Somewhere under the rainbow

Today’s guest picture shows that Tony’s yesterday morning’s snow in East Wemyss didn’t last very long. By the afternoon it had all been washed away by rain.

We got a much better day here than yesterday and we were duly grateful. Even so, in spite of some sunshine, I didn’t rush out because it was still pretty chilly. It wasn’t until I had had coffee and a fortifying slice of bread and marmalade that I finally got my bike out and faced up to the fresh air. It was quite fresh at about 5 to 6°C

As I went to get my cycling clothes on, I spotted a robin enjoying the sunshine on Mrs Tootlepedal’s fake tree.

I almost didn’t go as the weather gods had a little laugh at me, and produced a sharp shower of rain out of that sunny sky just as I was getting changed. I doubled checked the forecast and decided that this was just a blip, and set off to cycle up the main road north out of the town ,with the intention of being blown home by a helpful wind.

The route looked welcoming….

…although I could see some clouds at the top of the valley. These were nine miles away and I thought that they would probably have been blown away by the time that I got there.

I passed a very sunny hawthorn tree a couple of miles later…

…but on the other side of the road, things were looking a bit more wintery.

It all depended on whihc way I looked. This way was fine.

But looking ahead was different. As it happened, instead of blowing away, those clouds at the top of the valley came towards me in a threatening manner and after going another couple of miles, I turned round and prudently headed for home. Being cold is not too bad and being wet can be tolerated, but being cold and wet is no fun at all.

Looking back, this seemed like a good idea as the clouds were getting ever blacker and I was being pursued by half a rainbow.

Scientifically minded readers will know that where there is a rainbow, there is rain and I pedalled as fast as I could back down the road to keep ahead of it.

Downhill with the wind behind me, this worked very well, and when I got back to Langholm, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Feeling optimistic, I headed off up the Wauchope road in sunny conditions. All went well for a couple of miles and then, in spite of still being in the sun, I could feel a light sprinkling of rain.

When I stopped and looked back, I found that the rainbow was still pursuing me.

And although once again I pedalled as fast as I could (not very fast admittedly), the rainbow followed me up the road. This was seven minutes later…

…and this was five minutes after that.

My camera was getting wetter and I was obviously not going to outrun the rain since I was going up hill this time.

I took the hint and turned off towards the Kerr Wood. Behind me, I could see that my sudden manoeuvre had fooled the rain. It was continuing up the Wauchope road, leaving me in the sunshine with only half a rainbow now.

Looking back towards Langholm, all things were bright and beautiful.

I did think about pedalling on and doing a short circular route over the hill and down into Eskdale, but when I looked ahead, there were black clouds behind my favourite tree…

…and when I got to the top of the hill and looked down, the prospects were decidedly mixed…

…and once again, I let prudence be my watchword, and cycled only to the end of this straight…

…before turning back and going home in the sunshine while the going was good.

I passed a sunbathing bull on my way.

This time, the going stayed good and I got home after 23 very enjoyable and interesting miles. Mrs Tootlepedal kindly made me a cup of tea when I got in.

I had managed to get my cycle ride in early enough for there still to be enough light to watch the birds after my cup of tea.

A collared dove was supervising the smaller birds from above…

…and the robin had made a reappearance along with a blue tit, both using Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden stakes as a perch.

On the feeder itself, a chaffinch and a goldfinch showed contrasting methods of coping with the sunflower seeds.

Traffic was not brisk, but I could always enjoy the low winter sunshine on the walnut tree….

…until another bird came along…

…or two other birds.

In the end, I left the birds to it and went and had a shower.

Mrs Tootlepedal cooked a very tasty evening meal and we rounded off the day by following Strictly and enjoying the dancing, if not the spelling, of HRVY. He is a very graceful mover and a pleasure to watch.

In spite of the sunshine, I didn’t manage to get a good flying bird of the day shot and I apologise for this rather grey chaffinch on what should have been a good FBotD day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

29 thoughts on “Somewhere under the rainbow

  1. You had a very interesting tussle with the weather today which you managed to win.
    You managed to capture some really contrasting weather conditions today,which were quite interesting.
    In spite of the weather you still managed to snap some superb landscapes whilst keeping just ahead of the rainbow.
    Always a pleasure to see our friend the robin who was looking quite resplendent in the winter sunshine.

  2. Being chased by a rainbow must have been an interesting experience, but you did manage to fool it. 🙂 Our weather patterns should be more like yours for the next few days. I finished de-icing the heat pump during the last bit of sun this afternoon.

    We racked off and tasted this autumn’s new rosé wine today. Rick has approved it as drinkable. 🙂

  3. It’s always nice to see your robins. The first one looks thoughtful and the second one determined.
    That’s an amazing amount of rainbows for one post. I don’t think I’ve ever shown one in 10 years.
    I’m glad you didn’t get into any angry weather on your ride. Snow would have been tough on two wheels. I was caught in a hailstorm on my motorcycle once and that was enough for me.

  4. Rainbows galore eh? I’m afraid I’d be chasing them instead of racing from them, that pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow must be found one day? Still you had 23 miles of enjoyable peddling. I had a short shift yesterday and managed to cycle commute both ways without getting wet. The cycle in was a breeze, but coming homeward was hard work, the breeze was against me making me wheeze somewhat, but I got home in the end. Spent the afternoon watching Scotland loose to Ireland, and Wales beat Italy. I felt the yellow card against the Scots player was somewhat harsh, which changed the game very much in Ireland’s favour, I think I’d put down to the luck of the Irish, so hard luck Scotland. I enjoyed the Italian endeavours, they deserve a win soon. I would even have accepted a defeat for Wales. For two reasons, to shake up the Welsh team, and give the Italians some encouragement. England versus France apres midi, I just hope we see that French flair come to Twickenham? I had the best of intentions to go out early for a ride this morning, but the frost sent me running back to bed lol. The sun is shining in clear skies now, but snow is still on the mountains, reminding us winter is here. Have a great day, Vive le France! Cheers.

    1. Not having an Amazon subscription, I haven’t watched any of the rugby. As far as I can see, I haven’t missed a great deal of exciting play. I get the feeling that too many matches are being decided by referees. That was probably often the case but with teams playing relentlessly for penalties now, it is spoiling my enjoyment so I haven’t been sad about not being able to watch. Well done for getting a dry commute in. Any pedalling in December is a bonus and I have got two days running in now so I am happy.

      1. I agree, you didn’t miss much, England could not get much more boring, whereas France tried to play open rugby. Playing for penalties is the style today, and it’s very sad.

  5. It’s usually the other way round …people chasing rainbows (in life) and never succeeding much prefer it when the rainbow is chasing you…quite a giggle! Brilliant photos of the robins and bull and of course the rainbow.

    1. I just couldn’t get far enough ahead of the rainbow to get a good shot of it which was a bit annoying. I pedalled as fast as my little legs would go.

  6. The sunbathing bull looks very content – great shot! The walnut tree is beautiful (and it goes without saying that the robins are as well . . .).

  7. This was an exciting post. I could picture you peddling madly as you tried to beat the rain. And the rainbow, which in your telling almost seemed sinister.

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