Biscuits and cheese (and more goats)

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony in East Wemyss. He was impressed by the efforts of this farmer to keep walkers on the straight and narrow way.

We had another day of wind and occasional rain, but with some sunny spells as well. Although it was still fairly cool, there was enough sunshine about to persuade the more gullible crocuses to open up.

We had a mid morning Zoom with our granddaughter Matilda and her parents today, so my other activities were fitted round that. I found time to go the shop, drink coffee, do the crossword and watch the birds, so it wasn’t a very unusual morning at all.

The birds were in good form, sometimes sitting quietly at the feeder (and throwing food about)…

…sometimes being quite busy going to and fro…

…and sometimes going completely nuts!

I had a walk round the garden and found heartening signs of development in the rhubarb patch,,

…and the first flowers on a new winter honeysuckle that Mrs Tootlepedal has put in.

In between times, I made a batch of ginger biscuits, some of which went down very well with the morning cup of Costa Rican coffee.

When I looked at the birds again, I found a chaffinch more interested in what was going on below him than in the seed in the feeder…

I think that the bird below might have been leaving the feeder because of an unpleasant experience there.

After a nourishing bacon butty for lunch, I put on many layers of cycle clothing and went out to do battle with a strong and gusty wind. Heading straight into the wind as I set off, the first three miles were really hard work. Mercifully the change of direction at Wauchope Schoolhouse put the wind across and behind me, and very fortunately, it was more helpful than not for the rest of the ride.

When I stopped to take a picture of the snow on the English hills which appears as today’s header picture, I got a warning. After that, I didn’t hang around taking pictures as I could see rain showers chasing after me…

I had to stop at two traffic lights though, so I took a picture at each one. The road over Canonbie Bridge is one way.

And the landslip at Irvine House as still not been repaired so I had a moment to admire the smooth channel for water to rush down beside the lights.

I paid a small price for this dilly-dallying though when I got rained on for the last mile of the ride.

After I had had a cup of tea, the rain had stopped. I had a last look at the bird feeder in the garden…

…and as the sun had come out, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went for a drive up to the Langholm Moor, her first excursion (other than to the hospital) for some time.

Unfortunately, the sunshine didn’t last and there was only a glimmer or two left by the time that we got to the White Yett and looked over the Ewes valley.

We drove on over the hill and down into the Tarras valley, where the sharp eyed Mrs Tootlepedal spotted a new addition to the herd of wild goats.

We drove on down to the car park beside the river and watched a buzzard hovering in the wind a good distance away just above the crest of the hill opposite.

It wasn’t a very cheerful day by this time though, with the strong wind making the idea of even a short walk unattractive, so we didn’t stay long and were soon on our way home.

We had to stop though when we saw more of the goats grazing on the hillside.

There were more kids about…

…and a lot of serious nibbling

After a look up the Tarras Valley…

…and a final goat photograph…

…we moved on and didn’t stop again until we got home. Mrs Tootlepedal was slightly disappointed as she had been hoping to see a hen harrier.

Seeing the goats, reminded me that we had some goat’s milk in the fridge, so I made a batch of goats cheese before Mrs Tootlepedal cooked our evening meal.

Depending on the weather, I might have another go tomorrow morning at making cream crackers to go with the cheese.

On the theme of the wonders of the modern world, I got a text message today when I got back from my bike ride to say that all the mobile data allowance for my phone for the month had been used up and asking if I would like to buy some more. As I was certain that I hadn’t used much, I was a bit worried that my phone had been hacked and bad people had stolen my data allowance.

Investigation proved that it was my phone operating system that had done the foul deed by updating itself expansively while I was out walking and cycling either yesterday or today, and not when I was at home in reach of my unlimited Wi-Fi. Rather to my surprise, I was able to ring my mobile provider, find a real person to talk to and get my whole data allowance for the month reinstated. That was a wonder of the modern world.

The flying bird of the day is not a hen harrier.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Biscuits and cheese (and more goats)

  1. It’s nice to see the crinkly leaves of rhubarb again, and I like the honeysuckle blossoms.
    I’m glad your phone problem was so easily taken care of. I’ve spent weeks trying to straighten mine out in the past.
    Nice to hear that Mrs. T. is able to get out.

  2. Good to hear Mrs. Tootlepedal is feeling better and was able to go out for a drive with you today. The young goats are fun to see. They have interesting expressions. 🙂

    You8 were lucky to have a helpful, knowledgeable person to help with the cell phone problem.

  3. Love the photos of all the birds at the feeders…what antics you capture so well! Lovely goat photos too one is smiling for Mrs T ! The winter honeysuckle looks pretty …I’ll have to check that one out!

  4. I was with you until the phone problem, and have been staring at the screen in disbelief ever since. A person and a solution? If I didn’t know you to be a truthful man I would say you had made it up.

  5. That was a wonder of the modern world. Glad you got your data allowance back. Nice outting, even if Mrs. Tootlepedal was a bit disappointed. At least she saw some adorable kids.

      1. I do wish she’d gotten the reward of the hen harrier…but out of the house is very good news, especially with the mention of “hospital”.

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