Another birthday

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Caroline. She saw this fishy sculpture beside the sea, and, in a sign of the times, she tells me that it is entirely filled with plastic rubbish picked up from the beach.

It was Mrs Tootlepedal’s birthday today. She is a remarkable person, and has now been sixty years old nineteen times.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, a large bunch of flowers arrived at the house.

There was not a lot of time for us to hang about ruminating on advancing years. I started the day with a visit to the health centre for routine treatment, and Mrs Tootlepedal went off to have coffee with her ex-work colleagues in the Buccleuch Centre. While she was there, I entertained Dropscone to coffee and scones (provided by the scone master himself.)

I found a moment to check on the birds and the state of the garden. The day had started off with rain but it cleared up as the morning went on.

And then I went along to the Buccleuch Centre to pick Mrs Tootlepedal up in the car. We drove up to the White Yett, and parked just past the cattle grid. We were not the only ones there, as a good group of volunteers for the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve had arrived to cut down more of the self seeded and unwanted spruces. The best of them were going to be given to the inhabitants of Eskdaill Street to be used in their Street Christmas Tree Competition.

We had expected to get wet and to be blown about, but the sun was shining and we were protected from the worst of the wind by the hill behind us. The moor was looking lovely . . .

. . . and the volunteers worked hard.

It didn’t take us too long to cut the thirty or so trees that were needed, and Kat, our leader was on hand with cups of restorative hot Ribena, as some of us gathered at the roadside to relax.

We got home in time for lunch, and then the ever energetic Mrs Tootlepedal went out again, this time to join a bunch of fellow embroiderers at a meeting of the ‘In Stitches’ group.

Not wanting to waste a sunny afternoon, I went out for a short walk while she was gone. I have used galleries as I took too many pictures. Click on a small gallery picture for a better view if you wish.

The wind was strong and very chilly, but it was still a lovely day as I headed up to the Lamb Hill.

The chief reason for choosing this route was to get a look at the tree felling which has been going on behind the rugby club. They had been very thorough!

As I continued on up the road towards the moor, I was not short of subjects for my camera . . .

. . . and I was passed by Daniel and his trailer. He was carrying a load of our cut spruce trees down to the town.

I got as far as the group of pine trees at Hillhead . . .

. . . before I left the road and walked along the hill towards the golf course and the Kirk Wynd.

Here, the weather changed. The wind blew stronger now, and a front brought some clouds up to smother the sunshine. The town looked a bit gloomy tucked in the valley below, and the clouds looked threatening.

I wouldn’t say that I quickened my pace, but I definitely stopped looking for photo opportunities with quite so much enthusiasm, and put my mind to getting home.

Only a gate with a view stopped me on the way down the hill.

I was home before Mrs Tootlepedal, and we had a cup of tea when she got back. The weather had got more threatening, so I took the hint and sat at my computer and added another box of recorder music to my catalogue. Susan and I brought back five more boxes of quartets from Jenny’s last night, so there is plenty of cataloguing still to be done. And Jenny still has more quintets at home.

Family phone calls, a sibling zoom and a light evening meal were still to come.

In the evening, we rounded off the special day with a visit from our friends Mike and Alison. While Mike and Mrs Tootlepedal caught up on all the news, Alison and I played recorder and keyboard duets with great enjoymen, and quite often with the right notes in the right order too. This created a pleasing effect.

As I write this, the wind is whistling round the house, and the lights have gone off once. Luckily they came back on straight away, but I hope that I can get this post published before they go again. We are only on the edge of the storm, so others must be having a torrid time.

The flying bird of the day is a coal tit, not a great picture, but a change from chaffinches.

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41 thoughts on “Another birthday

  1. Now you’ve done it – what on earth will you come up with next year to top this year’s tree-felling birthday celebrations? Birthday wishes to the marvellous Mrs T!

  2. As I read this, 400 miles south of the birthday couple, the wind is whistling round the house. Even though they are safe inside, the cats are very nervous.

  3. A very original work of art but at the same time very sad to see all the rubbish floating in the sea…
    It was clearly a very nice (but cold and windy) day for a walk. I really enjoyed it again thanks to your many photos.

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. Tootlepedal !!!

  4. Indeed a remarkble person is this Attila the gardener, decorator, stitcher, coordinator. May there be many more returns of the sixties.

  5. Wishing Mrs. T a happy birthday! She is a remarkable, very talented person, and is an inspiration to me. She works harder than many people half her age.

    Those views of the moor and countryside are breathtaking. I like these, as it gives the reader a broader feel of the land surrounding Langholm. What a beautiful place you live in!

    One of the farmers I knew from Market was still building barns at 89 years old.

  6. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Tootlepedal! I like how you count, I shall have to try that every time I re-turn sixty. What a beautiful morning to be out, thanks for documenting it so well. The tall pines are striking.

    1. Mrs T was a bit staggered to find how long ago it was since she first turned sixty. I love that little patch of pines. I will have to go to check whether they managed to withstand our gale from last night.

      1. I just saw your last post – what devastation! The irony of the contrast between the outing to take down trees and what the storm wrought occurred to me…

  7. Happy Birthday to Mrs T who well deserves that bunch of beautiful flowers. Love the pine tree photos – very Clarice Cliff style. The wind blew over our beech tree last night…so sad!

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