The weather gods rub it in

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. He spotted an RAF pilot doing a handbrake turn over East Wemyss.

The first business of the day was to check our new trail camera. We bought it a few months ago and have been waiting for some less cold weather to try it out. Last night was the night.

Mrs Tootlepedal has been putting food out for a putative hedgehog all winter. It has been regularly eaten so she was keen to see if we really had a hedgehog in the garden or whether undisclosed small mammals were eating her food.

I have to say that we got a result!

I have put the camera back out tonight.

The weather gods exercised their sense of humour today. Realising that I was unable to go cycling, they organised a perfect cycling day for me, and laughed as I spent most of it in the garden. They knew perfectly well that the weather is about to turn wet and windy, giving some credence to the old saying that March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.

All the same, the time spent in the garden was time well spent, and I pruned some buddleia bushes and did more work on the drive project. We also had coffee in the garden with our neighbours Margaret and Liz. While we sipped and chatted, we were nearly deafened by a robin which flitted from tree to tree singing furiously. I went in and got my bird camera out and followed it about, while it…

…stopped every now and again to see if we were listening.

It finally chose a branch where I could get a clear shot of it, drew in its breath…

…and let rip.

The dove from above looked down with astonishment.

While I had my bird camera in my hand, I pointed it at crocuses and hellebores.

I noticed that bees were visiting the hellebore so I swapped cameras, and the little Lumix picked out a visitor.

The work on the drive project was indirect. We have used slabs on the drive from the path to the front lawn and the remaining three slabs on the path needed rearranging as a result. We got them into rough position and then stopped for lunch.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal wisely retired for a siesta, and I idly watched birds coming to the feeder…

…posing on the fake buddleia bush…

…and perching on the pole.

I had time to kill until the virtual Carlisle Community Choir choir practice, so I wandered round the garden.

The tadpole scene is developing nicely.

…and if they survive a cold night tonight, things should go well.

We are waiting for the full daffodil effect so I took a few pictures of other things in the meantime.

The buds on the climbing hydrangea are full to bursting.

The choir practice turned out to be a bit of a dud as I couldn’t join the Zoom meeting because of (their) technical problems. The meeting did go ahead and I popped in at the end to find that our conductor hadn’t been able to join properly either.

Instead of singing, I did more work on the drive project with Mrs Tootlepedal. Detailed work with the teaspoon paid off as we got a pretty level result.

After a cup of tea, I thought that it was such a nice day that I would test out my knee with another short and undemanding walk.

It was a pleasure to be out in the early evening sunshine…

…and I walked round Pool Corner and over the bridges across the Becks Burn and the mighty Wauchope Water.

I turned back along Gaskell’s Walk and when I got to the Stubholm, added Easton’s Walk to my itinerary.

Among the rapidly growing wild garlic leaves, I noticed a curious root on a bare bit of the banking beside the river. It belongs to a tree further up the bank and comes out of the ground and then goes back into it again, passing a newly planted holly on the way..

I got back into the sunshine when I got to the park…

…and finished my two mile walk by taking a turn along the Esk.

The very sharp eyed may just be able to make put the resident pair of oystercatchers on the water’s edge in the middle of the picture.

Both my knee and my back are steadily improving and I should just about be ready to cycle and walk properly again as the rain and wind get started next week.

Mrs Tootlepedal and I watched an interesting programme on Mayan civilization on the telly in the evening. The presenter said that 95% of the indigenous Mayan population had died of diseases brought in by European invaders. This is a sobering thought, considering present circumstances.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch. The birds at the feeder were a bit put off by all the garden activity today.

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30 thoughts on “The weather gods rub it in

  1. You got some great shots of the robin. I had to go and listen to its song and of course now it is even cuter than before.
    The flowers were nice to see. The primroses look to be going strong.
    The path and garden are looking fine. I hope the hedgehog isn’t a garden eater like our woodchucks.

  2. Your robin was the star of today,almost posing for the cameras😊
    There’s still a little uncertainty about the weather,so you could get lucky?

  3. How fun it was to see the pictures of the cheerful robin singing his spring. The end of your post was a lot more sobering but a reminder of how we humans have been plagued by diseases and pandemics for many, many years.

  4. What a bounty of beautiful photographs! I agree with Paul that the robin steals the show. I am impressed with the clear image of the hedgehog caught on the trail camera and love the flying bird of the day, which is a delightful action photograph.

  5. You did a great job in the garden, the path looks great. The robin shots are wonderful. Nice that you found the time for a walk in the evening.

  6. Fantastic robin photos- such fun to see such a cheerful fellow singing his heart out. Lovely to see the hedgehog makes all the feeding worthwhile when you know it’s going in the right tummy! Very accurate slab laying- pleasing to the eye!

  7. Absolutely fantastic to see a hedgehog on the prowl. They were so often seen when I was a boy, but, cars, roads and kerbs have decimated their numbers. So much so that I haven’t even seen roadkill of them in years let alone a living one. My “all the gear no idea” stocks climbed again, today, as I took delivery of a new bike carrier to attach to my car, and a stylish cycling cap. All in boxes waiting for this chrysalis version of welshcyclist to transform back into the real thing. Meanwhile, this fabulous spring weather continues, much to your enjoyment as you continue to tootle the borders. Long may it continue. Cheers.

    1. We were quite upset to discover after we had bought the Zoe that it can’t take a bike rack of any sort. It is too small to put our bikes in so it looks as though we are going to have spend money on folding bikes.

      1. Similar story for us with my newer Yaris, I bought it believing we would be able to stow her indoors’ folding tricycle in the back. But no deal. I’d like a little van to sort the problem out. In truth I’d prefer a big camper van, but still waiting for the lottery to come up trumps lol. Cheers.

  8. How wonderful to get to see your hedgehog.

    I read yesterday in a book that 95% of indigenous people in the USA were killed by diseases brought in by explorers and settlers. So thriving civilizations were just wiped out. It was tragic.

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