Quiet morning, busy afternoon

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony who is having a break with Marianne on the Isle of Skye. He couldn’t have chosen a better place or had a better day.

We had what looked as though it was going to be a good day here, but it flattered to deceive and if there was any sunshine around making colours look bright on the other side of the river when I cycled to the shop…

…it had given way to rain by the time that I had got my mask on and was ready to make my purchases.

And the pattern of alternating sunshine and frequent rain showers kept me tied to the house for the morning.

I passed the time by watching the birds…

…among which was a redpoll, an infrequent visitor lately….

Mrs Tootlepedal had the window open in an attempt to rid the house of the pervasive aroma of last night’s kippers, so I was able to have a good look at the feeder.

This poor chaffinch not only had the rain to contend with but the characteristic rudeness of a siskin too.

A couple of starlings dropped in, but after a quick look round…

…they went on their way without eating any of my seeds.

I got two views of a robin at different times during the day…

…and it is a moot question as to whether the two pictures show the same bird. Robin watchers will know that robins can change their body shape very easily so it may well be the same one.

After watching a goldfinch show off its clinging skills…

…I noticed that it had stopped raining and went out for a wander round the garden in one of the dry spells.

It has warmed up a bit and the flowers are showing their gratitude.

Once again the purple sprouting broccoli was looking good enough to get in with the flowerbed specialists.

The rain came on again and I went back in.

A great tit shared its views on the weather with a friend….

…while down below, a siskin stopped shouting at chaffinches and shouted at a greenfinch with a ringed leg instead.

After lunch, things looked a bit more settled, so after checking on the time…

…I combined a visit to the High Street on business with a walk to stretch my legs a little.

I passed a lichen rich wall and a fungus encrusted tree stump….

…on my way up Hallpath and on to the track to the Round House.

It was a bit soggy in places after the recent rain but I got a splendid view of Warbla….

…and the sun shone on me as I walked through the woods….

…so I didn’t mind a little puddle jumping here and there.

The Round House and its bench tempted me to dally for a while…

…but I didn’t trust the weather and I had an appointment to keep, so I pressed on down to the river….

…and noted the advance of autumn there. I crossed the bridge when I came to it….

…and walked home along the Murtholm track…

…keeping the sun with me for most of the way back.

I got back in time to hear sad news of the collapse of Geraint Thomas’ hopes in the Giro d’Italia from Mrs Tootlepedal. She had been following the progress of today’s stage.

After a cup of tea, it was time for a Zoom with our granddaughter Matilda and her father Alistair in Edinburgh. We had hoped that by now there might have been some chance of an actual visit, but that seems to have receded into the distant future again, so Zooming is the best that we can do.

It was still very good to see them both and be thoroughly entertained by Matilda, who is a keen singer and dancer.

That Zoom was followed by another with my brother and sisters where we shared pictures and talked about the politics of the day with such gusto that the time ran out while we were all still talking.

Under the tutelage of Mrs Tootlepedal, I made a chicken casserole with mushrooms and peppers for our tea and we ate it with home made bread and bashed neeps from the garden. (Note: The neeps weren’t bashed in the garden, I did that when I had cooked them.)

The flying bird of the day is a greenfinch, possibly singing in the rain.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

32 thoughts on “Quiet morning, busy afternoon

  1. Poor Geraint Thomas had a very unlucky fall before the stage had even really began
    It appears to have ended his race,but hopefully he’s not too badly hurt so could at least complete the event.
    Quite a humorous posting today,especially liked the idea of birds sharing their views on the weather😃
    But you never know?.
    Nice river shots again.

  2. Lots of beautiful birds! Had to Google neeps to see what they were. Never heard that term before. So disappointing not to see Matilda and family. Sigh. We are in the same situation with our family.

  3. I’ve never seen a white dog lichen before, at least I think it’s a dog lichen. I’ve also never seen a dog lichen doing what the middle one is doing with the little trumpets.
    It’s always nice to see your robins, puffy or thin.
    I’m glad the sun finally came out for you. The river is looking a little full.

  4. A delightful read to wake up to! I have enjoyed all of your pictures as well as the narrative holding them together.

  5. A beautiful collection of photos, including the one from Tony. The Isle of Skye was on my mother’s bucket list of places to see, but unfortunately she never made it there before she died. The photo is intriguing, and I may try to get there myself.

    Your area is solidly into autumn, and still so much color in the gardens! Your bird photography is never disappointing, and the captions fit them so well. The goldfinch perched sideways looks proud. I see our seed eaters here do that, usually perched sideways on the stalks of lemon balm with their many tiny seeds, or perched on something close to a dandelion seed head where they can reach over and snag seeds. Your FBOTD singing in the rain brought smiles.

    1. Skye is well worth a visit in my view though it has got a bit overwhelmed with tourists in recent years at peak times.

      The birds don’t seem to eat the natural seeds in our garden very much. Perhaps they find it easier just to go to the feeder.

  6. Your son certainly manages to find the sun wherever he goes…lovely photo. Love the photos of all the birds and the running commentary from you. Autumn colours are really showing now but still you have bright colours in your garden. Love the dandelion clock!

  7. What could be better than a rainbow or a walk along the river? Add a touch of colour along the way and it’s nearly perfect. Right?

  8. Checking the time! :-D. Lovely autumn color. You inspire me to try growing neeps next year, partly so I can talk about neeps. I do not think I have ever eaten a turnip.

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