Him indoors

Today’s guest picture comes from my camera club friend Simon. He wanted to show me that they have frosty fences in Canonbie too.

After a some sunny but cold days, it was a shock to wake up to tenths tenths mist today, and it was annoying to find that it was still cold. We had little incentive to rush out into the world.

The mist did clear as the morning went on but as it was replaced by persistent rain, we weren’t any better off. I turned idling into an art form and did nothing noticeable until I went for a pedal to nowhere in the garage for an hour before lunch.

Before I had my coffee, I spent five minutes looking out of the window into the gloom, and I took an excellent picture of a hole in the hedge into which a wren had disappeared a second before I clicked the shutter.

I was entertained by two noisy blackbirds airing their views…

…and then I was just in time to catch a rear view of the wren scurrying away from the other side of the hedge with its characteristic tipped up tail.

I could see what sort of day it was going to be so I turned away and took a picture of a goldfinch on the feeder.

When I turned back again, I found that to my amazement the wren had popped up onto some stalks.

It was too far away, the light was appalling and it was hiding behind a twig, but it was undoubtedly, a picture of a wren in the garden, a very infrequent occurrence.

And then it turned round and gave me another go. The light was still rotten but it cheered me up immensely.

On the feeder, there was a sudden burst of activity…

…which quickly evaporated, leaving a blackbird below…

…and female chaffinch on the feeder…

…and a robin reaching into the peanut butter jar.

All in all, quite a productive five minutes in an otherwise lazy morning.

After lunch, I spent a moment watching a robin posing…

…and then I had genuinely intended to put on a lot of wet weather gear and go for a walk, but it was so gloomy and the rain so persistent that first my resolve crumbled and then my legs crumpled. Luckily there was a sofa at hand to receive my falling body.

It was so comfortable that I stayed there for a long time.

Here there should be one of those screens that appear in films that say:

“Three hours later.”

But that would imply that something exciting was going to happen. It didn’t.

After our evening meal, I retired to my computer to write this post, and to brighten things up I lit a fire. This provided the only ray of colour in the day.

One good thing that did happen during the day was a text from the NHS to say that both Mrs Tootlepedal and I had tested negative for Covid. This wasn’t a great surprise but it was very welcome all the same. We were impressed by how quickly the test result had been returned. This is useful when you are trying to control outbreaks.

The forecast is a bit better for tomorrow thank goodness. It was probably just as well that I didn’t go for a walk today as there were reports of very icy paths on our local facebook pages.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

47 thoughts on “Him indoors

  1. You had rain after ice cold days, we had a thunderstorm after midnight and the the temperature rose to 65ºF, after icy cold days! 🙂

  2. So glad you got such a clear picture of that wren in the end. I loved the posing robin too. You must be pleased that your covid test was negative as mine was, even though it wasn’t a great surprise.

  3. “Him indoors” made me smile. Weather is foul here, too. So glad you tested negative. I wish we had lots and lots of testing to find asymptomatic carriers just to get a better idea of what’s going on.


  4. I have some great pictures of “twigs where birds were perching until a split second ago”, so I admire your “hole the Wren went through”. Photographs of such quality are rare to find. Anyway, you got a couple of good ones in the end so your efforts weren’t wasted.

    Sometimes you need a change of pace and a crackling fire, so it still seems like a worthwhile day.

  5. Pretty difficult to get any picture of a wren – well done!
    Pleased to say I had a call from my GP surgery this afternoon inviting me to visit my local Minor Injury Unit on Friday to have something stuck into my arm. I accepted. I think I’m just a little younger than your brother.

  6. Despite “knowing” you are Covid free, it must be nice to make it official.
    I think you utilized the day in the manner most suited and were rewarded by a wren 😊

  7. Glad to hear you both tested negative,at least you won’t have to self isolate.
    I had a message from our local health centre in Darwen asking when I was available to have the vaccine this week,my quick reply was I’m available 24/7..😊
    They are the most efficient surgery I’ve ever known and have won numerous NHS awards,well done them👍
    Glad you managed to capture that camera shy wren,they are quick.
    Your handsome robin seems to have had a little too have overdone the peanut butter a bit,or is he just cold.😉
    I managed a short spin on the static bike,but even with my little fan heater on my feet were like blocks of ice❄️which as yesterday’s post shows us is more interesting in close up than it at first appears.

    1. Good to know that you are getting the vaccine. It will make life a little more comfortable.
      My windproof socks seem to work quite well in the garage which is lucky as it was cold in there today.

  8. I was happy to see that the wren eventually cooperated. How nice that you documented the discouraging moments! Good to know you are both officially Covid free. 😷

    Turns out our previous mistake of a president lost or never had the vaccine that was promised to our state. We were supposed to be covered in the expected 65 plus crowd. Now, it seems the next phase is supposed to be for those 80 plus. And here I am a week away from 77. Sigh. 😟

    1. He probably sold it to a friend. It is hard when your government is inefficient considering that efficiency is all you ask for. Ours has been better at getting out the vaccination than anything else so far. Our death totals are horrific.

      1. The good news is that there’s a new ‘kid’ in town and he seems to be trying to do it right. Unfortunately he has one heck of a mess on his hands. Sorry to hear of the death totals, but I think ours have exceeded nearly all others given the bungling by the previous administration.

      2. As a country ours are worse than yours and just at the moment the rate of infection in our local area is absolutely horrendous.

    2. We went to 65 plus (I’m almost 66) but our county’s phone lines crashed while people were calling for appointments (friends called literally hundreds of times) so now you sign up online BUT we are waiting for vaccine to even be delivered (due to the previous Presidential Mistake!) and meanwhile we have no idea where are in the queue of 3000 plus people who signed up. It’s exasperating. At most, our county could do 500 doses a week. That’s Pacific County, Washington.

  9. The wren is even puffier than the robin but they’re both cute.
    Good news about the negative tests. I haven’t ever been tested but so far I feel fine.
    It’s snowing here and a warm fire sure would be nice. You’re lucky to have one!

  10. Your wren was very cooperative, and I enjoyed your assortment of visiting birds. Some days are just good for staying in with the bike to nowhere.

    I am glad to hear you are both Covid free, and may the virus stay far from your door.

  11. Your comment about the sofa made me laugh! My husband has a recliner beside the wood stove in the hangar that has the same effect on him about mid-day, I believe.

  12. Even the gloomy days throw up something of interest for you to find. I am pleased to report there are very light droplets of rain falling here – so rare an occurrence of late that I almost feel like capturing the event in slow motion video!

  13. Good news on the Covid front. You are doing well with the wren. Your title reminds me of a conversation with a Frenchman wanting to know the English word for “ma femme”. I made various offerings including “‘er indoors” and “she who must be obeyed”

  14. A good day to stay indoors (plus obeying the rules!) and savour the outside through the window. Wrens are such perky little birds and so lively it’s great that you’ve got a photo of one …hope it comes back for the Big Garden Bird Watch! Good to know about your negative virus result.

  15. Loved the picture of the wren, I see them in our garden frequently but, annoyingly, never with my mobile phone camera to hand. That shouldn’t be an excuse, however, because usually one can hear them long before you see them, their call is very loud, shrill and distinctive. I hear it often, but despite my efforts to get out in time for a snapshot, never any luck. Unlike, the Attenborough of the borders lol. Still, I’ll keep trying. Cheers.

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