Reined in

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my brother Andrew. It was taken by his son Dan with a wide angle lens while they were out on a walk together yesterday.

It was a disappointing day today, with two plans biting the dust. My first plan was to go up and have coffee with Sandy, but he had had a very poor night and wasn’t up to receiving visitors.

I stayed at home and had coffee with Margaret and Mrs Tootlepedal instead. This was not a bad substitute, as the conversation was lively and the shortbread, a Christmas gift from Margaret, was excellent.

After coffee, I pedalled round to our corner shop and arrived just after it had closed. The shopkeeper was driving off as I arrived. This was another disappointment, but as the shopkeeper turned his car round, jumped out, and re-opened the shop just for me, it was not a disappointment that lasted.

Although it was a dampish sort of day, it wasn’t actually raining, so when I got home, I finished turning the compost from Bin C into Bin D, and did a little shredding too.

I had look for the birds and found the usual chaffinches and occasional goldfinch were back on the scene.

A pigeon strode across the lawn in search of fallen seed . . .

. . . and I got quite excited by a glimpse of a wren in the plum tree. There were other perching birds too.

My next plan was to go for a cycle ride or a walk after lunch. It was another windy day, and I had more or less decided to go for a walk when it started to rain. It rained so determinedly that I got discouraged and went for a bike ride to nowhere in the garage for an hour. I had my head down and my view can be seen in today’s header picture.

I like to while away the static bicycling time by listening to a jazz record request programme that lasts for an hour. In keeping with the dull day, it had some dull music today, the sort of jazz that is pleasant enough but leaves you wondering whether it is ever going to stop. It was so dull that after listening it for what seemed as though it must be nearly an hour, a check on the time showed me that I had only been pedalling for 35 minutes. I was so downhearted that only a fortunate burst of energy from the Louis Armstrong Hot Five got me through to the finish.

The single flower that I saw all day was in a pot on a shelf in the bathroom when I had my shower after cycling.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin which flew off before I could photograph it on the feeder.

Footnote: because it was such a miserable day, and I had no pictures to show my brother and sisters at our regular Zoom in the evening, I dived into the files and produced a set of cheerful pictures from last year. It was such a cheerful selection that I have taken the liberty of putting it in here without further comment. They have all appeared on the blog before. They go back in order from November to May.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

26 thoughts on “Reined in

  1. I enjoyed your cheerful pictures on the Zoom today and was delighted to have a second look at them just now. Sorry Sandy was suffering and hope he feels better quickly.

  2. Those bright and beautiful flowers must have brightened a dull day. I also enjoyed the picture of the wren. Today I learned that Maine has five kinds of wrens, but I don’t recall ever having seen one. Hope Sandy feels better soon.

    1. There are some pieces of music that don’t seem as though they have an end in sight. I tend to like music that sounds as though it is going somewhere purposefully.

  3. I hope Sandy is well. He’s been through a lot it seems.
    It was good to see the blue poppies again, and the butter and crème irises. They’re all very beautiful.
    It was also nice to see sunshine. We haven’t seen any here since last week.

  4. I enjoyed revisiting the cheerful photos, send best wishes to Sandy, and smirked at your description of the jazz. Ive experienced that type of jazz before🤣

  5. The pigeon looks well fed, and I love the wrens with their short, perky little tails. The intense color of last years images is a delight on a grey winter day.

    Dan’s wide angled rainbow makes a nice image, too.

  6. Great idea to put all those lovely bright photos in from the last months- it did the trick of cheering me up! Good to read that acts of kindness are still around , shortbread is still being enjoyed and Louis Armstrong Hot Five still puts fire in your cycling legs!

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