Chasing a sunbeam

Today’s cheerful guest picture comes from my erstwhile Australian correspondent Stephen. He has been translated into a New Zealand correspondent now, and is currently visiting Muriwai Beach, a coastal community on the west coast of the Auckland Region in the North Island. He sent this picture to my sister Susan, who kindly passed it on to me.

The weather looked more promising today, and when I walked up the hill to visit Sandy for coffee, I could look back over Langholm at Whita and see a town and hill both bathed in sunshine.

Sadly, the sunshine didn’t last as long as two cups of coffee and a very welcome catch up, and by the time that I left Sandy’s house, the sun had departed too.

At the bird feeder, the chaffinches did their best to keep me happy. One signalled wildly to catch my attention . . .

. . . while others made sure that I got a variety of views.

Although there wasn’t much wind, it still felt fairly cold at 5°C, so I was happy to waste a little time on a crossword, followed by soup and a cold meat sandwich, before I put on my cycling clothes and went off for a bike ride.

I was hoping to catch some sunshine on my way round the 26 mile Crossdykes windfarm circular route, but it took me eleven miles to catch up with a small gap in the clouds. Even then, only a single field was illuminated . . .

. . . and as I headed up the valley of the Water of Milk, the clouds sealed off the sun again.

On the other side of the river, an optical illusion made it look to me as though a tree was growing out of a ruined cottage . . .

When I got to the head of the valley, I finally caught up with a genuine bit of sunshine. It brought out some intriguing patterns in a field.

For a moment, it was a lovely winter’s day, and although the wind was turning the turbines, it was light enough neither to be a great help or hindrance on my ride.

I had a fellow cyclist with me whom I had not seen for some time.

Once again, though, the sun turned out to have no staying power. It had vanished before I had gone another mile and started the run back down to Langholm from Bailliehill.

It began to feel quite chilly, so I didn’t stop again to take any more pictures. This was the fifth time that I have done this ride this year and I would have been hard pushed to find something original to add, even if the conditions had been more welcoming for photography.

I did think of putting my new gardening gloves to work when I got home, but I was overcome by idleness and footered the rest of the day away with tea and biscuits, family zooming, cold meats and the telly.

There are worse ways to spend time when the days are short and the nights are long.

The flying bird of the day wishes to remain anonymous.

Footnote: Footer definition – to potter; occupy oneself trivially or to little effect. I am a world champion at footering.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

23 thoughts on “Chasing a sunbeam

  1. I love the tree growing out of the ruined cottage. Also, your cycling companion. I have been intrigued by my own long shadows on the trail…when the sun is shining. I have always thought that Anonymous was a Bird – as in all those compositions attributed to Anonymous.

  2. Sandy has quite a view. Good for him.
    I’m glad you finally had some real sunshine. I had a day just like yours yesterday, with the sun playing hide and seek.
    That’s another nice shot of the turbines. I hope to be able to get that close to ours one day.

  3. A rather astonishing anonymous flying bird of the day! Good catch. I’m thinking I might give you a run for the title to world champion at footering. A talent I’ve worked at long and hard. 😉

    1. I would be fairly confident that I would win a footering competition with almost anyone in the country except the current UK prime minister who is in a class of his own.

      1. I do my best to avoid much notice of politicians. Mostly I wouldn’t mind seeing many of them in a class of their own behind bars.

  4. That sunshine looks beautiful, even though it was a cold day. I enjoyed he patterns in the field – Scottish crop circles? 🙂

    More snow here this morning. The birds are getting some extra seed.

  5. Think we would all enjoy a stay in Muriwai Beach it looks delightful- mind you Langholm looked pretty good in the sunshine too! Love the FBOTD.

  6. Nice splashes of sunshine today. Glad you met up with your old friend Mr Shadow. I think maybe footering and faffing about are similar but not quite the same.

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