Enjoying the sunshine

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan who acquired it from a blogging friend. It shows a notice at an RSPB site which conveys a feeling that I am sure we all recognise from time to time.

Mrs Tootlepedal and I definitely went the right way this morning. The temperature was just above freezing, the sun was out, the sky was blue…it was a day for a walk and we went for a walk.

Shortly after we left home, we were very impressed to pass our friend Cat, dressed for a dip in the river in spite of the very low temperature. We were happy to leave this endeavour to her and walked on over the suspension bridge. There were more people in the river there too when we looked upstream.

They looked as though they were working rather than having fun, so perhaps they were inspecting the bridge. (I see from reading a Facebook post later in the evening that they were firefighters in training.)

At this point, I discovered that I hadn’t put a card in my camera. All the pictures on the walk were therefore taken with my new phone.

We walked down the river to Skippers Bridge and then took the steps up to the old railway track, and then headed up past this fine tree….

…through the wood towards the Round House…

…but turned off before we got to it, and went instead along the track to Broomholmshiels. The bracken beside the track looked colourful in the sunshine…

…and in spite of some soggy bits, we climbed up the final wooded section…

…and got safely to the open track to the farm.

There was work going on to the newly made roadway to one of the pylons and we wondered what was happening. Fortunately we met our friend Nancy shortly afterwards and she told us that they were removing the hardcore which had been put down during the pylon maintenance work. They are trying to return the ground to the way it was earlier but it will take some time for it to recover, if it ever does.

We stood and chatted with Nancy who was walking with fellow Archive Group member May, and we all agreed that it was a grand day to be out and about.

We were walking the walk in opposite direction to them so they went on their way and we went on ours, taking the road back down the hill to the river.

The old railway bridge wall at Broomholm has a splendid array of spleenwort on it…

…and the wall beside the road after the bridge is completely covered with amazing quantities of moss….

…and lichen…

…and more lichen.

When we got to the bottom of the hill and walked along beside the river, we stopped to admire this little stream. It looks as though a human hand has tidied its surrounds up a bit.

I had to let the phone have a go at one of my favourite shots…

…before we crossed the bridge and walked home along the Murtholm.

The alders beside the river were absolutely covered with catkins and cones.

As we wandered along the Beechy Plains, I saw a good example of script lichen to end the illustrations for our outing.

When we got home, I put a card in my camera and went out into the garden to see if anything had survived the chilly morning.

The blackbirds haven’t quite finished the cotoneaster berries yet.

Mrs Tootlepedal has brought in a rose which she thought looked in need of TLC, and it is in a little vase in the kitchen now….

…adding a little glamour to the washing up.

I made some lentil soup for a late lunch and then had a look at the birds. There were not many about today, possibly because of the sparrowhawk which made at least one unsuccessful swoop through the garden.

I did see a blue tit low down and a chaffinch high up…

…and a couple of chaffinches having trouble with precise landings….

With not much happening in the bird world, I left them to it and went shopping at the Co-op. This was a modified success. I had a list, remembered to take it with me, found all the items on the list, got in the short queue for the checkout and realised that I hadn’t got any money or my card with me.

They were happy for me to set my shopping basket down beside the till and go home and get my card. They were so unsurprised about it, that it was obvious that I am not the only absent minded shopper inLangholm.

My plan to become a millionaire in a few weeks by buying scratchcards suffered a setback as I cashed in my fifteen pounds winnings, saved three pounds and bought twelve pounds of new excitement. I did have two winning lines but as they only amounted to eight pounds between them, I fear that my dream may have died.

While I was shopping, Mrs Tootlepedal was making profiteroles and when the time came, we sat down to enjoy them with our afternoon cup of tea.

Our weight loss programme is not going quite as well as it should for some reason.

Our neighbour Liz rang up later in the evening and suggested that as the moon was coming our from behind the clouds, it might be worth a look. I had a look but annoyingly the moon didn’t quite co-operate fully.

The flying bird of the day is yet another chaffinch. I like chaffinches, they fly quite slowly.

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34 thoughts on “Enjoying the sunshine

    1. I have to agree Musiewild. My mouth began watering instantly and only a small amount of chocolade cured the craving.

  1. When we were in Australia we often saw highway signs that said “Wrong Way – Go Back”.

    I’ve never made profiteroles, but it’s high time I did. Whipping cream is now on my grocery list for next week!

  2. What a difference a bit of sun makes,certainly brightened up today’s great shots.
    I especially liked the fine tree near the old railway track,and the woods up to the roundhouse.
    Mrs Ts profiteroles make you want to pick one of the screen,very tempting.
    I’m going to have to make my own tomorrow now..my personal taste is a pastry cream filling in place of the usual whipped cream.
    These present stay at home measures are certainly not helping any wannabe dieters.

    1. Mrs T made some pastry cream for our second profiterole tasting and it was very good. Short days and dark nights don’t help the diet even without stay at home measures added.

  3. A fine day for a walk, complete with flowers, ferns, moss and lichens. What is the field of gold behind that first tree? A winter cover crop?

    I located a nice patch of cladonia lichens today, growing conveniently on the black locust stump near the southside fence. It should be easy to take nhgarden’s suggestion and follow it through the seasons to see how they respond to the weather.

  4. I’d say forgetting to put a card in the camera was a bit serendipitous. The phone camera did a fine job, even with lichens.
    It’s always nice to see spleenwort which I never see here, and it’s no wonder Mrs. T. chose that rose to bring in. It’s a beauty.
    I have a feeling that you’d have chocolate all over your hands and face after eating the profiteroles but I also have a feeling that you wouldn’t really care.

  5. That moon picture is wonderful! Dessert—we call them cream puffs here—looks delicious. I am still amazed by the quality of the pictures you get with your phone.

  6. Susan’s photo is in my neck of the woods – Its Saltholme RSBP reserve between Middlesbrough and Hartlepool. Before covid we would regularly cycle through it. Closed for a while so we tend to go a different way at present. The cafe is really good but again cant use at present and we are going to be in the highest level 3 tier.

    1. Saltholme is an absolute gem. I’ve managed to visit several times when on RSPB tours (I live in London). I love the way it is so child friendly.

  7. Your new phone takes excellent photos, I especially like the fine tree along the old railway track.
    Mrs Tootlepedal turns out a fine profiterole!

  8. Mr. T. Join the Forgot my wallet Club, I could be a founder member, the joys of the golden years.

  9. The photos taken with your camera are excellent…not only the lovely views but the colour definition is spot on too! Love the little rill coming through the fallen leaves and Skippers Bridge as well. Top shots though are the pretty rose and the profiteroles – the latter being very yummy for your tummy!

  10. I hadn’t heard of profiteroles. You saved me from looking them up. They look scrumptious. Even so, my favorite photo today is Mrs T walking by that gnarled twisty tree, and my next best liked is the ferny wall.

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