In a jam

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He noticed two lambs playing leapfrog on his walk today.

After a foul night of wind and rain, we were provided with a foul day of wind and rain to follow it. On occasions, the rain did ease off to a drizzle but it was still a horrible day.

In one of the drizzly moments in the morning, I walked round to the corner shop, checking on the rivers as I went.

There were no rocks available for wagtails or oystercatchers to stand on today.

One of the riverside trees tried to persuade me that it was a nice spring day with a display of blossom…

…but it failed.

There was really nothing much positive to say about the day or our activities at all. We went to the Co-op, and finding the recycling bins had been emptied, Mrs Tootlepedal drove back and recycled our stack of old newspapers. That was good.

We stared rather glumly at a large puddle on the drive which may mean that some of the slabs will need to be raised a bit. That wasn’t so good.

I filled the feeder and wondered if the birds would be put off by the wind and rain. They weren’t, and quite a few goldfinches turned up.

…and a siskin…

…but as usual, siskins were more concerned with stirring up trouble than getting on with eating.

I had purchased some unseasonable strawberries from Spain in the Co-op and I made five pots of rather runny strawberry jam after lunch. I don’t mind the jam being a bit runny as I use it a sauce on ice cream or to make yoghurt taste more palatable. And it it spreads thinner on bread which makes it last longer.

Landing on the feeder could be a bit tricky in the breeze.

Just standing on it wasn’t much fun either.

A stout pigeon inspected the lawn.

In another of the drizzly moments, I went out for a moment into the garden and saw purple.

I joined the Carlisle Community Choir’s virtual practice for the last session before our Easter break. It is a little disheartening when the only voice you hear is your own. The whole point of going to choirs for a singer like me, is to enjoy pretending that you are helping to make the lovely noise that the choir produces. Singing by yourself makes it clear that it is the others who are making the good sounds.

Still, Mrs Tootlepedal cooked some very tasty mince and tatties for our evening meal and that was by far the brightest thing about a depressing day.

The wind is due to continue blowing for some time but the worst of the rain should be gone by tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

24 thoughts on “In a jam

  1. A thoughtful dissertation on the benefits of runny jam!

    Sorry about the potential spanner in the drive works . . .

    1. I think that some reasonably straightforward adjustments will do the trick but it was disappointing just when we felt we were making such good progress.

      I used the Google Lens to good effect today on my walk.

  2. Hope your weather improves. March being what it is, maybe it will take inspiration from your brother’s photo and go out like a lamb. Love the purple and always your birds.

  3. The water level is up. You did get quite a bit of rain. The birds are hungry no matter what the weather. That is a nice lamium with the silver-grey leaves and purple flower. I think they need more water in summer than I can give them or I would try to grow some. I suppose they could enjoy life in a container.

  4. Good for you making jam and recycling papers on a day of depressing weather. Everything will no doubt look very springlike when the sun does shine.

  5. We have to put up with this weather- it’s only March and just think what it will feel like when we have sunshine again. Maybe we’ll have the same late spring weather as last year! The FBOTD looks like he’s shielding from the rain with his own umbrella. The river looks very swollen…bet the oyster catchers don’t like it.

    1. There was no sign of the oystercatchers today but I did see a wagtail! The chaffinch did look as though we was sheltering himself from the rain, you are right.

      A few warm days would be enough to cheer us up.

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