Another visit to the allotment

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He passed this rural scene on his walk today.

The day here started with a trip with Evie to her nursery. As Annie lives in an area of London popular with Portuguese people, we were able to buy some very nice custard tarts from a Portuguese shop on our way home.

Later in the morning Mrs Tootlepedal and I went with Annie to her allotment where Mrs Tootlepedal helped with some skilled gardening and I laid about some unruly grass with zest. Fortunately, Mrs Tootlepedal and Annie spotted this visitor, hiding in the long grass . . .

. . . just before I got to it.

There were less welcome visitors there too

After lunch, Annie and I went out into her garden and I indulged my liking for dead heading and more grass slaughter.

We all went off to collect Evie from nursery and I took a few pictures on the way to give a flavour of the varied architecture we passed.

We had to pause for a moment when Annie went into a shop in search of pomegranites and Mrs Tootlepedal bravely sat under a very outstanding building.

In the early evening, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went across the road to visit Evie’s other grandparents who had kindly invited us for a drink and nibbles.

It was good to have a collection of grandparents assembled in one place and an hour passed by in a flash and we were late back for our evening meal.

We go back to Langholm tomorrow and we will miss Evie’s company a lot.

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17 thoughts on “Another visit to the allotment

  1. Well that brings back some memories, thanks.
    The “outstanding building” that Mrs T is sitting under, was once part of the Polytechnic of the South Bank, where I studied in the late 70s.
    Have a safe journey back home.

      1. Some yes, it was a lecture hall, I see it’s a theatre school now.
        I would walk past Stockwell bus garage on the way, so your photo of that also sparked a memory, but I had to resort to Wikipedia to remember the associated trivia. Apparently, when it was built (1952), it was the largest unsupported roof span in Europe!

  2. That’s a strange building under which Mrs Tootlepedal is bravely sitting.
    Hope your return journey is faster than the one coming down.

  3. I love custard tarts but Portuguese tarts are better still, I haven’t had one for ages now, and my waist measurement can attest to that fact. Had physio this morning which was very sore, but still making slow progress. Getting everything set up in the house for the knee bending exercises is a pain, followed by more pain actually trying to do them. I seem to mess up every room. Currently, sitting in a proper orthopedic chair, that I bought for her indoors when she had to have her hip replaced 15 years ago. The relief is tremendous and sitting in it releases the the tension in my sciatic nerve, thank goodness. Sitting for a long while has meant me having to, eventually, stand up with a very stiff left leg and knee. Hopefully, dragging this old chair back into use will stop that. I try not to sit too long, but watching the rugby on YouTube is my curse`, there are so many rugby test games going on all round the southern hemisphere this summer, from the Lions tour of South Africa, to the All Blacks playing France, Fiji and Tonga. I don’t dwell on the fact that so many spectators are involved, because none of it makes any sense to me, while this pandemic is causing havoc, around the globe, and especially in South Africa. Nor, I may as well add, the loosening of the rules here in the UK. Surely, it is too soon, and the various new rules contradict each other! Or is that me being off message? Cheers.

    1. I think that you are pretty well on message as far as I am concerned. I am glad that you have found a comfortable chair as that makes life a lot more bearable.

  4. Quite an eye opener of a walk to a nursery London style- so much to see and take in! Good news that there are local allotments and Portuguese tarts to enjoy! See you back in Langholm!

  5. I especially love the frog and snail photos. We don’t see many snails here, mainly just slugs, and they are big ones.

    I know the engineers have calculated all the forces involved, but I don’t think I would have the nerve sit under that overhang myself. 🙂

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