Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia who is still in Cornwall. She wondered if tourists were entirely welcome at Porthleven harbour.

We had a curious day here in Langholm today. After a teaspoonful of overnight rain., it was grey, humid, still and warm. The whole day had the feel of the calm before the storm, as though something rather ominous was about to happen. As it turned out, nothing happened, it was an excellent day for drying the washing, and the day just went on being calm, grey and warm. Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that she is trying to get adjusted to the experience of seeing rain fall out of the sky during her stay in the south.

My morning was brightened by the arrival of Sandy for coffee, and by the arrival of fresh supplies of coffee beans and tea leaves in the post from my supplier in Carlisle.

When Sandy was leaving (with more runner beans), he noticed a green bottle fly feasting on a fallen plum on our lawn. I went and got my camera.

Then I combined dead heading, sieving compost and walking round taking pictures.

The starlings and blackbirds have eaten most of the berries on the rowan tree now, but they always seem to do it behind my back. This starling perched on the tree for a while but then flew off.

I had to go in because I had some very tedious business to do at my computer. Then I had a rather late lunch because an electrician turned up to repair our oven and two lights just as I was about to eat my tomato and lettuce sandwich.

While he was working, I had another walk round the garden. As well as the starlings eating the rowan berries, the nasturtiums are eating our kitchen window bench.

I caught a glimpse of a painted lady butterfly, but it saw me and flew off, The bees and small tortoiseshells are not so shy.

The bird feeder is hardly in demand at all in this spell of warm weather . . .

. . . and this was the only bird that I saw at it all day. It was ironic then that two large bags of bird food were delivered in the early afternoon.

Once I had got the bird food safely put away, I got changed into my newly washed and dried bicycling gear and went off for a pedal.

The wind was exceedingly light, not enough to turn the turbines of the Solwaybank windfarm as I went past. With the temperature just over 20°C (70°F), conditions were perfect for cycling and for the second day running, I managed to go a little faster than I had expected. It started to rain lightly as I left Langholm and I wondered if a thunderstorm was on its way, but by the time that I got to Callister and looked back . . .

. . . it had settled down to being grey and dry again.

There is not much in the way of flowers in the heavily mown verges at the moment, but I did see this sedum in a ditch as I came up to the hill on my way back past the windfarm.

And I thought that for once, the camera did show how the steep the hill that I was about to climb was.

Luckily, it is quite short and I was soon at the top.

Once there I found the truth of an old saying being demonstrated.

The road past the back of the windfarm is very undulating, with hardly a metre of flat road for several miles, so I am often quite pleased to stop on top of one of the little hills with the excuse of looking back to take a photograph.

When I got home, I found that the busy bees were busy as ever . . .

I have been doing a little watering and it is good to see that Mrs Tootlepedal’s lettuce bed has gone from this . . .

. . . to this . . .

. . . in three weeks. (Notice how Mrs Tootlepedal’s special friends, the sparrows, sit on the plank at the edge of the bed and peck the lettuce leaves.)

I will be doing some pecking of my own soon.

I wandered around taking a few more flower pictures . . .

. . . and noted that the insects like the dahlias as much as I do.

As I hadn’t been able to catch a flying bird at the feeder through the window, I spent some time in the garden trying to catch a passing flying bird (failed) . . .

. . . or get a half decent picture of a flying insect (failed again).

I gave up and went in and cooked my evening meal, making use of the newly repaired oven.

Although it matched the very grey day quite well, as this was my best flying bird of the day . . .

. . . I thought that I ought to put in a flower of the day too, just to end the post on a better note.

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. The road through the trees is a beautiful scene. Landscapes seem to be calling to me lately.
    The corner sunflower and dahlia in the six frame panel are also beautiful. Actually all the flowers are.
    It looks like you have a few salads and sandwiches in your future with all that lettuce. It’s a good looking crop.

  2. A galley of lovely photos that bring a smile and pleasant thoughts. I agree, I love tree-lined roads, where the trees almost form a tunnel when in leaf. They bring back many pleasant memories of where I grew up. I used to walk, and run, on roads like those.

    The horse looks like he has had much practice is getting greener grass on the other side of the fence.

    I won’t even think about starting fall greens for a few weeks. Still too dry, and hot, though that is suppose to change soon.

  3. The peeking sheep in the header are wonderful!

    Mrs. T’s second crop of lettuce is far more advanced than mine, which is unlikely to produce more than a small salad before frost hits.

  4. The panels of flowers with accompanying flying creatures is wonderful followed by an idyllic scene of a country treelined road- they made my day and hope you had a good day too taking them all.

  5. As always, I envy you your tootling around and about the border country, but that short, sharp hill you negotiated reminded me of my nemesis stretch of commute just before Aberdulais It became, and still is, a mental thing for me. Then that horse adhering to the lines of a very old well known saying, which made me think also about the Petula Clark song, which doesn’t lyricise “the grass is always greener”, as I first recollected, but “the sun is brighter on the other side”. Hope you saw her indoor’s rose I posted Facebook messenger, which continues to thrive beautifully. The rain has poured down here in short and long bursts for the past couple of days, but as yet very little impact on the water levels of our famous waterfall country hereabouts. I went, rather timorously, to my knee manipulation op yesterday. But had a very pleasing outcome. My surgeon and physiotherapist examined said joint and how well I could move it, and immediately came to the conclusion there was no need to carry out the procedure, and I was allowed to go straight home……A MASSIVE PHEW!!! Since I had seen the surgeon at our previous appointment, when the decision was made that I needed to have it done, things have improved considerably. Thanks to my efforts on the bike to nowhere, my sportneer and the work of my trio of physiotherapists, Lily, Ayesha, and Jo. I believe that the improvement came as a result of my mind being focussed on the dreaded MANIPULATION. I’ve had a couple of sessions on the bike to nowhere already today, and I am able to now place the ball of my left foot on the pedal and pedal almost normally. It is a fabulous relief. I have to say though I do have some fears about actually getting back on my beloved Pioneer, because of a fear of falling off. Currently, I am also quite fearful about slipping on wet surfaces while walking. I hope, it’s all in the mind, just like my nemesis of a hill, and the thought of that manipulation. As of tomorrow, I am full time at work, so 12 hour shifts from now on, plus overtime. I am going to have my work cut out to fit in the Swytchbike conversion to my Pioneer. Still it’s really great that I can have a go and know that I will be able to ride it, because I was having nightmares that my new knee might not allow me to. Keep on tootling, cheers.

    1. Excellent news about your knee and I hope that it continues to respond to treatment and exercise. I hope that the twelve hour shifts won’t cause it too much trouble.

      Hills are very much in the mind, I agree. Some days, you can whistle up them, and on others they seem interminable.

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