Small outings

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony who was walking in the golden fields of East Wemyss today.

On our visit to Evie, we escaped the heavy rain that fell on other parts of London and the weather turned out to be much kinder today.

The sharp eyed Mrs Tootlepedal spotted a fox in the garden when we got up.

During the morning, I walked down to Evie’s nursery with her mother without any need for a coat.

Then I walked down to the tube station with Mrs Tootlepedal who was on her way to visit her mother with her brother. I took a picture of the clock tower near the station.

My third small excursion of the morning was to a well known low price supermarket to obtain some essential supplies.

As my daughter Annie was working from home, I had a bit of time on my hands which I was happy to spend doing nothing in particular. I did venture out into the garden and saw some insect action.

After lunch, she took a break from work and we walked round to her allotment where she put in some new plants and I did a little weeding and ate a couple of her strawberries.

We harvested done sweet peas, spinach, chard and beetroot . . .

As well as the veg, there were flowers to be seen, both at the allotment . . .

. . . and on Annie’s wall when we got home.

The sweet peas looked good in a jug.

Annie went back to working and I mowed the little front garden.

The day ended with the return of Evie from nursery and Mrs Tootlepedal from her visit. Mrs Tootlepedal’s railway journey was not without incident and at one moment she found herself on a train which half the passengers thought was going in one direction and half thought was going in the opposite direction.

Luckily, the confusion was sorted out before the train left the station!

We ate the veg from the allotment with our evening meal and tomorrow we hope to visit the allotment again.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

15 thoughts on “Small outings

  1. Those transportation conversations Mrs T found herself part of we found to be a London quirk. Everyone has an opinion and no one listens to the person who really should know. Hours of entertainment for us, but frustrating for those on a schedule

  2. Pleased that all the practice you have had mowing your lawn has been put to good use! Good work Dad! Good job the driver knew which way his train was going! Sounds like a really lovely get together with walks to the nursery, the tube station and the allotment and a sighting of a town fox- far too much excitement!

  3. We once had a litter of fox cubs born under our shed. Julia made me tidy the garden after that. As we aren’t in London this doesn’t have much to do with your fox.

      1. They do bring a lot of rubbish back with them, though the look on the kids’ faces when they saw we had fox cubs sunning themselves in the back garden was priceless.

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