Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He has been able to extend his walking range a bit, and came to this charming bridge today.

We had a low sort of day here. It was grey and windy, neither Mrs T or I were feeling at our peak and the whole morning was the epitome of ‘nothing doing’ as a result.

Except for the birds.

They were hugely busy all day and I had to refill the feeder twice.

In fact there were so many birds at times that it was hard to take pictures of birds because birds kept on getting the way.

There were often twenty or thirty birds around the feeder, and at times a lot of them were goldfinches.

A couple of female chaffinches had the right idea and concentrated on seed eating while others flew this way and that.

There were one or two quieter moments.

My knee had survived yesterday’s bike ride, and after lunch I would have gone out for a ride again today as it wasn’t raining, but the wind was far too strong. It didn’t seem sensible to subject my knee to a punishing battle with the elements.

Instead I made some more crackers. Once again, I found that I haven’t quite got the cracker technique perfected, but about half the results were crisp enough to pass muster and all of them will be eaten. Better rolling out and a slightly longer cooking time will be on the menu at my next attempt.

I got bored of being inside in the end, and went out for a walk, seeking a sheltered route where I could.

I was following a well used route so I didn’t take many pictures, as I have taken them all before many times (and the light was poor).

All the same, I can’t walk past the quarter of a mile long wall up the hill to Broomholm without taking a picture or two. It would be against human nature to do that.

As the views were dull today…

I stuck to small things.

After being set back by the long frosty spell, the gorse is starting to warm up again.

It was about the only colour around apart from green and brown that I saw on my walk, but I did see a flock of birds in a field.

They were too far away for a good picture but I think that they are fieldfares, seasonal visitors to our area.

I walked back to Langholm though the oak and birch woods but kept my camera in my pocket until I came across a flourishing honeysuckle quite near the end of the track.

This was a cheerful sight, as were the daffodils beside the main road at the toll bar.

I walked down to the river for the last part of my stroll and was rewarded by seeing a male goosander, the oystercatchers, and two dippers, one each side of the Kirk Brig.

The walk ended up as just shy of five miles and my knee took it without complaint. However, I have received a memo from the knee department in the course of writing this post asking me not to push my luck tomorrow.

We had trout for tea, and that rounded off a very subdued day. We are offered sunshine and showers for tomorrow. Let us hope that there isx more sun than rain.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

26 thoughts on “Low

  1. Even on a gray day,. your pictures are charming. I would say that your knees did very well. Lately, after a slow winter, we, too, have been having lots of birds at our feeders. Spring time.

  2. Those feeder look like they hold a lot of seed. You did get a lot of birds today. our feeder is still doing a brisk business, mainly juncos, towees and bluejays today.

    Laurie is right, even grey days are colorful and charming there, especially the mosses and lichens. What is the small greenish-yellow plant to the right of the yellow cup lichens?

  3. Some good photos despite the unpromising conditions. You have a real talent for finding subjects in adversity. Listen to the knee – better a day of rest than a week laid up. Hope Mrs T is well.

  4. Glad the knee managed a long walk, hope it isn’t complaining today. Good to see the daffodils brightening up the roadside.

  5. Keep listening to those knees, had my first dose of steroids…..just waiting for action. Her indoors is at mass, my middle son is painting our stairwell for us, and we have a local builder constructing new porch steps out the front. It’s like a building site here. Been off work now five weeks today. Very frustrating. Your blog is a definite highlight of the day. Cheers.

      1. I am looking forward to that feeling. The dosage is 6 x 5mg tablets every morning for 5 days. One day down four to go. Cheers.

  6. The header photo is wonderful! The daffs against the stone are so very cheerful. Our temps have dropped and it’s back to grey skies, wind, and down jackets (which is seasonal, but like you, I enjoy a good grump about something :))

    Five miles on an “iffy” knee is a sound accomplishment, but you’d best heed the memo.

  7. Lovely bridge! Our birds seem to have gone on holiday and I know where they’ve gone now! Great photos of all the birds flying, eating and arguing . It’s amazing how they get through so many seeds. The small things were lovely to see on your walk and very special seeing the goosander, dipper and my favourite an oystercatcher.

    1. The birds have increased markedly in number recently but we have lost all the tits that used to visit so obviously they have found better gardens with nest boxes.

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