Getting a bit above myself

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia. She has been visiting The Newt again.

Although my back is a lot better today and I got a good walk in, I am rather tired as a result of not sleeping very well over the past few nights, so this blog will be a bit more concise than my usual ramblings.

It was cold and windy when we got up and since Mrs Tootlepedal had slept even worse than me, she went back for a snooze after breakfast while I did nothing. After coffee, I went to the shop and got some of the things that I had intended to get. Then it was lunch time.

While my cheese and tomato sandwich was toasting, I spent a few minutes watching the birds. I had chosen a busy a time.

A blackbird was singing…

It was a greenfinch day today…

….but a hopeful siskin, looking a bit like young Oliver asking for more, turned up at the feeder…

…and a chaffinch looked for room at the table too.

In the spirit of the times, one chaffinch just got fed up with the situation and took matters into its own feet.

A coal tit and another greenfinch kept out of the way while, this was going on.

After a rest day for the riders, the Giro was back in action today and we happily sat down to watch a couple of hours of a very exciting stage indeed. Two teams had had to leave the race before it started today because of members contracting the virus, so it is getting to look rather unlikely that the race will last the whole three weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed though as the racing has been good and the scenery very lovely too.

It had been raining on and off but things looked a little brighter when the stage ended, and as my back was feeling better, I went for a walk.

With my walking in poles in hand, I started with a circuit of the garden…

…headed up the Kirk Wynd…

…and made a detour on to the golf course in search of fungi. There were plenty about but they were not at their best for the most part.

The view down the valley from the course was not at its best either…

…and it was pretty gloomy as I passed some more fungus (and a bit of lichen) when I got on to the open hill.

I did wonder whether I should abandon my walk and go home….

…but on the whole the rain seemed to be passing just below me and the track ahead looked clear enough….

…even though it was a bit soggy underfoot from time to time. I walked on.

I was lucky and the rain stayed below me, apart from a very occasional sprinkle, and I had time to look around as I crossed the stile and pottered back down the hill to Skippers Bridge. The sun shone from time time but usually a few hundred yards away from where I was.

I got down to the river, managed not to add to the many pictures of Skippers Bridge as I crossed it, and took the Murtholm track home.

It was a walk of just under four miles, so I was very pleased to have done it without making my back any worse. It may explain why I am a little tired now.

I cooked trout for tea. Mrs Tootlepedal had hers microwaved and I pan fried mine. In the old days I would have just fried it but you have to pan fry things these days, presumably to distinguish them from things that have been fried in a biscuit tin or an old sock.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

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18 thoughts on “Getting a bit above myself

  1. That chaffinch certainly did take matters into his own feet!

    It still looks lovely there, especially in storm light. Our grass is turning green again after all the rain. The kale has perked up and the peppers are holding their own. Tomorrow ‘s nighttime low has been revised up a bit, giving me a little more time.

  2. The lichen and jelly fungi were good to see. I haven’t seen many jellies this year.
    The landscapes near Skipper’s bridge are both dramatic and beautiful.
    I’m glad the back is better and I hope the trout was perfect. I haven’t had one in a long time.

  3. I liked the view from the golf course, very atmospheric I thought. The view over the town was a good one too as was your remark about pan frying!

  4. Lovely views over the valley where the sun is highlighting tops of trees and glades. The flying chaffinch looks very determined!

  5. It’s good to hear (so to speak) that your back appears to be improving. You have such a great variety of places to walk. Those misty scenes are lovely. I’m glad you haven’t lost your wry humor (or is it humour?) ” fried in a biscuit tin or an old sock” produced a giggle on this side of the planet.

    1. It is indeed a sense of humour (such as it is) as we stick to irrational spelling. I was pleased to have had such a good walk without doing my back any harm.

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