Push and pull

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone’s niece Hilary. She rode the 130km route in the ‘Dirty Reiver’, a gravel bike event at Kielder. I take my hat off to her.

We woke to another dry, fairly calm, rather chilly, and occasionally sunny day here. When the sun was out, it felt warm, but when the sun went in, the north wind made it feel less than springlike.

I lingered over breakfast, the newspapers and a knotty crossword, though I did manage to sieve some compost, and fill the feeder . . .

. . . before going across the road to have coffee with our neighbour LIz. She had made scones to a recipe involving full cream and lemonade. They tasted very good.

After coffee, I got out the hover mower and tidied up the vegetable garden paths and the greenhouse grass.

Before I went in for lunch, I checked out the apple blossom . . .

. . . followed the sound of buzzing . . .

. . . and found a bumble bee flitting about among the dicentra . . .

. . . took a picture of two tulips . . .

. . . and went out to the dam to try to do justice to the marsh marigolds without getting distracted by ducks.

Before tucking into the last of the curried parsnip soup, I watched the birds for a moment or two. Redpolls were very visible.

When I first looked, the feeder was quiet with some siskins in charge . . .

. . . but redpolls soon put the boot in and siskins fell like chaff.

. . . and the siskins became nervous and missed their footing . . .

. . . while goldfinches fought among themselves.

After lunch, I went for a ride on my push bike. I had learned my lesson from yesterday when I did ten miles out with the wind behind me and sixteen miles back with it across or in my face. This time I went north first and let the wind blow me back home. It was a better idea altogether.

I cycled up the main road to Mosspaul, stopping to record a couple of the many lambs which lined the route.

As always when I stop beside a wall, I look at the wall. Today I saw not only some good lichen but a bonus bug as well.

The sun seemed to be tantalisingly just ahead of me as I pedalled along . . .

. . . but I caught up with it when I got to the top of the hill at Mosspaul.

In fact the weather was so cheerful, that I went on over the hill and down to Phaup Cottage on the far side. The Phaup Burn runs down a little side valley here . . .

. . . and goes under the main road just at my turning point.

With the wind behind me, I went at such a good speed on the way home that I didn’t have time to stop for any more pictures.

I did have time for tea and toast and a shower before the regular Zoom with my brother and sisters. After the Zoom, the early evening weather was encouraging, so Mrs Tootlepedal and I got our new electric bikes out and zoomed up the hill to visit the bird hide on the moor.

The helpful pull up the long hill to the hide that the electric motor provided left us with plenty of energy to enjoy the view in the evening sunshine . . .

. . . and we were able to cycle back home with only a very little help now and again, as it was mostly downhill.

In the evening, we were able to watch the second act of an English National Opera production of HMS Pinafore on Sky Arts. It was a treat. We were very sorry that we had missed the first act.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

23 thoughts on “Push and pull

  1. I would have enjoying watching Pinafore. When I was young and my voice had almost finished changing, I participated in a summer production of Pinafore, and I had the part of the captain. Even though that was over 50 years ago, i still remember some of my solos. It was great fun.

  2. The full shot of the new bike is interesting: the frame looks very sturdy, so it’s not surprising that you said it was a bit heavy.

    The header picture is promising with green grass and newly planted beds. We have one more Colorado Low to get through this weekend, and then hopefully things will settle down enough to start warming up the soil.

  3. The lambs seem quite peaceful compared to the action at the bird feeder. My favorite flower photo today is the Marsh Marigold, as it brings back pleasant memories. There were many of them where I grew up, and I remember their golden blooms fondly.

    The views still look a bit wintry, but May is almost here. I have seen a couple of bumblebees, a good sign.

  4. A well planned cycle ride with the wind organised as those hills look very hilly. How lovely to have an enjoyable ride out together in the evening. The first act was very good…we missed the second act!

  5. You always manage to make your days full and interesting, hence your following on this blog. Well done tootlepedal. Cheers.

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