April in headers – an experiment

I wondered if readers might find a review of the past month consisting solely of header pictures interesting. Click on any picture to go through the gallery. It starts at the end of the month and goes back to the beginning.

For goodness sake, don’t click the like button out of habit or politeness unless you think that this is a good idea.

It is very easy for me to do so if it goes down well, I will do one for each month for this year. I am not wedded to the idea, it was just a notion.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “April in headers – an experiment

  1. I like the summary of the photos – they’re always lovely and it’s good to have an overview of them.

  2. I love this idea! I’ve been falling so far behind that I need to dig back into your previous posts for an explanation of a few photos that puzzled me. Speaking of puzzling photos… I tried to search BBC Scotland, but couldn’t find the explanation for the man carrying the sheep across his shoulders. Just curious why that particular one hitched a ride.

  3. I think a monthly header review would be excellent. I tend to read your posts as daily WordPress emails, which don’t include the header image for some reason.

  4. A novel idea this is: I enjoyed looking through the gallery, which is a fine reminder that you live in a pretty – and interesting – place.

  5. I enjoyed going back over your April gallery, so yes, I think it’s a good idea. Your picture of your garden roaming hedgehoog reminded me of the animal poo I found on our newly laid paving slabs behind our conservatory. I have narrowed it down to either fox or hedgehog poo. But because of steps being a hindrance to hedgehogs I believe it must be a fox, but then again perhaps it is a big hedgehog that can mount the steps? I’d like to think it is a hedgehog, because as I’ve said before, they are now such a rarity hereabouts, cheers.

      1. Good news is we haven’t heard a thing at night. I simply called up pictures of both types of poo on the internet, but can’t decide. Where is David Attenborough when you need him? I don’t suppose you want the poo pictures I took for your guest slot? Lol. Keep on tootling. Cheers.

  6. It’s a good idea because sometimes I’m so taken with the title and eager to get to the story that I don’t give proper attention to the header picture.

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