Tootling business but no pedal

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. It shows that even a parked drilling rig looks golden in East Wemyss.

We woke up (rather late) to a chilly, but bright and calm morning. It had been my intention to go out for an after breakfast cycle ride if I got up early enough and it wasn’t too cold. This plan failed on both counts (2°C at nine o’clock), and as I had to go to Carlisle at eleven o’clock, I spent some quiet time reading the newspapers until I drove off.

I met fellow recorder group member Jenny in Carlisle. We had arranged with our late friend Roy’s daughter Anna to visit his house and collect as much of his enormous collection of recorder music as was suitable for our group. He had been our librarian for many years. We decided to take only quartets and quintets but even that involved 20 box files of music and it took us some time to sort them out, carry them downstairs and then load them into our cars. We took half the collection each. We were very grateful to Anna for her help.

I got home in time for a late lunch and then had a look at the time. The day was still fine but the clock had beaten me, and I was too late to go for a cycle ride. I put on my boots and went for a short walk instead, intending to take some sunshine and shadow pictures as I climbed up a hill. Needless to say, the sky clouded over just as I set out.

I have recently walked up Timpen, Whita and Castle HilIs, and I decided to round things off today with a visit to the top of Warbla, the last of the four hills surrounding our town. It was chilly so I walked as briskly as my legs would carry me, stopping now and again for a picture. There is still plenty of fungus about

The sun was illuminating distant hills . . .

. . . while I headed up a gloomier path.

When I looked back over the town, I could see the ridge that I had walked along yesterday.

The light was remarkably dull, and as it was getting chillier, I didn’t linger at the top of the hill, but looked ahead to my route down the other side.

I had a quick look down to the valley below . . .

. . . and found that as I went down the hill, rather annoyingly, the sun was still out over there.

I bobbled across the tussocky hillside, doing my best not to put a foot in a bog or fall over.

I managed to achieve both these modest aims, and was soon looking down at the last stretch of the hillside, with the track down to Skippers Bridge below me.

The hillside was generously sprinkled with small fungi.

I paused to admire a fine tree when I got to the track . . .

. . . and then headed down to the river.

The autumn colour is holding up surprisingly well but the sun was behind the hill now, and my camera could hardly see the trees. As I went across the bridge and looked back, I got my phone out to see if it could do any better.

I was impressed.

I didn’t dawdle on my way home. It was too dark for views, even for my phone, and it was getting quite nippy by this time.

I got back with just enough light left to search for floral survivors in the garden . . .

. . . and get a dim view of coal tits and blue tits visiting the bird feeder.

Although it was very good to collect the music, it was a pity that it came bang in the middle of calm and generally sunny day which I thus wasn’t able to make good use of. The forecast says that it should be quite fine for the next two days though, and I hope be able to get out on my bike as long as it is not too cold for safe pedalling.

Mrs Tootlepedal got some useful garden tidying done while I was out walking, so she was happy.

I catalogued the first of the boxes of recorder music before I wrote this post. I will try to do one each night.

The flying birds of the day are a pair of rooks skimming over the garden on the way to their evening roost.

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23 thoughts on “Tootling business but no pedal

  1. I am glad at least some the recorder music collection will live on in good hands. I am sure that would please Roy.

    I enjoyed all the photos from the day. The last colorful flowers of the season are still performing in spite of the cold and gloom. They have had good care!

  2. I liked the view of the valley with its colorful foliage.
    My phone also brightens up scenes and it even has night sight but since I have to get up so early, I’ve never tried it. I have quite a list of things to do after retirement.
    I like that lone tree too. It looks like one of our oaks, which are doing the same thing right now.

    1. I have tried the night setting on my phone once or twice but it is another of the many things that I am going to get round to understanding properly one day.

  3. Wemyss! I’ve just discovered that it’s pronounced ‘Weems’! From this:

    I’ve been slowly working through this couple’s mission to visit all the main line railway stations in the UK. (Or perhaps it’s GB – I shall find out when I get to the end. They’ve already done all of E and W.) Usually they spend no time talking about the actual station, but Wemyss Station, deservedly, gets celebrity attention. What a treasure!

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