Even greyer

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia, my Somerset correspondent. She had a hint of solstice sunshine in Glastonbury this morning.

We didn’t even have a hint of sunshine here, as it was sub zero and grey when we got up, and it took until midday for the temperature to climb up to 0°C.

A welcome visit from Margaret for coffee and a ginger biscuit was the only thing that disturbed a quiet morning in. Oddly enough, there was not even a suspicion of icy roads outside, and after coffee both Mrs Tootlepedal and I cycled off on various shipping tasks.

From time to time, I watched the birds. I was happy to see the feeder being quite well used. The jackdaws are back pecking at the lawn again. I spotted this one doing a little strutting between pecks.

It was so gloomy that it was sometimes hard to tell what sort of bird was on the feeder . . .

. . . but enough arrived to make me refill it after coffee, and subsequently a robin arrived and brightened up the day.

A coal tit was less obliging about posing for the camera.

It wasn’t really a day for spending too much time trying to get good bird shots, but I was happy to see chaffinches, siskins and goldfinches tucking in.

I dug up a couple of leeks and made leek and potato soup for lunch.

It was a calm day, so in spite of the chilly temperature, I decided to go for a walk after lunch. This decision was rescinded almost as soon as it was made, because as I was putting my thick socks on, I could hear rain pattering on the Velux windows. If there had been enough light to take some interesting pictures, I might still have gone out, but poor light, steady rain and low temperatures did not make an enticing prospect. I laid aside my thick socks and did a puzzle in the newspaper instead.

We brought the spruce tree which we had cut on the moor yesterday into the house, and it magically transformed from an unwanted environmental interloper into a lovely Christmas tree.

I am hoping that it might get a little added ornamentation as time goes on.

I did rouse myself enough to spend an hour on the bike to nowhere in the garage, buoyed up by a nonnette de Dijon which had just arrived in a hamper of French goodies sent to us by our younger son.

As our older son has sent us a hamper too, we will not be short of interesting things to eat over the festive season.

Mrs Tootlepedal has finished arranging her birthday flowers, so to add a little colour to an otherwise grey post, I took pictures of the three vases. One of them has flowers which have lasted from last month.

A Zoom with my siblings rounded off the active part of the day. A look at the weather forecast suggests that tomorrow might be even gloomier than today, a thing which I did not think was possible. Still, there are several more nonnettes in the packet, so I may find a way to pass the time indoors.

A chaffinch hovered at the feeder for just long enough for me to get an almost passable flying bird of the day.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

28 thoughts on “Even greyer

  1. Good to read that you poor old people are getting suitable food parcels from your children, enjoy. I loved your portrait of the robin, a very cheery sight.

  2. Birthday flowers, a tree and baskets of goodies will brighten the darkest days. It was good to see a jackdaw again, as well as a nice selection of birds at the feeder.

    It has been raining here pretty much all day.

      1. It was a perfect specimen to decorate for some Christmas cheer. I have to confess to being much too lazy to bring one into the house. After all we are pretty much surrounded by evergreens of many shapes and sizes. Several nearby that could easily be 3 or 4 times the height of the house. Them I try not to think about when some of the stronger winds rattle the house. 😉

      2. It wasn’t a big task to get the tree and we are very pleased with the result. Hopefully, if the volunteers continue to do their work, it won’t be so easy to find an unwanted spruce on the moor next year.

  3. Your christmas tree will surely need some decorations. Here unsold christmas trees are given to the zoo elephants as food – Do you have elephants nearby?

  4. I’d say you made the best of a bad day – you can see the water puddling in the shots through the windows. The tree is lovely as well as being off the moor and saving you from digging up your usual. Also – everything looks better when framed by full book cases!

  5. Lovely Christmas tree and robin to brighten your grey day. It seems we’ve all been receiving wonderful hampers- such well brought up children! The flowers seem to be the present that keeps on giving such pleasure- for everyone to enjoy.

  6. Still on my break, and you are still talking about ginger biscuits, potatoe and leek soup, and despite not knowing what a nonnette de dijon is, I am starving! I failed miserably with the mechanicking this morning, so I’m still in that rut!! The local bike shops don’t want to know about conversion jobs and only want to sell a new electric bike to me. They are not cheap either. I will press on and try and get past the problem. Whoops back to the coal face. Cheers.

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