A day of weather

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He and his son Dan went for a walk along the Erewash Canal today.

It was a very miserable day here when we woke up, with strong winds and rain rattling the windows. Fortunately, the rain stopped after breakfast for long enough for me to do a bit of shopping and get home again before it restarted.

I only just got home in time. A picture of a frog in the pond, taken as I went in, shows the rings that the raindrops were making . . .

. . . though the rain didn’t seem to bother these two.

Mrs Tootlepedal is still not back to full strength so I had a quiet morning in after my shopping excursion.

I spent some time checking the bird feeder, and I was very pleased to see a pair of redpolls visiting. Like the siskins, they are very small birds.

Apart from the redpolls, we had mostly siskins and goldfinches today, and traffic at the feeder was brisk. In the space of two minutes, I saw goldfinches shouting at goldfinches . . .

. . . a goldfinch ready to spring into action . . .

. . . siskins shouting at siskins . . .

. . . and a goldfinch shouting at two siskins.

I will have to order more seed.

I left the birds to their arguments and did the crossword. Then I made some nourishing lentil soup and some Garibaldi biscuits to help the invalid build up her strength. In between times, I put more of the newspaper index into the Langholm Archive group database, and in a dry moment, sieved some compost from Bin D.

While I was cooking lunch, the sun came out briefly.

After lunch, I felt confident enough to watch Scotland play an international rugby match against Italy. Scotland won, but played very inconsistently. They have a lot of talent, but look to be in serious need of a good sports psychologist to help them cut out their many careless moments.

When they game finished, the sun was out again and it was a lovely day. The wind had even dropped a bit. On consulting the forecast, it seemed that it might drop a bit more, so I went off for a short cycle ride.

With the MTRS (Mrs Tootlepedal Rescue Service) out of action, I didn’t want to go too far from home and I managed a twenty mile ride without going more than three and a half miles from our front gate. It was fun to ride up and down the same roads twice, but not very interesting to photograph. My best efforts were two oystercatchers as I came back through the town.

Although it was much later in the day than my walk yesterday, conditions were a lot brighter, even though the sun that had tempted me out had disappeared.

The wind did drop as the ride progressed, and I was able to keep up a good average speed for once.

It looks as though it is going to be quite windy again tomorrow morning so I did well to get my ride in today.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin.

Footnote: I have just ordered more sunflower hearts and found that they have rocketed up in price.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

24 thoughts on “A day of weather

  1. There is little that I can think of more annoying to a gardener than a spring cold. Just when you want to get your hands in some soil, you can’t. I hope Mrs. T. was at least able to see the flowers.
    The daffodil is a welcome sight, especially since it is snowing again here. It snowed all day and amounted to about an inch because it melted as fast as it fell.
    I like your oystercatchers. They look like interesting birds. I always wonder if they really do catch oysters. Not much of a chase involved, I wouldn’t think.

    1. I think they do eat oysters but on our coasts they mainly eat cockles and mussels if they are available. Up here they grub for worms and suchlike on the margins of the river and in fields.

  2. How awful for Mrs T to still be under the weather! The lentil soup and Garibaldi biscuits must have been greatly appreciated.

  3. Hopefully the soup and biscuits will aid Mrs T’s recovery and the inclement weather means that her gardening would be put on hold in any case. I’m putting our birds on short rations as I had to order sunflower seed and peanuts! Good to see the redpolls- they deserve lots of seed. Thank goodness the oystercatchers can feed themselves….just love their colourful beaks, eyes, legs and knocked knees!

    1. I shall probably keep feeding the birds in spring, but I may have to reconsider when summer comes. I find oystercatchers pretty irresistible and have to stop myself putting in pictures of them everyday while they are here.

      1. Just checked the price at our local feed store. The price is still pretty much the same. Hope it stays that way! We’re frugal in many, many ways, but feeding the birds is a priority for us.

  4. I hope Mrs. T’s cold disappears with the bad weather – she must be champing at the bit to get out into the garden.

  5. I love the frogs and all your birds are fabulous. The price of birdseed here has increased tremendously as well. I buy spray millet in bulk for my indoor crowd and the price has nearly doubled over the past year.

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