Greyer yet and greyer

Today’s guest picture shows that the greyness was nationwide. My sister Mary had this view over London when she went for her walk today.

The weather surpassed itself here today by producing the greyest day yet. It was a little warmer though, and not very windy at all so it could have been worse. All the same, we had a very quiet morning. Margaret came for coffee, and we made broth for lunch and somehow managed to fill in the rest of the time without disturbing anything or anyone. I did shift myself to enter more of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database so the unwelcome weather is doing some good.

I was talking to my brother-in-law on the phone when a sparrowhawk flew into the garden, gave me a hard stare through the window, and flew off again. The new position for the feeder gives the little birds more of a chance to see the hawk coming, and they escaped unscathed.

After lunch, I put on my walking socks, my waterproof trousers and my boots, picked up an umbrella and went for a gloomy walk.

It was gloomy as I went along the track towards Skippers Bridge in the rain.

A horse was taking what shelter it could find under an old oak tree.

I crossed the bridge . . .

. . . and took the road down the river on the other side.

A bit of brightness was brought to the walk by generous amounts of lichen on fallen branches.

When they road turned to go up the hill to Broomholm, I took the path up Jenny Noble’s Gill. The day hadn’t got any less gloomy . . .

. . . but some storm damaged branches had made a neat archway over the path beside the field.

Once I got into the woods, the paths got rather muddy and I had keep my eyes on where I was going rather than look about for items of interest. As a result, all I took were some more gloomy pictures . . .

. . . though the misty background let this oak stand out more than it would usually.

Nature had added some sparkling baubles to the trees . . .

. . . and there was subdued colour in the leaves on a beech sapling . . .

. . . along with some artificial cheeriness when I got back to human habitation.

Once my feet were on more solid ground, I could look about. I saw fungus on old tree trunk . . .

. . . and an elegant door in a wall. . .

. . . which came as a surprise to me. Either it is new or I haven’t being paying enough attention lately.

It didn’t rain hard, but it did rain all the time that I was out, so I was quite pleased to get home. On my way in, I noticed that the birds have not eaten all of our cotoneaster berries yet.

While I had been out, Mrs Tootlepedal had been busy . . .

. . . but she assures me that more fairy lights are required.

I settled down and entered some more of our stock of recorder music onto my spreadsheet. I have done 17 boxes and have only 2 left to go. I have revised the entries so that the sheet can be sorted by composer, instrumentation, and box number. All that is left now is to find another player for the group so that we can play the quintets as well as the quartets.

I was looking idly at my WP statistics yesterday, and found that I have already inflicted 300,722 words on patient readers this year. This has come as a bit of a shock, so I will stop this post here.

It was far too dim for a flying bird today.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

34 thoughts on “Greyer yet and greyer

  1. We are also full of gloomy grey weather but yours always looks better in your photographs. The fallen tree arch over the path is spectacular. …My hawthorn berries never got eaten this year.

  2. I am most impressed with your progress sorting the recorder music, and especially by the fact that you have indexed it so thoroughly.

    I agree with Lisa – your gloomy weather always looks better than ours when we see your photographs! (‘the grass is always greener’ effect?)

  3. Beautiful Christmas tree, I am glad you shared it decorated. Love that old elegant door! I liked the lighted return path, almost a little magical for this time of year. 🙂

    1. I was offered a string of 50 metres of Christmas lights when I went to buy a few more for our Christmas tree today, but I turned this tempting offer down.

  4. I love misty days like that. We don’t see enough of them here.
    London looks a bit smoggy, but maybe it was just fog.
    The Christmas tree looks better every day. I always tried to get a shot of ours with only the tree lights on but it didn’t often work.

  5. You have taken us on an interesting tour despite your misty, moisty conditions. I hope that you will enjoy more natural light on Christmas Day.

  6. I liked the picture of the horse looking rather gloomily out from the shelter of the tree.
    Mrs T has done a grand job with the tree decoration.

  7. The grey weather has set in here too. Seems like we’re all going to have a damp and grey time this festive season. Never mind, I’m sure we’ll all make it shine in our own ways.

  8. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022 to you and Alison. As they say on Strictly ” keep blogging”.

  9. There are many things of beaut to photograph on a grey day, and you have managed to catch them. I enjoyed all these photos, and the words. The lichens seem to be enjoying the rain.

    The sparrow hawk must have you on a list now for having moved the bird feeder.

  10. I love all those misty trees and the ‘sparkling baubles’ too. Quite a splendid door hidden away- wonder where it leads! Very thoughtful of the council(?) to put those lights along the path way- it looks attractive. Still room for plenty more words before the end of the year- keep going!

      1. Sadly it rained most of the day but we were cheered by Facetime calls with the family
        from Canada and UK…so all good!

  11. A gloomy walk maybe, but definitely interesting. The storm that built an arch, and nature providing baubles, brilliant stuff. I’am afraid my Tardis is slowing down as I’ve only got up as far as your Christmas eve. My communications with SwytchBike have, perhaps, demonstrated their universal wheel hub, is not so universal? Which means I have wasted the last so many weeks achieving nothing in the way of converting my Pioneer to an E-bike. Went for a good walk myself today, nowhere in your league, only 6000 steps. Found a flat route in Ystradgynlais free of frost and moss and took several shots of some beautiful trees. I will forward the ones I feel are the best. My walk was in beautiful sunshine, which goes to show the future is bright lol. Cheers.

    1. I am glad that you got a sunny day for your walk. The bike situation sounds very dispiriting. I hope that you sort it out in the end. I look foward to seeing a tree or two.

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