Rising above myself

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She saw light at the end of a tunnel and found that it was a canal.

My cold improved slightly today, and I felt a good deal perkier. The weather did not respond and was chilly and misty . . .

. . . and the view from the garden when I went out to have a look did not encourage further exploration.

A spider had been busy spinning a web between the door of the car and a wing mirror . . .

. . . and I thought that it was worth a closer look.

The new position of the bird feeder under the plum tree is continuing to attract more birds to the garden. Without there being a big rush, I had a steady supply to keep me entertained through the morning, although the poor light made taking good pictures of them a little tricky.

It was good the see every perch on the feeder in use, and other birds in the tree above and on the lawn below.

I like blue tits so much that I gave a couple of them a separate panel of their own . . .

. . . and we even had enough birds to start a fight . . .

. . . though not enough light to take a good picture of the action.

When I wasn’t watching the birds, I spent the morning preparing the next newsletter for the Langholm Initiative, and it should be published soon. While I crouched over my computer, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help with the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve volunteers. The group put up about thirty bird boxes beside the Tarras Water. A trail camera had been left there, and when they looked at the card on the return to the office, they saw very good pictures of an otter.

Mrs Tootlepedal had left a pot of broth simmering on the cooker when she went out, and it provided me with such a nourishing lunch that when I had finished a bowl of it, I put on my shoes and drove up to the White Yett to see if I could rise above the mist.

I could.

I parked the car at the MacDiarmid memorial car park, and walked up the track to the monument into a blinding sun.

I had my pocket camera with me and took pictures on my way up . . .

. . . and when I got to the top, the view was impressive, with the mist stretching up the Esk valley as far as I could see.

I had rushed up the hill, fearful that the sun might clear the mist away, but at 1°C it was cold enough to keep the mist over the town all day, and it was still there when I got back home.

It was beautiful on top of Whita . . .

. . . and on the other side of the hill, the moor and the Tarras Valley were mist free . . .

. . . so Mrs Tootlepedal and the other volunteers had enjoyed the sun while they worked.

Looking to the south, a small sea of mist spread out into England.

I was very pleased to have made the effort to get up the hill, and my cold was improved enough to let me walk up the hill without trouble.

I looked around for a while . . .

. . . and then headed back down to the car before I got chilled.

The mist did not extend up the Ewes Valley.

I stopped the car on the way down the hill and took a last picture in the sunshine . . .

. . . before plunging back into the murk.

I found Mrs Tootlepedal back from her volunteering and busy making gingerbread to a Mary Berry recipe. She had been inspired by a snack which group leader Kat had handed out to the bird feeder workers.

I had a couple of my home made date rolls while we were waiting for the gingerbread to cool, and then we gave the gingerbread a good test. I don’t think I will have lost any weight today, to say the least.

I did a little more work on the newsletter and then looked out of the window. The hills were hidden by the mist but to my surprise, I could see the moon in the sky above them. It is two days until the moon is completely full, but I thought that this was a good effort.

We finished the day with a sibling Zoom.

I took a lot of flying bird pictures in the morning but the light was so poor that I have put four of them together to make a composite flying bird of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

43 thoughts on “Rising above myself

  1. Like todays header page..that’s a really sturdy looking bench.
    Great shots from above the mists along the valleys,well worth the climb to capture them.
    A good walk is the best antidote there is to all the doom and gloom around at the moment.

  2. Was pleased to see the video of that otter – one if my very favourite creatures – on the TVNR’s Facebook page today.
    No doubt you’ll receive dozens of compliments on those misty pictures, so you don’t need mine.😉

  3. The misty pictures turned out well, so it was worth the trip. Low light bird photography also produced some good shots. All in all, you seem to have made a good day from unpromising material. Do I sense signs of a positive outlook?

    1. I am always positive, though I admit that I am sometimes positively miserable. . . .mostly when I contemplate the political scene and the failure of anyone to hold the government to account.

      1. The older the get, the more I realise that politicians will always be a disappointment. I am now voting Green or, in the case of Police Commissioners, spoiling my ballot papers with the words “Waste of time and money.” It is a small rebellion, but it makes me feel better.

      2. I generally vote green in UK and Scottish elections unless an obvious tactical opportunity comes my way. The first past the post voting system is a real stinker and I am very sorry that the lib dems made a mess of the referendum on it in 2011. Unforgivable.

      3. (I’m not convinced that any voting system is much good as all it does is elect more politicians. I was thinking of standing as an Independent on a platform of “Sleaze and Indolence” but rapidly realised that only my honesty set me apart from all the others.

      4. I have met several politicians whom I liked and even admired. I don’t approve of the general denigration of politicians as it leads to unscrupulous press barons being able to get away with murder.

      5. They are often quite affable in person but let you down later. As fro Press Barons – I have withdrawn from the world and try to avoid the news. Not a great attitude – but it works for me.

  4. The misty pictures are lovely, and I would very much like to be able to sit on that bench in the header photo.

  5. Musiewild is right about you receiving compliments about the photographs of the mist. I happily add mine for you have transported us to a magical world with them – I like all of them!

  6. cannot but concur to above posts. Stunning pictures (but how could that be other in this wonderful landscape)

  7. A beautiful selection of birds at the new feeder site. I enjoyed all the photos from your day, especially the views above the winding lake of mists in the low areas.

    I enjoyed your moon shot, too. It was overcast and rainy last night and we have been getting steady rain today.

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