Just not getting the picture

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. He turned away from his usual lovely views to catch a bit of the local wild life today. It is a buzzard.

Thanks to circumstances and forgetfulness, I only took one picture today, making this a most unusual day for me.

It was quite an interesting day in spite of remaining unillustrated.

It started with a visit from Dropscone for coffee. As he brought some of his good scones with him, it didn’t matter that all the parkin had mysteriously disappeared. He tells me that quite a few trees have been knocked over on the golf course. Some golfers are pleased as trees often eat golf balls.

After Dropscone left, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went up to the bird hide on the moor to join another two volunteers in cleaning up the area round the hide, and putting out some bird food for the first time for ages. I would have taken a picture or two of the fungus that was to be seen on all sides if only I had remembered to bring my camera with me. On a normal day, I would have had my phone with me as a back up, but my phone died yesterday so it was at home.

When we had filled a new feeder with seed and hung it up, it took a robin about two minutes to find it.

After the clean up was completed, Mrs Tootlepedal went off with Kat and another volunteer to store a heap of plastic tree guards and stakes in a shed at Cronksbank, while I headed for home. Mrs Tootlepedal told me later that the plans for storing the stuff in the shed would have gone a lot better if the shed had not been completely blown down in the recent gale. Now we will probably go up and collect the previously stored stuff from the surrounding field and put it in another shed (which didn’t blow down).

I had to go home early as I had an appointment at the phone shop in Carlisle to try to get my phone brought back to life. I suspected a failed battery. I must give credit to the phone company for their efficient online appointment system, and for having enough staff on hand to deal with customers who wanted urgent appointments.

I got to the shop on time, and was seen promptly. The young lady took my phone into the back room, saying that she would plug it into a charger and see what happened. She came back to tell me that the phone was charging well and would soon be back in working order. It turns out that my charger was at fault and not my phone. I had tried it on Mrs Tootlepedal’s charger yesterday but when it didn’t immediately show a result, I took it off again. It turns out that if I had left it a few minutes longer, it would probably have started charging, and I would have been saved forty miles of driving and a photo free afternoon.

To be fair, the afternoon wasn’t entirely photo free as I took this single picture with my slightly recharged phone as I walked back to the car.

When I got home, I made another parkin to cheer myself up. This one is not overcooked, but it does sag in the middle. More work is needed on improving my parkin skills. It tastes good though, so I am happy to continue eating my experiments.

In the evening we had a zoom with my siblings, and later on, our friends Mike and Alison came round for music and conversation. Alison and I played the music, and Mrs Tootlepedal and Mike had the conversation.

Unsurprisingly, there is no flying bird of the day today. I shall try to do better tomorrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Just not getting the picture

  1. Keeping in mind that I don’t know a thing about buzzards, I find it interesting that this one seems to be hunkering down into its legs in the same way that Mr. Grumpy does.

  2. I’m guessing a day without having to take photos might not have been all that bad. As I told my brother recently, having a nature blog is like having a pet. You have to feed it.
    Your phone did a great job on the red berries. I struggled with three cameras trying to get a good shot of red berries recently and failed.
    I’m glad you’re still able to have visitors like Dropscone over. We’re heading the other way again.

  3. How pleasing to have found a simple solution to your phone problem; I take my hat off to you both for volunteering with the clean up and hope that the day will arrive when more local residents feel moved to do the same.

    1. We have had as many volunteers as we needed at the moment. Bigger tasks will come and we will see what the appetite for getting cold and wet is then.

  4. I am glad it was the charger and not the phone.

    Having music and conversation in the evening at home again sounds wonderful. What happened to Luke, your student?

    1. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him to talk to since the start of lockdown last year. He has left school and is in employment now so he might not have time to come and play when things loosen up.

  5. Great picture of the buzzard from Tony.
    Sorry to hear about the damage to the shed and the contents of your previous volunteering blown everywhere.

  6. Sorry about the unnecessary journey to Carlisle but glad the phone is OK. Very annoying that the shed blew over and the wind scattered its contents far and wide.

  7. The only time I’ve ever used my phone for photography was when I forgot to charge my camera battery. I had to work out how to use it. You have my sympathy.

  8. Less is more sometimes! Two great photos to really enjoy and take time to look at properly. Good to read that your phone is now up and running, the birds are fed, the shed needs work and your cooking skills are even more impressive than usual.

    1. That is a low bar for my cooking skills in general. I am more enthusiastic than competent. (Except for porridge and ginger biscuits where I know what I am doing.)

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