Playing the wrong card

Today’s guest picture comes from our friend Bruce. On his way back from his holiday in North Berwick, he visited Rosslyn Chapel. (The chapel has a long history both in the real world and in fiction. You can find more about this here.)

We had another fine day here, and it got pleasantly warm as the day went on. Once again though, it was very hazy, and the poor light didn’t encourage photography.

Luckily, I had plenty to do. After breakfast, I made a start on clearing up the garage. A lot of junk has accumulated in cupboards, on shelves and all over the floor. I am trying to throw away things that are not needed without accidentally throwing away things that will turn out to be vital at a later date. This is a tricky job. I needed a sit down quite soon.

Just as I sat down, I was joined by Sandy. He had been able to walk down the hill to join us for coffee. This was the longest excursion that he has managed since his second operation, and he was very cheerful as a result.

I gave him a lift back up the hill after coffee, and then I took the car round to the Kilngreen to use the newly installed charging point there. I had quite a bit of difficulty this time as the machine would not accept my card. I rang the phone number on the machine, and a very helpful lad answered straight away. By a miracle of modern technology, he got the machine working remotely, and I went for a short walk while the car was charging.

My original pan was to hang about beside the river for a while watching wagtails, but this was scuppered by our Tarras Valley Nature Reserve volunteer leader Kat. She was supervising a cheery bunch of girls from the school who were river dipping for interesting creatures. The wagtails were keeping a safe distance away.

I walked on up to the North Lodge and back above the woods. It was sunny but the light was very weak . . .

. . . though there was enough warmth about to tempt insects out . . .

. . . and pheasants.

As I walked along the low road . . .

. . . I thought that the light might lend itself to black and white photography.

I kept an eye on trees, big and small, near and far as I walked.

Back at the Kilngreen, I spotted a gull . . .

. . . and collected the car from the charging point.

After lunch, I thought that I ought to investigate why my card had failed at the charging point. I rang the charging company again, and his time a very agreeable young lady answered the phone promptly. She explained that my card was out of date and I would need to apply for a new one. Why my card had worked when I used it last week is a mystery that remained unexplained.

I was very impressed by the efficiency of the company running the Scottish charging scheme, but it came as a bit of a shock to find that they are no longer supplying the electricity free of charge. However, as the charges are probably slightly less than I am paying when I charge at home at the moment, I can’t complain.

When I had got that sorted out, I went for a short cycle ride round my familiar Canonbie circuit.

It was still hazy and the verges are not full of wild flowers yet, so I concentrated on pedalling and not taking photos, stopping just once for this good display of daffodils before Canonbie.

Looking down the road, you can see how murky the light was.

It was a comfortable 18° or 19°C by this time, and with another layer of clothing discarded and wearing mitts instead of winter gloves, cycling was pure pleasure.

I made up for the lack of riding pictures by walking round the garden a couple of times when I got home.

The warmer weather has brought out some new spring flowers (and kept some old ones looking good). The top four in the gallery below were all out for the first time today.

The light had gone as far as taking bird pictures went, and most of the birds had gone too, but a siskin stayed for a quick portrait.

The warmer weather had obviously encouraged the birds to go elsewhere for food, and we saw nothing like the busy traffic of recent days.

The slow cooked lamb stew made a welcome return appearance for our evening meal, and as Mrs Tootlepedal had had a busy day in the garden, we were both quite content not to do anything exciting in the evening.

The flying bird of the day, the only one that I saw today, is a chaffinch.

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28 thoughts on “Playing the wrong card

  1. You are living in a dream world! It’s a well known fact that no matter how careful you are, items that you dispose of will become vital within a month or two. Items that you keep will remain unused on shelves for years to come, but as soon as you get rid of them, you suddenly need them. It’s a natural law and only a fool would try to circumvent it by thinking.

      1. In my experience the haphazard method has the same success rate as thinking about it, but uis quicker and easier. Julia and Number One son threw some stuff out five years ago and I have to admit that I have missed none of it.

  2. Modern technology miracles! I had smart meters installed last June. Only today have they at last started working properly (I cross my fingers) and I’d only got the company’s attention finally by protesting publicly on Facebook.
    Yesterday I amused myself by trying to estimate how many lesser celandine (your header of course) I have in my garden. I made it something like 10,000.

  3. Cycling past that row of daffs – beautiful! Good to hear Sandy is becoming more mobile.

    I agree with you about the mysteries of remote technology. The nearest Volvo dealer is 120 miles away and when our car was getting its windshield replaced, I was able to lock the car from here . . . that tickled me more than it probably should have☺️.

  4. Yay for Sandy! My efforts at sorting through a lifetime’s accumulation of things goes in stops and starts – I tend to get ‘lost’ reading through old journals or papers, reminiscing about our children and then get fed up with the dust and leave off for a long while.

  5. Glad to hear of Sandy’s good progress.
    Well done for sorting out the electrical charging for the car.
    Liked the portrait of the siskin.

  6. Your low road walk looks so lovely and serene. I very much enjoyed the gallery of spring flowers. They never fail to brighten the day.

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