Going quietly crackers

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He passed this peaceful scene on his way into Derby city centre recently.

We had another chilly, occasionally windy and mostly sun free day today here. It didn’t inspire me with any wish to dash outside and take exercise, so I stayed in and watched the birds instead. For the sake of variety, I took my camera upstairs and watched them from an upper window. The birds were just the same though.

…but there were plenty of them…

…and more kept coming.

The high demand led to outbreaks of unfortunate behaviour from time to time…

…but there were peaceful moments too.

Looking down from above gave me a good view of birds flying in when there was a spare perch.

This siskin had come to the party too late though, and there was no room at the table.

I had the window open so that I could get a clearer shot of the birds, but the keen wind blew straight into the room and I soon got too cold to enjoy myself and took the camera back downstairs.

This was a pity because if I had still been looking down, I might have been able to get a shot of the sparrowhawk which flew through on an unsuccessful raid.

The small birds weren’t discouraged by the hawk though, and were soon back, in spite of a passing rain shower. This greenfinch took a look round before taking a perch on the feeder.

Out of the back window, I could see two regular jackdaw visitors pecking about beside the dam.

As well as watching the birds, I had another go at making crackers. This time I used a different recipe and went for wholemeal crackers and made them round instead of rectangular. The results were encouraging without being entirely satisfactry. I will have another go, perhaps with added seeds.

I also took a walk round the garden and noted the winter and spring honeysuckles. The magnolia is getting ever more furry. Because there was not much else to see in the garden, I have filled the final corner of the panel with some of the crackers

I cooked a pot of lentil soup for lunch and I used the whey from yesterday’s goat cheese making for the liquid. It worked well and gave the soup a tangy flavour.

After lunch, I dawdled about until it was time to join the Carlisle Community Choir virtual rehearsal. It was enjoyable but far from the real thing, so it was good to find out that Ellen, our leader, is definitely going to get us to do another virtual performance. At least that gets us singing properly, even if we are still singing solo at home.

While I was warbling, Mrs Tootlepedal went out for a short three bridges walk. This was very encouraging.

After the choir, I foolishly started to watch the end of the Ireland Scotland rugby match and once again had to suffer the anguish of watching our boys politely handing the victory to the other side for the second game running.

I was so depressed that when the game was over, I went for my own walk round the three bridges to let myself calm down a bit.

I saw a heron in an unusual spot on the banks of the Wauchope near the Kirk Brig…

…and as it looked quite tall and elegant, I had to have a second look to check to see if it really was Mr Grumpy.

I took two more pictures as I walked along between the bridges over the Esk.

Both were black and white affairs, with the black headed gull really living up to its name in its spring plumage.

I saw another grey wagtail on the Ewes Water but once again, it was too quick for me to get the camera in focus. I know where to look now though, so I may get better luck another day.

There was a little sunshine to cheer me up, but it was low in the sky and shining under the Langholm Bridge…

…and not providing much warmth as I walked along the path round the Castleholm.

There was a whole concert of bird song going on, and I spent quite a lot of time staring up into the trees above my head…

…without seeing anything more that the occasional shadow flitting from branch to branch.

I had to make do with a couple of views of the evening scenery.

I really must stop watching Scotland play rugby. It clouds my whole day. But I say that every match.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch. At least I can rely on them.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

34 thoughts on “Going quietly crackers

  1. I enjoyed the selection from your day, especially the variety of birds. Is that Jackdaw with the odd white feather out of place one you have seen before?

    No sun here today. All went back to wind and rain.

  2. Perhaps not so much to be grumpy about despite the rugby match. A very nice shade of blue cap that your flying bird is wearing.

  3. Sorry about the rugby. Supporting a team, whatever the code, can be a thankless task. I loved the bridge sunning its belly and your decription of your crackers (which looked a damn sight better than any of my attempts to date); encouraging without being entirely satisfactory could pretty much sum me up at the moment 🤣

  4. I always thought crackers were square and the round ones were cheese or water biscuits. I checked up and find I am wrong. You have rocked the foundations of my world.

    Scotland did well. Try supporting England if you really want to spoil your day. Fifty six million people and we can’t find 15 who can run and catch a ball at the same time.

  5. It is good to get a different perspective every now and then. Have to say Mr Grumpy wasn’t looking quite so grumpy, perhaps there is a new heron in town?

  6. That’s a striking shot of the greenfinch. I also liked the photo of the tree canopy you were looking at – it’s lovely.

    Mrs. T. starting to get out and about is heartening news. I would imagine she is champing at the bit to get out and work in the garden.

  7. Just read your above comment…just what I’ve written on another post! Lovely photos of the greenfinch and Mr G… he has a very fine patterned chest. The crackers look tasty and crunchy!

  8. Aha. The crackers look very tasty. I am in awe of your journey toward perfection. The heron is beautiful and also the Greenfinch. I remember having a hard time capturing Wagtails too many years ago when I went to Ireland.

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