Return to sender

I am short of current guest pictures so I have gone back to the files again to find a snowy dog in East Wemyss, or perhaps, a dog in snowy East Wemyss.

We had another sunny and dry day here today, although it never got very warm in spite of the sun, with the temperature only just creeping above 50ยฐF (10ยฐC) for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. It was freezing early in the morning and the thermometer is headed back that way as I write this in the evening. Still, staying dry and sunny is a welcome state of affairs, so I am not complaining.

The morning was spent driving back to the hospital in Dumfries to collect Mrs Tootlepedal who had stayed in overnight after a small operation. She will need a day or two to recover and I am polishing up my lamp and perfecting my Florence Nightingale impersonation.

There will be no cycle rides for a bit, so it was lucky that there was plenty to see in the garden today.

There were two sorts of bees and morning and afternoon frogs.

There were argumentative siskins again.

And a generally busy feeder…

…with female chaffinches…

…sneaking in quietly from below and the side.

There are small signs of spring about wherever you look…

…and the more obvious ones too, like the crocuses..

…and the daffodils which are really getting going now.

I had some favourites, like this honeysuckle leaf…

…this colourful shoot…

…and this fabulously furry object.

And there is always lichen somewhere. This is on the silver pear.

There are a lot of birds singing in the garden and among the noisiest are the starlings which sit in our neighbours’ holly tree…

…and on top of it too.

Those leaves are jolly prickly, so no wonder the starlings make a lot of noise.

Mrs Tootlepedal was well settled in by the afternoon so I took the opportunity to nip round the mile and quarter three bridges short route. It was a lovely day.

I passed the resident pair of black backed gulls on the Esk…

…but didn’t see a dipper or an oystercatcher.

The black headed gulls at the Kilngreen were all over the place, many having deserted their posts for a picnic on the grass…

…but as I walked along the bank opposite them, they formed an orderly queue and flew past me…

…as though auditioning for flying bird of the day.

I didn’t have time to dilly dally but I enjoyed seeing the cattle on the very top of Castle Hill…

…and I liked a ray of sunshine picking out a willow bud in the shadows beside the river.

There was time for one more sign of spring before I got home…

…where I made a cup of tea for Mrs Tootlepedal, and a new batch of cream crackers. The tea was satisfactory. The crackers looked better than my first efforts and tasted worse. Life is a learning experience and I will try to combine good looks and good taste in the next batch.

It was a quiet evening in after that with the exception of a disturbance outside. This was made by a lot of rooks wheeling about in the sky above our house.

If a lot of starlings are called a murmuration, I reckon that a lot of rooks should be called a shouteration. They were very noisy tonight.

Here is the winner of the audition for flying gull of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

43 thoughts on “Return to sender

  1. Love the suckleties of colour of your honeysubtle.
    As for noise in my garden, I am being deafened by a robin all day at present. There are others around…

  2. Glad to hear Mrs T is back home and being well cared for .
    The rest might do you good as well๐Ÿ˜‰
    Iโ€™ve had a recurrence of my chest infection so cycling for me either,a shame wasting the better weather,but there it is.
    Nice to see bees about again and buds on the trees,a real feel good factor.
    Lovely shot of the gulls on post,with the bridge and green and people out enjoying the sunshine adding to the scene.

    1. I am sorry top hear about the return of your chest infection. That must be most annoying. Regarding the bees, I was happy to see that the government has withdrawn its pan to re-licence neonics for the sugar beet industry.

  3. I hope we see plenty of bees this year on both sides of the Atlantic.
    Nice to see the daffodil. It’ll be a while before we see any here. I’m hoping for crocus blooms soon though.
    Those are nice shots of the starlings in the holly. They’re pretty birds but not well liked by many here.

  4. That willow bud was lovely, but my favorite is the honeysuckle leaf. Isn’t a rook a sort of crow? Should it be a murder of rooks? With so many of them they wouldn’t need to be quiet about the murdering, either, as it would be awfully hard to catch the perpetrator, I’d think.

    1. Rooks and crows are both corvids but not the same. Crows are solitary birds and rooks like to hang out together. The old saying goes: if you see ten crows, they are rooks and if you see one rook, it is a crow.

  5. I believe one of the options is a parliament of rooks. Do you think someone was making a not so subtle comment about the noisy behaviour of those in government? ๐Ÿ™‚

    All your signs of spring are heartening, but I agree that the honeysuckle is a stunner.

  6. An excellent flying gull of the day. The gulls on fence posts photos always bring a smile. I gather you are seeing more frog egg masses now. Any sign of developing tadpoles yet? Spring looks well underway there with crocuses, daffodils and all manner of buds.

    The yellow lichen with the tiny cups is intriguing. Do you know what it is?

    1. Only one clump of frog eggs visible and that may well have been adversely affected by some frosty mornings.

      The lichen is xantheria parietina or sunburst lichen.

  7. Looks like spring is busting out in your neighborhood! Hope Mrs T is doing well! I am thrilled to report I received my first vaccine shot several days back.

  8. First of all, I wich all the best for Mrs Tootlepedal ! Your pictures are lovely and they bring springtime into our homes. The world is so much nicer when the sun shines ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Lovely bright photos to cheer everyone up especially Mrs T. Lots of interest just outside your back door to enjoy and on your walk even more interesting sights and sounds. Love the seagulls and the flying gull of the day!

  10. Beautiful all around. I love the fabulous furry object. I am remiss having to catch up with what is happening – I needed to go back a few posts to find out what was ailing Mrs. T. So I am speed-read splurging on your posts for a while here before work determines what I read tomorrow. Glad to know you had some beautiful weather too.

  11. Frustrating to be in recovery as spring is coming on. And in the middle of various projects like the pavers. Reading backwards, I know she is improving. And to think I was complaining about my thumb. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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