Today’s guest picture is another from our son Tony. I used an old picture of his yesterday and but this lovely scene from the Costa del East Wemyss, where the sun always shines, was taken today.

In a break with tradition, I looked out of my upstairs window at the birds at breakfast time.

The birds were up early too….

…and hard at work.

I was in action sooner than usual because I had to do a wee errand for Mrs Tootlepedal after breakfast. It was a misty morning and as I walked across the town, the church looked almost monochrome.

I passed a dipper and a selection of bejewelled webs on my way across the river and back.

…and by the time that I came back across the suspension bridge eight minutes later, there was a definite hint of colour about.

Looking straight up into the sky, I could see blue so when I got home, I jumped into the Zoe and drove up the hill in the hope that I could get above the mist and into the sunshine.

By the time that I was half way up the hill, I could look back down on the mist over the town in one direction and see it drifting up the Ewes valley in the other.

Encouraged by this, I drove on up to the White Yett, where I parked the car.

I walked up the track towards the monument, passing the Macdiarmid Memorial….

…with the sun getting warmer and the views getting better every minute. I might have stopped at this bench half way up the hill and watched the mist streaming up the Esk valley…

…but I had the bit between my teeth and strode on to the summit, worried in case the mist lifted before I got there.

I need not have rushed. There was another seat there and still plenty of mist to view as it filled the Esk valley as far as the eye could see.

I looked around. The Solway plain was full of mist and England was invisible as I looked south….

…while across the valley, the edge of the mist lapped against the slopes of Warbla…

The monument was glorious in the sunshine and cast a long shadow over the hill.

The mist lying in the Esk and Wauchope valleys…

…was flowing over the town on two levels….

It was one of the days when it was just a wonderful privilege to be alive and after a rather miserable night’s sleep, I was completely cured of grumpiness as I walked back down to the car, looking back at the monument as I went.

As I walked down, I sent Sandy a text to see if he would like a cup of coffee, saying that I was walking down from the monument. He replied saying that he would like a cup of coffee and that he had just driven home from the very car park that my car was parked in. Great minds think alike. You can find his pictures from the morning here.

The mist was retreating as I drove down the hill…

…and by the time that I got back to the garden it was full of birds and sunshine….

…and the mist was lifting.

I had coffee in the garden in the sunshine with Sandy. Although the car thermometer had claimed that it was only 5°C as I was driving back down to the town, there was no wind and it was pleasantly warm as we sat and chatted. Mrs Tootlepedal was well enough to come out into the garden and find a couple of buddleia seedlings which had rooted in a fruit cage. Sandy took them away with him to plant in his garden. He hopes for butterflies in time.

After an early lunch, I got my bicycle out and went for a targeted ride. My targets were to do enough miles to complete 600km and/or 400 miles for the month. As I was only 4km short of the 600km target before I set out, this was an easy target. I needed 30 miles to get to the 400 miles though so I chose a varied route that took in the new windfarm, Gretna Green (with people getting married), a railway bridge with a passing train, and some gentle flat roads with a helpful wind to get me home.

Since I had already taken over eighty pictures in the morning, I was sparing with the camera as I went round.

I managed 34 miles and thus hit both targets.

When I got home, Mrs Tootlepedal came out into the garden again and we picked the last of the courgettes and some chard before taking a walk round to enjoy the sun and the flowers.

Mrs Tootlepedal is particularly pleased with the nerines. She transplanted them last autumn and was worried that they might not like their new position. After a slow start, they have come up trumps with all the transplanted plants showing flowers.

I saw a red admiral butterfly on the well established Michaelmas daisies but the new tall variety doesn’t seem to have the same appeal and I haven’t seen an insect on it yet.

I cooked trout with potatoes, turnip and chard from the garden to go with it for our evening meal and that rounded off an excellent day for me and a slightly improved day for Mrs Tootlepedal. She still has a bit to go before being 100 per cent but her medicine seems to be working.

The evening was brightened by a telephone call from Dropscone who was doing his lockdown bit by contacting elderly people who might otherwise be bored.

The flying bird of the day did not match up in satisfaction to the rest of the day but it was the best that I could do as I didn’t have a lot of time to look at the birds today.

Footnote: I almost got a flying robin late in the day but not quite.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

22 thoughts on “Upside

  1. Today I especially love the monochrome church and the church with the webs behind. And all the lovely misty scenes have me quite envious. Just when I thought we were going to have mostly nice soft autumn weather, we are back to two days of “feels like 90.” I am checking up on Mrs T and am glad to see she is improving.

  2. I was enchanted by the bejewelled webs. But seeing that mist flowing through your valleys was a treat. We generally get to see that sort of sight with an assist from the drone (the lazy way of doing things!) Perhaps we can claim the excuse that our “hills” would be most strenuous to climb? Most of all I enjoy seeing the sights around your neighborhood. It’s all quite lovely.

    Hoping Mrs T continues to improve!

  3. These are beautiful autumn photos showing the progression of the mists and sun. I’ve noted here that mist can lie so thick in the regions between mountains that it can look like a placid white lake viewed from up on top of a hill.

    Yes, a good day to be alive and view what nature has to offer.

  4. I always like to see your shots of the mist. I remember almost running up a hill to see it once, only to find that it had all disappeared.
    The nerines are pretty, they remind me of azalea blossoms.
    I’m glad Mrs. T. was able to get out and see them.

  5. Just one of those beautiful days captured to perfection….every view and scene is a delight starting with your son’s seascape and ending with your flying robin. Thank you!

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