A King John day

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia. She was visiting Wells Cathedral with my sister Mary, when she noticed a swan keen to keep up with what was going on.

Question 7 in Test Paper 2: Up to the End of Henry III in that fine history book ‘1066 and All That’ sets the reader this task: King John had no redeeming features. (Illustrate.)

It was a King John day here today with no redeeming features but I am sadly unable to illustrate it, as I took no pictures.

This was the furthest extent of my view, seen at the end of an hour’s journey on the bike to nowhere.

The view at the start of the trip was remarkably similar.

I did have quite a productive time indoors, finishing the cataloguing of the recorder music and putting a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database. Mrs Tootlepedal was busy. She ventured out on business in the morning when it wasn’t raining, and nearly got blown off her bike. Then she hemmed a curtain and set about crocheting a cushion cover.

We did contemplate a sheltered walk after lunch, in spite of the very strong winds, but by the time that we had got organised to go out, sheets of light rain were being blown across the town. It was just as well that we decided not to go, because by the time that we would have finished the walk, the rain was absolutely pouring down.

It is going to be cold and windy again tomorrow, but it looks as though there will be enough sunshine for a walk.

I didn’t look out of the window very often today. but when I did peer through the gloom, I couldn’t see a single bird, let a one a flying one.

The flying bird of the day is therefore a portrait of King John from the National Portrait Gallery collection which they kindly allowed me to download.

King John
by Unknown artist
oil on panel, 1597-1618
NPG 4980(5)

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27 thoughts on “A King John day

  1. ‘King john was not a good man, He had his little ways, And sometimes no one spoke to him, For days and days and days’. That’s what your post popped into my mind!

  2. There was only one television show that could get me out of the woods and into the house when I was a boy and that was The Adventures of Robin Hood, from the 1950s. All the boys in the neighborhood knew how terrible John was, or we thought we did, and we all promised that we would help the poor. As I look back I think most of us stuck to that more or less, so maybe some good did come from King John after all.

  3. A “King John” day is a new one for me. The things I learn from your blog. What would a good day be called in terms of the monarchy? A “Richard the Lionheart” kind of day?

    1. I am not a great enthusiast for monarchs of any sort as I would rather be a citizen than a subject. I think a good day might be a Mary Robinson day, a president of Ireland at one time.

  4. Hmm… King John was so bad that the barons to revolted and compelled him to grant them a charter of rights – a first step towards the rights ‘most everybody enjoys today. So, sometimes sufficient badness leads to compensating good. I suspect the compensating good today would be all the productive things Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal accomplished while staying indoors, avoiding all that nasty weather.

    I did appreciate the reference to Milne’s poem. I never thought of it before in reference to that King John.

    1. It took quite a long time before the barons let those rights trickle down to the people under their control. đŸ™‚
      I am glad that my sister reminded me of that poem. I used to enjoy it a lot.

  5. Obviously a day on the bad side of the ledger. However a beautiful handwork of Mrs T. The nosy swan made me laugh.

  6. Your weather patterns match ours. I’m not sure if it’s just the same systems crossing the pond but that might explain most of it. I hope you get to enjoy a walk. I find the sun warm when it’s shining brightly – it’s just the wind that chills to the bone.

  7. What an enjoyable post! Much more enjoyable than your weather, I’m sure. I have enjoyed reading 1066 and All That since I was a child and especially love those test papers. Have you read their Garden Rubbish?

    1. I don’t think so. I read another one by them which was was enjoyable but not quite as good as 1066. I think it was a geography one which mentioned enormous quantities of exporto grass as far as I can remember.

  8. A great post which helped me recall all the adventures of Robin Hood also the theme song which we used to sing around the playground being the baddies and goodies! Love Mrs T’s crochet and sewing skills…very envious!

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