set out on my walk and I took another one when I got back. It will take quite a bit more fine weather before they begin to dry out.

The flying bird of the day is one of those hopeful chaffinches.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

29 thoughts on “Mostly indoors

  1. For a miserable day it appears you made more than the most of it. I think that is a lesson we can all learn in life. Making the most of the opportunities we all have put in front of us. In cycling and walking that means getting out there and doing it, not umming and aahing about shall I won’t I etc.. Thinking back I know I’ve wasted many a decent ride prevaricating. As Del boy says “he who dares Rodney, he who dares…” Could be my new motto? I think that’s enough ponticification from this welshcyclist. Just to let you know my Pioneer is still shed bound, but I’ve purchased a new back wheel. Currently, I’m riding my single speed on my part commute. It’s fantastic for 95% of the ride, but on the hills people in zimmer frames fly past me. Some people stop to stare and wonder, “is it a statue?” Still I haven’t got off and pushed yet. Whoops, I tell a lie. Yesterday, I was nights and where I park the Yaris there were plenty of people about and I felt somewhat embarrassed about struggling up the short hill from my starting place so I walked my Jamis Sputnik up. Bold as brass. You’ve just got to get out there and do it. Cheers to you and yours tootlepedal.

    1. You must be a lot stronger than me to ride a single speed. I take my hat off to you.

      I must point out that I spend a lot more time writing and taking pictures of the 10 percent of the day when I am active than I do of the other ninety percent when I am either complaining about the government or snoozing.

      1. Energy is the thing, having the get up and go to do things, whether it be cycling, walking, gardening, writing, taking photographs or complaining about the government. You keep yourself engaged with doing things. It’s definitely a lesson I’ve learned from you and your blog. No need to take your hat off for this singlespeed(ster), my knees are vociferous enough. Plus my cycle ride along the canal towpath is a very gentle affair, just a couple of short sharp climbs once I leave that gentility. Climbing the stairs up to my signal box is getting easier however. On another note, why do photographers “take” photographs? It seems a strange phrase. Cheers.

      2. That is a good question at the end. I have never thought about it. Perhaps it was because early photographs were often portraits so they got a take on people.

  2. Definitely summer is over. Proof to this was the garrulous gaggle of geese that flew westward yesterday morning. September shows off with days of wall to wall sunshine, temperatures in the high 20°C, next to no wind, and in total 4 millimetres of rain for the first 12 days. Thanks to the pictures and stories from Langholm that make times like these bearable.

  3. If only some of that rain would come and put out all the fires along the US’s western coast. We’re a mess over here… again. I really enjoyed that pigeon picture and the nasturtium (mine dried up weeks ago), and the freshly washed, green outdoors you enjoy over there!!

      1. The news report are accurate. It’s been a few degrees cooler and the heavy winds haven’t kicked up like expected, so hopefully the firefighters can make some progress.

  4. Getting a lovely walk in after a wet morning is always a delight. Good to see the mallards again but not so good to see how quickly the seasons are changing. Pigeons don’t look the brightest of birds!

    1. I agree about pigeons. Yes, autumn is creeping in and we don’t seem to have had s proper summer. I may have remarked before that it has been a funny year.

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