Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who found himself inside a kiln on a visit to a pottery museum.

After a couple of days of exciting excursions, I got no further from home than the parish church today. We cycled along to sing in the choir after breakfast with no hint of what the hymns for the day might be in advance. The choir only numbered five and we did our best to sing some unfamiliar hymns at sight.

We were in need of a good cup of coffee when we got home.

After coffee, Mrs Tootlepedal got to work indoors on preparation for impending visitors, and I did some tidying up in the garden, including dead heading, more pond clearing, and mowing the drying green, the greenhouse grass and the vegetable garden paths. I couldn’t help noticing that we had a lot of bees about again today with dahlias particular favourites . . .

. . . though other flowers got visitors too, and from different insects.

There are still no coloured butterflies in the garden, but I spotted two cabbage whites visiting the inulas . . .

. . . and I was pleased that two of them settled on neighbouring flowers at the same moment.

At lunchtime, I took a moment to watch the birds and found a goldfinch on the feeder.

There is evidence of more families of sparrows about in the garden, and the goldfinch soon found itself outnumbered.

There are still lots of blackbirds too, and as I spent a lot of the day in the garden, I met quite a few of them.

In the afternoon, I gave two of the espalier apples a bit of a prune to keep them under control. For once, I remembered to take a picture to show work in progress and work completed.

The prunings were cleared, shredded and added to compost bin A, which is getting rapidly filled up again after its recent emptying out.

Every now and again, I took a break from my tasks and looked at flowers. We have got a lovely dahlia with dark flowers. Unfortunately it grows in such a way as to keep its flowers hidden from the enquiring gaze as much as possible.

Other flowers are less shy.

Our human visitors arrived bang on schedule. Our granddaughter Matilda jhad kindly brought her parents down from Edinburgh to stay with us.

While the grown ups considered food and meals indoors, Matilda cycled round the garden under my watchful eye, getting the hang of the little bicycle which we keep in the garage for her. Today, the garden, tomorrow, the world . . . or at least the park.

Following a suggestion from our Matilda’s father Alistair, Mrs Tootlepedal roasted kohlrabi and courgettes from the garden along with tomatoes and onions from the shop to make a delicious accompaniment for pasta for our evening meal. As she had also made a chocolate cake for afters, we dined like royalty.

Matilda and her parents are with us for two weeks, so we have plenty of fun in store.

The flying bird of the day is one of the sparrow family . . .

. . . and the flower of the day is a new begonia.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Visitors

      1. Very cool here today (62ΒΊ F) and some heavy clouds. Nary a drop of rain! I’d even take rain during the day at this point!

  1. Enjoy the the two weeks with Matilda and family!

    The gardens look beautiful, as I fully expected. I especially enjoyed your blackbird portrait. This afternoon I watched the hummingbirds in the trumpet vine here. A good west wind was blowing, making the orange trumpets dance and sway. The poor hummer was having trouble aligning beak with the moving target. Bees were also having trouble flying into the hangar.

  2. Great news that Matilda has brought her parents to stay for a proper holiday, she will keep you on your toes! Your garden is looking particularly beautiful, well done the gardeners!

  3. Good to see all the bees enjoying themselves and the synchronised white butterflies make a great photo. How lovely to have the family stay- look forward to following a fortnight of fun and activity.

      1. I always enjoyed spending time with my grandparents when I was young, it is a grand sort of holiday to have. My kids liked staying with grandparents too, though I’m not convinced the grandparents found it particularly relaxing. πŸ™‚

  4. Somehow missed this last Sunday, the day I arrived for a music course in Glos, from which I have just returned.
    How lovely to have such a lovely long visit from Matilda and her parents.

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