Treacle and the end of a long wait

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. On one of his walks, he noticed that his dog had got a personal cloud.

There is only time for a brief post tonight as it has been a full day. Preparations for the visit of Matilda and her parents were in full swing and my first task was to do some vital shopping after breakfast.

I had time for a spot of dead heading and weeding and then Dropscone appeared for coffee bearing traditional Friday treacle scones.

After he went (with additional rhubarb), there was more preparation but also time for a quick walk round the garden. Some things stay the same…

…some things progress…

…and some things are still hanging about waiting for the weather to warm up.

Mrs Tootlepedal was busy cooking after lunch, so I watched the birds for while.

A goldfinch waited patiently for a gap in the siskins to appear.

…only to find that when it got to the feeder, that a redpoll arrived and took its place.

Then I went off for a quick walk just to stretch my legs. I crossed the river and went down to Skippers, and as the suspension bridge is thoroughly shut…

…I had to make a diversion over the town bridge before heading down river.

There were wild flowers to be seen on the river bank…

…and a less welcome visitor too.

The cool weather has been good for the lichen on the fence at Lands End…

…and finally, most of the trees are now well in leaf. I took a picture of Skippers Bridge surrounded by green as I passed the old distillery…

…and then, in the interest of balance, took a picture of the old distillery from Skippers Bridge.

Looking past the distillery, I could see that there was enough water in the river to tempt an angler to get his feet wet.

I took a picture of a tree beside the bridge…

…and in pursuit of another living metaphor, I can confirm that a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since I last crossed it.

On my way home up the other side of the river, I passed a magnificent bird cherry…

…there were more wild flowers were to be seen…

…and the bluebells and wild garlic put on a fine display when I got to the woods.

As a final bonus, I noticed that the aquilegia, which is sheltered against the back wall of the house beside the dam, had burst into flower.

Not long after I got back, our visitors arrived and we had a wonderful time catching up with them after a year apart. No negotiations over image rights have been conducted yet so whether the visit will be covered by images and words or just words is yet to be decided.

Matilda enjoyed drawing the birds on the feeder while I photographed them. We played Ludo and ran round the garden, and in general a good time was had by all . The sense of well being was enhanced by the appearance of Mrs Tootlepedal’s sticky toffee pudding at our evening meal.

With a bit of luck, we might get some better weather tomorrow and go for a family walk.

The flying bird of the day is a persistent redpoll.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Treacle and the end of a long wait

  1. How lovely for you both to see Matilda and her parents after will that time. I guess they were pretty happy too, especially Matilda for whom it must have seemed aeons.
    What is that large ‘less welcome’ visitor please?

    1. Must be the Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum). Its poisonous and you better don’t touch it.

    2. It causes shocking blisters on some people who are extra sensitive to it. My grandmother had one in her garden because she admired its stature in the background. It was not considered noxious then but I was warned to never touch it.

  2. Beautiful scenes and it is very good to know that your family has arrived. Enjoy every moment of this special time together.

  3. It is good to hear Matilda and her parents will be able to visit you again. I enjoyed teh photos from your day, especially the birds. The redpoll seems like he is ready to claim his spot at the feeder.

    Our rhodies are just beginning to open now. Hopefully the deer will leave them alone this year.

      1. They have nipped blossoms and broken branches in the past. I hope to grow them large enough to weather onslaught of tooth and antler.

  4. Lovely bright photos on a happy family day. The trees are really in leaf now and the woods look perfect with bluebells and garlic.

    1. We have nothing really to complain about as everywhere else seems to have been much more rainy than us….but we would still like a bit of warmth.

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