Making a splash

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He found a decent day recently to enjoy swanning around at his local boating pond.

We didn’t enjoy a decent day here today, so our daughter and granddaughter, Annie and Evie, spent most of the day sheltering from the rain indoors. There wasn’t a dull moment though.

I had hoped for a good supply of interesting birds at the feeder to show Evie, but a few chaffinches were the only visitors.

Evie helped Mrs Tootlepedal to make ham rissoles for our lunch, and they turned out very well indeed.

Although the rain stopped about midday, it started again after lunch and we didn’t get out for a walk until quite late. As it was still spotting with rain, we limited ourselves to a walk in the park. Evie was not discouraged, and insisted on having a go on the swings.

After that, she and Mrs Tootlepedal, who both had waterproof boots on, spent some time jumping in every puddle that they could find. They were spoiled for choice.

Rather annoyingly, the sun waited for the last possible moment in the day to make a belated appearance.

In the evening, our recorder quartet assembled for a play, and Evie got her first chance to hear the world’s finest music. I had hoped that her mother, a good recorder player herself, would have been able to join us, but the demands of parenting trumped any opportunity to make us up to a quintet. Still, the four of us had a good time working through another of our many boxes of music.

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is, of necessity, a chaffinch.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

16 thoughts on “Making a splash

  1. When I first moved here, there could be a dozen chaffinches picking up the seeds the starlings and others had flung from the feeders, but there were fewer and fewer over the years, such that weeks could go by with none.
    But recently they have been coming back with a vengeance (where does that extraordinary phrase come from?!). I counted twenty at one time today, a record for my weekly return to the British Trust for Ornithology!

  2. Those are very nice people pictures. They convey much of what folks did and what was happening without invading their privacy.

    I appreciated another reference to one of Milne’s poems, intentional or not.

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