Head down

Today’s glorious guest picture comes from Tony in East Wemyss. It was taken just over a week ago and is a reminder of those sunny snowy days earlier this month which seem long past now.

There was not the slightest hint of sunshine here today. It was raining when we got up and it looks as though it might well still be raining when we go to bed.

Under the circumstances, it was not a day when my new smile was much in demand.

It was not so windy as it has been and there were quite a few birds at the feeder.

…with siskins and goldfinches to the fore.

A dunnock checked for seed falling from above…

…and a chaffinch arrived after I had topped up the feeder.

For want of anything better to do, I pedalled away on the bike to nowhere for 55 minutes between coffee and lunchtime.

For some inexplicable reason, I was unable to persuade Mrs Tootlepedal after lunch that a good walk in pouring rain and a brisk wind would be fun, so there was nothing for it but to go by myself.

There were moments when I thought that Mrs Tootlepedal had made the right decision, but on the whole it was warm enough and my umbrella was large enough to make sure that the walk wasn’t too bad. I recently sprayed my walking boots with a waterproof treatment and between that and the waterproof socks, my feet were kept warm and dry.

With the rain from above and the puddles from below kept at bay, I looked about from time to time as I went along, even though it was too gloomy for sensible photography.

There was plenty of water running down the hillsides…

…and there there was plenty of water going under Skippers Bridge.

While I was going up the hill towards Broomholm, I kept an eye out for tiny dots of red among the moss and lichens on the roadside wall.

When I got to Broomholmshiels, I looked in vain for a view….

…and had to make do with lichen and fungus on a gatepost…

…and decorative tree bark.

Once I got onto the track through the woods, I had to watch my step carefully as the mud made things quite slippery. It would be fairly stupid to have managed many icy walks without injuring myself and then to fall over as soon as the ice was gone.

Crossing Jenny Noble’s Gill needed concentration as it was running freely.

I did look up for long enough to see an oak tree gesturing at encroaching birch trees to give it space…

…and a beech sapling provided some much needed colour.

When I got back to the town, I had a little time in hand so I went to the Meeting of the Waters where quite a lot of water was meeting.

I crossed the Sawmill Brig…

…and then put my camera away as it had got too dark to take any more pictures although it was only just 4 o’clock.

After a cup of tea and a chat with Mrs Tootlepedal, I made some Garibaldi biscuits. That last batch of ginger biscuits has disappeared. Since Mrs Tootlepedal and I only eat a very rare biscuit, it is a continuing mystery as to how they vanish so quickly.

The day finished with a sibling Zoom followed by an evening meal of fishcakes and sautéed potatoes. I have just had a look outside, and the rain seems to have stopped. This is just as well as we have had over an inch of rain all ready today according to our local weather station.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch at full spread in some heavy rain.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

34 thoughts on “Head down

  1. The water level is definitely up there! I am glad you got out for a walk anyway, and found so many fine specimens, including the bright and cheery cladonia. Waterproof socks? I didn’t know there was such a thing. The birds seem quite happy with some additional seed.

    We had a very rainy day here, the soggiest we have been all winter. So far Old Man Winter has been kind to my area, and has not sent us much snow or ice. We’ve only had a dusting some weeks back which melted the same day.

  2. The rain should help thaw the soil and get those daffodils blooming.
    I like that shot of the water running down the hillside but it looks like a lot of soil is being washed into the river.
    With all the exercise you and Mrs. T. get I would think you could get away with eating all the biscuits you wanted.

    1. That is the purpose of the exercise.
      I am very find of biscuits. A lot of soil and gravel does get washed down our rivers but our hills don’t seem to get any shorter. 🙂

      1. I suspect a good supply of biscuits (or cookies as I’d call them) would do a lot for my mood; perhaps I shall follow in your footsteps and make some.

  3. Great view from the snow and sunshine centre of Scotland..East Wemyss! Does nothing keep you in? Looks as wet as here on your photos and thank goodness for those bright sparks of colour with the beech, lichen, fungus and silver birch bark. Always look on the bright side…seems to be your motto plus keep the biscuit barrel full!

    1. In spite of the persistent rain over two days, our rain gauge is still only showing one and a half inches for the whole of February. I can quite get to the bottom of why the rain is not registering more.

      1. How very strange! I assume you’ve checked for leaks. Perhaps it’s in a sheltered position? I am sure you’ve looked into both of those possibilities.

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