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Today’s guest picture gets my seal of approval. It comes from Venetia’s Highland holiday when she went to visit the Moray Firth at Burghead.

Summer continued in Langholm today. In fact it got hotter, reaching 27°C in mid afternoon. Under the circumstances, I thought that I ought to reverse my usual practice and do something useful in the morning, so as well as wandering about looking at the flowers, I sieved some compost before coffee.

The flowers were worth looking at, although it is not always the best policy to try to take flower pictures in bright sunlight. The warm weather had finally encouraged some flying visits to our roses which was encouraging.

In fact, it was quite difficult at times to find a rose which didn’t have a bee on it.

The first of the Shirley poppies has arrived and it was looking very bright.

Flowers have also appeared on the Stachys, the woolliest flower in the garden.

Margaret came round for coffee and we sat in the shade under the walnut tree again.

After coffee, I cycled round to the corner shop for supplies and when I got back, I spent some time dead heading and weeding.

I enjoyed some early flowers of the delphiniums . . .

. . . and then I turned my camera onto groups of flowers rather than single blooms.

The philadelphus on the right in that last picture will appear again later on in this post.

It got too hot to stay outside for long, and we went in for a bit of coolness and some lunch. There was crisp lettuce from the garden to go with my cheese and tomato sandwich.

After lunch, I went out again to see if I could catch a flying bird while sitting on the bench outside the kitchen window. I wasn’t quick enough and this siskin was firmly perched long before I clicked my shutter finger.

I looked at some white roses near the feeder instead . . .

. . . and finally found a bee visiting an astrantia.

By this time, it was too hot to be active outside, so I went in and watched today’s stage of the Tour de France. This turned out to be a good decision, as the stage had a thoroughly dramatic climax, with a breakaway rider caught by the peleton within yards of the finish line, and the stage victory going to Mark Cavendish, a rider whom many had written off years ago. As he has always been a favourite of ours, we were very pleased for him.

When the stage had finished, we had a cup of tea and then, as it had cooled down a bit, Mrs Tootlepedal went out into the garden, and I went off for a short cycle ride.

It was still pretty warm, so I was pleased to find myself cycling into a lightly cooling breeze as I cycled up the main road north out of the town to Mosspaul. My plan was to pedal gently up the hill to Mosspaul, stopping to take few pictures on the way, and then to whizz down the hill back to town with the wind behind me.

It is always good when plan comes to fruition. Here are the pictures on the way up.

And here is the picture looking south from the top of the hill at Mosspaul.

It may not be the best view of the ride as far as scenery goes, but from the point of view of cycling, it is perfect. It shows the start of ten and a half miles gently downhill with a following wind. It took me 33 minutes to get home!

When I arrived back, I found that Mrs Tootlepedal had been very busy while I was out. She had cleared a clematis away that was growing up through the middle of the philadelphus that appeared in this post earlier. She has been meaning to do this for ages, so she was very happy to have finally got it done.

The philadelphus looks a lot happier too.

My bicycle ride had been most enjoyable and it also had the benefit that I wasn’t able to watch the football match between England and Germany which was going on as I pedalled. I enjoy watching football from time to time but the incessant burbling of the commentariat before, during and after the game is often very hard to bear.

I had a last look round the garden in the evening sunshine.

An evening meal of cold meat, tomato and goat’s cheese salad, with some more lettuce from the garden, was a really good way to end a wonderful summer day.

I failed to get a flying bird at all today, so four blackbirds will take pride of place instead.

And the Queen of Denmark is the flower of the day.

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36 thoughts on “Making sense

  1. That wee house is entirely too close to the road for comfort – I’d be afraid a car would end up at the dining room table!

    The Queen of Denmark is absolutely overloaded with petals, and the soft pink is very beautiful.

    Right now we’re just a bit hotter than you (around 30, with a few more degrees coming later in the week), but luckily nowhere near the mid 40’s the western provinces are experiencing. I’m a happy camper when it’s mid to low twenties, so I’m very glad not to be living in the interior of BC right now.

    1. The little house is an old toll house so it had to be close to the road. But i agree, it would make me nervous to live in it now with 40 tonnes lorries going past.

      They report here that there are quite a few Canadian fatalities from the heat, which is a bit alarming.

      1. That is the case, I’m afraid. It’s very worrying to think about people living alone or without anyone to check in on them.

    1. The suggestion is that they came out early in a brief warm spell and then got clobbered by the endless frosts so there may have been quite a lot of dead bees.

  2. What a perfectly beautiful day you had! I had a day like Venetia’s with cloud and rain and coolness. My husband watches the football with the sound off because like you, he can’t stand most of the commentary. He went over to a friend’s house to watch the football this evening just like he used to do with his mates as a lad! We were pleased about Mark Cavendish’s win, too – Richard isn’t too keen on the current Tour commentators either!

    1. It depends on which channel you watch. We like David Millar as he can add real experience to his comments. And we appreciate that keeping talking for three or four hours requires a good deal of skill even if you don’t say anything very interesting.

  3. I like your “seal of approval”. 🙂

    I enjoyed all the photos from your day, from flowers, birds to views of the countryside. The Queen of Denmark is a beautiful specimen.

    27 C is warm for working outside, or biking, especially under a strong June sun.

  4. Your garden is realy beautiful now. I loved the panoramas you took on your way up the hill.
    The Tour de France becomes more and more a very dangerous event….. 😦

  5. We love looking at your flower photos. Occasionally, especially after you’ve mowed the lawn, you show a wider picture. We’d love to see photos of your entire garden more often.

  6. At the beginning of the tournament I decided I wasn’t going to watch any football as I don’t really like it and have better things to do. I did watch, and enjoy, the Switzerland v France penalty shoot-out but that’s all I’ve watched and all I intend watching. Looking at blogs of flowers is a far better way to spend my time. 🙂

  7. A lovely summer’s day with more activity than I could muster! Good to see some flying insects enjoying the roses and to see some of the pretty borders in the garden. Very clear views on your cycle ride- must be fun to whizz home down that hill.

  8. Really nice pedal that, taking advantage of the conditions so well. You are right on the button as far as football commentary is concerned, half of it is quite inane as far as I am concerned. ” England need a goal here ” has to be my favourite or perhaps ” England must not concede a goal here “. They get paid £1000’s for it. Bring back Kenneth Wolstenholme! I think it is laughable. Good to hear you’re enjoying the weather and still maintaining that wonderful tootling and blogging habit. Then you and Mrs T also have the garden looking fantastic. Cheers.

    1. The good weather has been very welcome for gardening and cycling but it is due to get a bit more streaky next week. Never mind, we need the rain.

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