300 steps

Today’s guest picture comes from not so sunny East Wemyss, where our son Tony woke up to this.

Across the Forth, our other son Alistair was woken in the night by a tremendous clap of thunder but didn’t get any snow. We didn’t get a lot of snow or any thunder, but there was a sprinkling on Whita when I looked out of the window in the morning.

It didn’t come down as far as the town though.

All the same, it was a miserable day but Mrs Tootlepedal was feeling energetic and went out o do some raking on her drive project. I went out to supervise and offer advice but in the end I did something useful and helped Mrs Tootlepedal to lay another slab into place. This was a bonus as she had only intended to do a little light raking before coming back in.

My hands were freezing after only a short time on the garden, so I took the hint and stayed indoors for the rest of the day. I have a rather unreliable step counter on my phone, and it claimed that I only just managed to get over 300 steps for the whole day.

I did watch the birds from time to time, but the sparrowhawk must be hungry because it paid several unsuccessful visits to the garden. This severely limited the amount of small visitors to the feeder.

Chaffinches popped in when the coast was clear…

…and a blackbird picked up fallen seeds below the feeder…

…looking around from time to time to see if I was watching.

A rook perched on the walnut tree….

…while a chaffinch kept very alert for sparrowhawk visits while it was on the feeder.

For some reason, the sparrowhawk was giving notice of its fly-throughs today and the little birds were well away before it arrived.

I made lentil soup for lunch and then I did think of going for a wet walk in the afternoon. However the rain got steadily heavier and my inclination to venture out gradually dissipated.

I wish I could say that I filled the afternoon with constructive and useful tasks but I can’t because I didn’t, and so this will remain a short record of a dull day.

We did have a sibling Zoom in the evening but even that was rather gloomy. I will take the opportunity to cheer things up with a second guest picture. My sister Susan looked out of her window in London just before four o’clock and saw a fine sunset.

I did try to get a flying bird of the day even though the light and rain and scarcity of birds were against me.

Footnote: The forecast for tomorrow is a bit better so I am hoping for an outing.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

20 thoughts on “300 steps

  1. We had white stuff but it was accumulation of sleet yesterday. It’s cold now. Susan’s sunset is an impressive picture. 🙂

  2. East Wemyss has more snow than we do (at the moment . . .) – very odd! That’s a fine profile shot of a handsome rook.

  3. I hope your day tomorrow is better, and you are able to go on a walk or ride. It is good to see the birds. The rook looks like he is keeping an eye out for the sparrowhawk.

    Susan’s sunset is lovely!

    I liked Tony’s snowy scene. We have had some very cold mornings, but no snow yet. The heat pump iced up today, possibly a bad switch or low refrigerant. The HVAC people are coming Monday.

      1. Not that cold here, yet. I think there is some other problem. The unit is 8 years old, we have had colder weather, and it has never iced up before.

  4. Cold hands numb my brain…so working in the garden was very brave of you both. I like the blackbird photos and London sunset photo is great too. Hope it cheers up for you tomorrow.

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