Passing clouds

Today’s guest picture comes from East Wemyss where our son Tony pointed his camera right across the Firth of Forth to pick out the Bass Rock, seventeen miles away just off the East Lothian shore.

After quite a bit of noisy overnight rain, it was a relief to wake up to a dry morning here. I was a bit tired so I was happy to forgo the thought of a cycle ride in a chilly wind and take a very short walk round to the shop instead.

Sandy then came round for coffee and a biscuit. We had a good chat and enjoyed the sun when it was out. As we talked though, a line of cloud drifted by. This may have removed a little bit of heat but it provided a light show that was too good to miss so I went in and got a camera.

The show lasted longer than we expected as the clouds slipped past us in a very artistic way.

It was a pleasure to look at in real life…

…and the camera found it exciting too.

This was Sandy’s favourite moment…

…but there was a lot to choose from, as a hazy cloud higher in the sky that the rain clouds below, acted as a reflector for the sun’s rays.

I thought this dramatic moment was the best.

I am sorry to put in so many pictures of the same thing, but the weather gods may never line up this set of circumstances again. I thought that it was worth recording fully.

After coffee, I went up to the town to collect a prescription from the chemist and passed our resident long standing gull on the way.

I had to admire the zeal with which the shrubs along the river bank at the Kirk Brig had been given crew cuts.

A gnarly crossword helped to fill in the rest of the morning.

After lunch, I had a look at the birds and saw a blue tit nearly knocked off its perch by the sheer force of a chaffinch approaching. It just hung on.

The favoured side of the feeder varied as time went by.

There was a certain amount of off feeder posing going on.

As always, actually hitting the spot when landing on a feeder on a windy day took concentration…

…a lot of concentration.

I left the birds to it….

…and went for a walk.

I had a choice of routes…

…but took none of them, heading up through the Kernigal wood instead, enjoying the trees and the views, both on the way up…

…and the way back down towards the river at Skippers Bridge.

There were trees still with leaves…

…and there was fungus on the ground and lichen on a wall…

When I got down to the river, I didn’t go straight back home but made a short diversion along the river bank path….

…where I got a different view of my favourite bridge.

I had ordered a new phone and I had to get home before it was delivered as they said that proof of identity would be required, so after my diversion, I headed back without stopping for more pictures. Of course, when the phone was delivered, there was no call for any proof of identity but as the deliveryman knew very well who I was, perhaps that was understandable.

Mrs Tootlepedal had had a busy day. She had put another slab in place in her drive project, and spent a good deal of time writing up the minutes of her meeting yesterday so we were both happy to relax as the light faded and let another day slip into history, broken only by a sibling Zoom meeting and a second helping of the excellent slow cooked lamb stew.

The flying bird of the day is a sparrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Passing clouds

  1. No need to apologize for the beautiful cloud / lightscapes. They don’t happen enough.
    The view of the hills from above the town looks much like what you would see here. I would say that if anyone came here from your part of the world they would feel very much at home.
    You’re lucky to have so much fall colors left. The banner at the top of the page is beautiful.

  2. I loved the clouds. Simply amazing. And the captures of wind-blown birds trying to land on the feeder made me chuckle. Four stars for your favorite bridge.

    1. It was surprising that when the clouds were moving along quite quickly, which they were, that they managed not to blot out the sun for a good length of time.

  3. Tired, don’t talk to me about tired! Cycled in to my shift today against quite a fierce wind, it made for really hard work. Consequently, when it came to carrying my Pioneer up the two flights of stairs to the signal box, I really struggled, the back of my right thigh was as if I had a dead leg. The truth is I was pooped. When it came to my break at 10.00 I put my feet up, and went fast asleep for half an hour. Felt much better for it. Those dramatic shots were brilliant. Your new phone, does this mean even more technical know how on your part? These mobile phones are amazing pieces of kit, though I am very slow off the mark. I am still learning all the time about what mine can do. Sometimes, it’s frustrating, but do I find I have it in my hands too often, just like the youngsters of today. In a way they are addictive, but at the same time they are a fantastic source of info and knowledge. Using them must be a boost to real thinkers and inventors, what could the geniuses of the past achieved with all this at the touch of a button?But then again, they would not have had to use the power of thought and reason to derive theories and invention? Genius is a wonderful thing. Sorry off I go again, I should get back to sleep lol. Cheers.

    1. Sleep well and get a good rest. Carrying bikes up steps is al;ways hard work.

      I managed to transfer my apps and settings from the old phone to the new one so I felt like a bit of a genius myself, although it was only a matter of following instructions.

  4. A fine set of clouds and sunbeams, and I am glad you recorded them all.

    Winter draws nearer, but your woods are still a delightful mix of color, fallen leaves and bare branches. The candle-like larches look like they will be finished soon.

    Another cold rainy day around 40 degrees here.

    1. The candle like trees amid the young green conifers are birches not larches. I was expecting them to be larches when I first caught a glimpse of the colour among the green and was surprised to find birches so late still showing leaves but they are young trees and they hang to their leaves longer than old ones.

  5. I am guilty of overusing the word “awesome” (I think it’s a kiwi thing…maybe antipodean) but I can think of no better word to describe those clouds/light. Straight out of my Chilsen’s Illustrated Bible 😁

  6. Super cloud scapes…very biblical somehow…Jesus wants me for a sunbeam…rings a bell! Love the old road signs too…you are fortunate to have such grand choices for your walk. Favourite photo Skippers Bridge…of course!

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