A (small) drop of golden sun

Today’s guest picture comes by way of my friend and fellow church choir member Anne. Her friend Mary Jane from New York spotted this hawk having a quiet sit down on a park bench and kindly sent the picture to her.

There was a moment after breakfast when the sun came out.

Since we had just had another night of rain and I had emptied another five inches of rain for the week out of Mary Jo’s rain gauge, this came as a bit of a shock and I took some time to get adjusted to it.

Eventually, I pulled myself together and went out to go as far as I could on my bike before it started raining again.

I went up the Wauchope road and was not entirely impressed by the work that had been done on the landslip…

…but it made a nice ornamental fountain.

There was still some low cloud about and the sun was struggling to get above the hills so I did a lot of cycling in the shade….

…but I did get a sunny view…

…or two.

I went to the top of Callister but the prospect was very gloomy beyond that, so I turned for home but took a short deviation up the hill past the Bloch to add a couple of miles to my trip. The view from the top there was not encouraging either…

…and as the sun disappeared, I made for home as fast as I could. This turned out to be rather slowly as my legs were complaining after a week of walking.

I was hoping to get twenty miles in, but as I passed our house with a mile and a half still to go, it started to rain and I saw Mrs Tootlepedal and Margaret packing up their garden coffee meeting. I took the hint and stopped pedalling and went in and had a coffee myself.

After lunch, I watched the birds for a while…

…but the birds were avoiding me and only the occasional visitors arrived.

It grew increasingly gloomy as the afternoon went on, but it was dry when I poked my head out of the back door, so I persuaded Mrs Tootlepedal to come out and spend some time on the drive project. The ground is very soggy and it was far from perfect working conditions. It was so dark that it was hard to read the spirit level, but all the same, Mrs Tootlepedal got things levelled and we got two slabs shifted into the right place in front of the front door.

Because I have so few pictures today, I have put two views of the finished work in: sideways….

…and head on.

It was dusk by the time that we finished.

Mrs Tootlepedal rescued a bud from the Lillian Austin rose some days ago and stuck it hopefully into a small vase in the kitchen. Her hopes have been realised….

…so we might try to rescue another bud as there are still one or two on the plant.

I have ten miles to go to reach my (amended) cycling target for the year, and I may have to go out bicycling in the rain because we are going to get some better weather later next week but it will come with frosts that will keep me off my bike. I won’t mind as long as the sun shines for a bit longer than it did today.

Maybe the cooler weather will bring some siskins or bramblings to the garden. We are very dull birdwise at the moment and as a result here is another chaffinch as flying bird of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

24 thoughts on “A (small) drop of golden sun

  1. The water pouring out from between the blocks is a bit alarming, I’d say. I wouldn’t be surprised if more of the hillside ended up in the road.
    The sunny views are very beautiful, especially that first one.
    It looks like the slabs having been moved will give Mrs. T lots more room for flowers against the house.

  2. I agree with Allen, the water coming out from between the concrete blocks would seem to portend a major slip, and would worry me.

    The Lillian Austin is a hardy rose to produce buds at this time of year. I assume this variety is also relatively resistant to black spot fungal infections?

    1. It keeps pretty healthy through the year.

      The bank behind the leaky slip is not very high so even if it goes, it won’t sweep away much. (Famous last words?)

  3. The weather had better cooperate enough to let you get the last 10 miles in – too frustrating to be that close and miss your target! Or perhaps you’ll have to cycle about the town . . . but avoid that “repaired” slip area – looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

    I like the sunny photo of the sheep in front of the bare tree – lovely colours and horizontals.

    1. I love that view with the tree. The peaty bank of the stream behind the tree adds a nice contrast. It is hard not to go past that leaky slip repair but I will be ready for it.

  4. To get to your amended mileage target for the year can you tot up miles on your bike to nowhere? Or, do you consider that cheating? That NY hawk looks very like a buzzard, I wonder what type it is? Enjoyed your post, cheers.

    1. I think it is a Copper’s Hawk but I don’t know for sure. I haven’t had to use the bike to nowhere yet because the frosts have kept away but i don’t count it towards miles. I might if I had a proper fancy set up with a computer and so on.

  5. I knew Mrs T should have been in charge of that landslip work! Love the photo of the lone tree and sheep and the pretty Lillian Austin rose. One can never have too many photos of flying chaffinches.

    1. It does look a bit doubtful with that amount of water coming through from the back. A sharp frost or two might lead to disaster. You are very kind about the endless chaffinches.

      1. I was thinking the same about the frost and having just seen the weather forecast …the frost may be just around the corner for you!

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