A quiet day

Today’s guest pictures come from our sons. Tony produced the sweet corn and Alistair was responsible for the carrot. It is good to see them taking after their mother.

We had a slightly circumscribed day today as Mrs Tootlepedal wasn’t quite at her peak and needed a visit to the doctor and a day in bed to recuperate. As a result nothing much happened in the morning.

I had coffee by myself inside and checked on the birds.

Sometimes my efforts to catch a flying bird are not as successful as I would like.

I settled for a calm siskin.

Not all siskins were lucky enough to have such a peaceful time on the feeder.

After coffee and bird watching, I found time to mow the front lawn and check on the flowers after another cold night.

It was cold and windy but occasional sunny spells made the day tolerable, even though the brisk breeze made taking flower pictures a hit or miss affair.

Dahlias and roses have been surprisingly unaffected by the cold nights…

The pale leaves of the tropaeolum on one side of the yew bush make it look as though their season is over, but on the other side of the bush, a different story is told.

The tall aster has more flowers to come and some old daisies, long over, have produced new flowers and even attracted insects too.

I liked the contrast between two clematis, one big petals and small heart and the other all heart and hardly any petal.

These are probably the smallest flowers in the garden at the moment…

A red admiral butterfly on a fading buddleia flower came as a bonus on such a windy day…

…and I saw another couple visiting other flowers as well. I have seen them in October in several previous years, so maybe we haven’t seen the last one this year yet.

After a look at a selection of flowers and friends at the end of the drive…

I headed in for some reheated lentil soup for lunch.

While Mrs Tootlepedal took an afternoon nap, I went out for a 20 mile bicycle ride round the undemanding Canonbie circuit.

I had an opportunity to catch a dunnock at rest before I left.

My back is still giving me occasional twinges, so I was slightly worried that the brisk wind might prove to much for me. Fortunately it was in the right direction to blow me vigorously across the hill and down to the bottom of the Canonbie by-pass at a gratifying speed.

I stopped on the way to note that my favourite tree seems to have lost all its leaves already. It was affected by the late frost so that perhaps explains the early loss of foliage.

While I was stopped for the tree, I looked behind me and saw….

…a sign that my ride might not be entirely rain free.

I pedalled on, hoping to miss any small showers.

Among a herd of cattle grazing in a grassy field, a flock of interlopers caught my eye.

…and I caught their eye, and they rose up in protest.

Having been whizzed down the hill by the wind, I was expecting hard toil and tears on the way home, but the wind eased off slightly, I was often sheltered by banks and hedges, my legs were in a helpful mood, and all in all, the journey home was not too bad at all.

I was very entertained by coming across a lady and a friend who had driven their two cars down a very narrow section of the clearly signposted as now closed old main road. They found themselves faced by a locked gate at the end.

“I am looking for a bungalow I have just bought,” she said to me as I slowed down to cycle through the gap left for cyclists beside the gate. “What is it called,” I replied, trying to be helpful. “I don’t know,” she said, “I only bought it two days ago.” I hope that she managed the reversing up the narrow lane without incident.

The rain which made the rainbow did catch up with me but it was light and soon went on its way, leaving me to arrive home after a small feast of brambles on the way…

….in a sunny spell and in a very good mood.

I love the middle lawn when it is dappled by the shade of the walnut tree,

And I like the clematis that is almost smothered by a philadelphus.

The special grandma rose has never looked better…

And I found an alliterative colourful corner to record…

…with crocosmia, cosmos, cornflower and calendula.

I had an enterataining Zoom with my siblings and then, after her day of rest, Mrs Tootlepedal felt well enough to come downstairs for a light supper and to watch Gardener’s World on the telly. With a bit of luck, she will be up and about as normal tomorrow.

The day ended with a fine cloudscape over the trees (and a lone flying bird)..

I did find one flying bird today who wasn’t hiding behind the feeder so this goldfinch is the flying bird of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

31 thoughts on “A quiet day

  1. Hope Mrs Tp gets better soon😊 Glad the back has recovered.
    The grandma rose looks a picture of health,judging by its shiny green leaves.
    The middle lawn seems to have rewarded all your hard work,it looks in fine fettle.
    I’m hoping to get a short bike ride in this weekend. What fitness I had is slowly disappearing,so I need to make the effort.
    Dunnocks seem to have a calm laid back temperament,and like the robin you usually only see one,wonder why?

    1. They are very territorial like robins. We did have three in the garden at once earlier in the year and there was a lot of chasing about.
      I hope that you get your ride.

  2. Special Grandma rose looks great and I do hope special grandma Mrs T is all better tomorrow. Glad she was able to enjoy Gardeners’ World. I’m looking forward to watching it on Britbix tonight. Your white cosmos in the pretty bed of flowers looks better than any of mine, probably because of your keeping up on the deadheading.

  3. How odd that the lady couldn’t find a house she’d just bought – you’d think she’d have been there before! Also odd to have Mrs. T. struck down, however temporarily, as surely germs would fear such a woman?! No doubt your TLC will assist in a rapid recovery.

    1. I wondered if in fact that she meant that she had booked it for accommodation rather than bought it. It did seem very odd.

      I am providing what TLC I am capable of.

  4. The flowers still look so colorful. The nerines were of interest. We we given one (not knowing what it was) many years ago by a couple on the California coast who provided lodging to traveling artists and musicians. I now know what it is. 🙂

  5. The subtle colouring of the Dunnock are lovely to see close up. All the best to Mrs. T – I hope she feels better today.

  6. All the best wishes for the wellbeing of Mrs T. We could welcome two consecutive showers yesterday und tonight summing up to 16 mm of rain for the month. Those brambles make my mouth water – sweet recall of my juvenile days.

  7. Pleased to read that Mrs T is feeling better…good wishes for a full recovery . Your ccolourful ccorner is ccharming and all those lovely roses and dahlias too. Like the tale about the lady! Great photo of the dunnock…such a lovely little bird and seems to be forgotten when talking about garden birds.

  8. Your brambles look very much like our blackberries (which will bury anything in their path) except for the leaves. Eric must do battle with the machete or else we might be entombed in the house. 😉

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