A bridge too far

Today’s guest picture is another from Tony’s Highland holiday. One of his dogs answered the question posed by a bench.

We had another dry day here, cool when the sun was in, but pleasant enough for us to have coffee in the garden with Liz and Margaret, and actually warm when the sun came out.

After coffee, I walked round the garden while Mrs Tootlepedal did some useful work. Every day, we get a little closer to the end of the flower garden season but we are not there yet…

…by any means.

A blackbird kept an eye on me as I wandered around.

My back was still niggling away so I didn’t do anything strenuous and soon went back inside for a sit down, lunch and then a quiet spell watching a suitably quiet stage of the Giro.

Outside the window, there were chaffinches flying about and other birds posing.

We had a very active coal tit….

…which got a bit of a shock when a greenfinch snarled at its approach to the feeder.

It did get its share of the seed though at another visit.

I went back out into the garden and enjoyed the nerines. Mrs Tootlepedal has cleared away the plants in front of them, and they are on full view now.

It was a reasonable afternoon, warm enough to walk without gloves, so I thought that I might stretch my legs and try to ease off my back with a gentle perambulation of the Becks track and Gaskell’s Walk.

Cows were having a quiet day too as I passed.

There were some quite dramatic cloudscapes about…

…but far less autumn colour than I had hoped for. Looking across the valley to the slopes of Warbla, I could see a row of almost leafless trees….

…and when I looked lower down, the only vivid colour came from an evergreen.

I came down to the Auld Stane Brig across the Wauchope, looking a touch nervously at more clouds gathering over the Wauchope Cemetery….

…but it seemed fine enough to take in Gaskell’s Walk on my way home instead of the quick route down the road.

I kept my eye out for fungi but this gloomy specimen was the only one that I saw.

Like the photographer, it was a little past its best.

As I got up to the Stubholm, I could see one half of a rainbow so I scuttled up to the top of the hill and looking round the trees, I could now see the other half….

…and I had to walk halfway across a field before I got far enough away from the trees so that I could use the panorama function on my camera to get almost the whole bow in. Of course it had faded a bit by this time.

Not unnaturally, I reckoned that the presence of the rainbow might indicate some forthcoming rain, so I didn’t hang about, and I made my way down to the park without delay. Curiously, by the time that I had got to the park bridge, it was a fine and sunny day again…

…and the clouds were taking their business elsewhere.

As I was crossing the park bridge, I realised that with the bridge over the Becks Burn and the Auld Stane bridge, once again I had done a three bridges walk. Encouraged by this and the sunny weather, I decided to add three more bridges to my walk and cross the Suspension Bridge, the Sawmill Bridge and the Jubilee Bridge on my way home.

I kept an eye out for waterside birds and spotted an old friend at the Meeting of the Waters.

The sawmill Brig was looking very autumnal in a marked contrast to the trees on the open hillsides…

I saw a rather meagre collection of flowers and other small things of interest as I went round my walk…

…but it must be said that I was more concerned about watching where my feet were going than looking around. Stumbles tended to be a bit sore on my back.

I made it home safely but I was more than ready for a sit down when I got back. On reflection, it would almost certainly have been better to have left the walk at three bridges rather than clock up the whole six. The trouble is that you only find out this sort of thing after you have gone a bridge too far.

Mrs Tootlepedal had made an apple crumble with apples given to us by our neighbour Liz and I cooked some custard to go with it and we had crumble and custard as a pudding after some mince and tatties for our evening meal. Even this feast failed to stop me grumbling about a sore back for the rest of the evening. I am hoping to try the bicycling cure tomorrow so we shall see if that is any better.

The flying bird of the day is a great tit. It flew so neatly in two directions that I have put them both in.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

40 thoughts on “A bridge too far

  1. Sorry your back is still bad, perhaps cycling will help tomorrow? I loved the photograph you took of the clouds gathering over the cemetery, a very atmospheric picture.

  2. Your great shot of the sawmill brig has a real autumnal look about it.
    It’s not too dissimilar to the bridge over the river Wharfe in Burnsall,West Yorkshire.

  3. What a magnificent shot of Mr. Grumpy! I like that he’s set against the stones on the riverbed (and that you can see both the details of his feathers and the translucence of his beak, that he’s in profile, and . . . the whole shebang, I guess!).

  4. That dahlia in the center top panel is very beautiful and so are the nerines.
    Those are fantastic shots of the rainbow. I never see them here.
    I know what it’s like to have a bad back and I also know what it’s like to live with someone who does, so well wishes to both you and Mrs. T.

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes. We see rainbows quite a lot because of our changeable weather, but I am not often in a position to get a whole one in a shot.

  5. Mr. Grumpy probably feels better about a new portrait of him whizzing around the world – we haven’t seen him for a while.

  6. I am sorry your back is painful; it is very difficult to find comfort anywhere when one is in pain. The photo of Mr Grumpy is excellent as are the FBotD pair.

  7. A day of shadows and light there, colorful blooms and a rainbow! The nerines make a nice panel. I see you have a fair number of them.

    I pulled in all the remaining tomatoes yesterday. Green ones will be pickled, the rest will ripen in a box waiting until they can be cooked and canned. Canning supplies are hard to find over here now, scarce as toilet paper once was.

  8. The clouds did indeed look ominous and fortunate that you were able to finish your lovely six bridge walk without getting wet….maybe you found the pot of luck at one end of that huge rainbow! Love the panels of birds and flowers and of course it’s great to see Mr Grumpy looking quite relaxed and not grumpy at all.

  9. I do love your clouds and oh! the rainbow. I’ve never had much luck trying to do a panorama (unless it’s through cropping.) Such a lovely portrait of Mr Grumpy (not looking particularly grumpy for the moment!)

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