Wet but welcome

Today’s guest picture shows the regular East Wemyss walking partners of our son Tony.

The forecast promised rain and wind but there was a moment without either after breakfast, and Mrs Tootlepedal seized the opportunity to cycle up to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back. The rain had just started by the time she returned, and then it didn’t let up until after our evening meal. Our local weather station reported that three quarters of an inch rain fell during the day. This is by no means a large amount, but it will freshen the garden up and bring things along.

On the down side, it was cold all day with the temperature actually dropping as the day went on. I nipped round to the shop after breakfast but otherwise, I stayed in.

This made for a dull day with only the birds to keep my cameras interested.

A blackbird was singing in the rowan tree again when I went out to the shop…

…and a siskin had the good sense to get to the feeder before the rain started.

After that, the rain came down and the birds turned up ready for an argument.

The feeder was busy and a siskin had to hang about.

At times there was a siskin overload.

We had coffee indoors and then Mrs Tootlepedal, who was in a very active mood today, drove off to visit a garden centre. I cooked some ginger biscuits while she was gone. As I had plenty of time, I weighed each ball of biscuit dough and ended up with a very evenly sized tray of biscuits.

They don’t taste any better for all being the same size, so I probably won’t bother with the weighing again, but it was visually pleasing.

After lunch we had an entertaining Zoom session with our son Alistair and our granddaughter Matilda. Matilda read us a story from the Beano, a children’s comic, and in a sign of the times it featured Hannah the Hacker saving humanity from enslavement by robots by using some cunning coding.

After the Zoom, I went back to watching the birds for a while.

They were wetter now.

A chaffinch gave me two contrasting poses on the feeder pole.

At the feeder itself, there was a lot of action again.

…but this quieter picture summed up the day well.

I needed a bit of action myself but didn’t fancy getting cold and wet ,so I resorted to a doing an hour of pedalling on the bike to nowhere in the garage.

By the time that I had finished, evening meal preparations were required, and following that we enjoyed the regular zoom session with my siblings.

The rain had stopped as the Zoom ended. I made a token gesture and went out into the garden for a few minutes before our evening meal.

It was good to see properly wet soil in the vegetable garden…

…and new tulips are coming up to replace the red ones which are going over in the bed at the end of the lawn.

A white dicentra has arrived, looking a bit soggy after the rain.

There was another flower to photograph when I went back inside. Mrs Tootlepedal has been nurturing a geranium which she had taken in from the garden for the winter, and it has just produced a flower. It will have to warm up a bit before it goes out again.

There is more rain to come in the week ahead and it is not going to get much warmer, if at all until the weekend. “Ne’er cast a clout till May is out” will be the order of the day it seems.

The flying bird of the day is another goldfinch.

Footnote: Yesterday’s post of April header pictures has been generally welcomed, but unfortunately many readers, perhaps those who get email notifications in particular, must have not realised that it wasn’t the proper post of the day, with the result that Sunday’s diary post only got two thirds of the usual visitors. If you like bluebells and missed the post, you can find it by clicking this link: Blue Sunday

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30 thoughts on “Wet but welcome

  1. I like the idea of weighing each biscuit,it doesn’t make much difference I agree,but combined with the nice even bake and all in rank and file i think they look better..I may have mentioned that before 😉
    It was a horrible day here as well,if it’s any consolation.
    The weatherman happened to say it was in the mid twenties this time last year,nice of him to remind us.😊
    Our new bird feeder visitors,the goldfinches,have a varacious appetite,even the sparrows find it hard to get a look in now.

    1. We had to use umbrellas to keep out the sun when we were having our outdoor coffee this time last year. It seems like a distant memory.

      Do you have siskins? They are not afraid of goldfinches.

      1. No siskins as yet..but we do have long tailed ,blue and great tits,and a family of robins.
        Not to bad really,especially as the feeders are only 6ft from our kitchen window.
        As I think you’ve mentioned goldfinches are very messy eaters😊

  2. I weigh biscuits; it ensures theres no undignified squabbling over the perceived biggest one and stops me eating the dough…looks pretty too. The garden looks like its enjoying the rain 😁

  3. The wet soil definitely looks good! We had rain on Sunday, but it only amounted to 2/10 of an inch, dang it.

    Re. your cookie weighing: have you tried using a cookie scoop? They work well if you want uniform cookies.

  4. Last night a storm passed over Belgium. Now we have rainy and windy weather. Not so nice for us but nature loves it, as it was becoming to dry already. Your biscuits look delicious. Yesterday we had pancakes for lunch 🙂
    It is a great idea to use those plastic bottles over the plants. You will surely see the difference.
    Have a nice day and take good care for the garden and the visiting birds.

  5. An hour of pedalling to nowhere, I envy you, that is dedication. I went to my first physio session this morning, and have been told to try to do twenty minutes a day for now, plus eight or so various strengthening exercises for the legs, every 72 hours. So I am feeling hopeful about getting some pedalling of the real kind i.e., out and about, tootling is the best way to describe it, sooner rather than later. In the meantime we are having intermittent showers of rain, sleet and hail, along with strong winds. May seem to have come in like a lion. Those ginger biscuits look all too scrumptious and would be gone in a trice here. Cheers.

    1. That sounds quite hopeful. I know that you don’t need any advice but here is some anyway – Don’t overdo it!!!

      Our weather is pretty rotten too but we needed the ran.

  6. I like the plastic bottle greenhouses. They seem to be working well. I am also glad to hear you had some rain, even though it could have been more. We got some yesterday evening. Could have been more, but it will make watering plantings a bit easier for a few days.

    1. The rain was very welcome and we got a little more today. We seem to be in a showery spell so perhaps we will get enough to get things properly damp.

  7. Loved all the bird photos with their many poses. The biscuits suit all who like an organised life and all who enjoy eating tasty biscuits! The plants will enjoy the rain and the robins will be able to find the worms more easily. Sunshine needed now!

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